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Bengals vs Ravens... Take 2

  • Want to know who wins ?


3001630_SP_Bengals_2.png VS 3001948.png

Go-Bengals Preview Thread


The Bengals (3-2-1) host the Ravens (5-2). The game is a rematch of the season opener which saw Cincinnati go into Baltimore and come home with a 23-16 victory. It will be the 37th matchup of the two franchises. Baltimore leads the series 20-16 and has won five of the last seven.

The two franchises seem to be going in different directions. The Ravens are on a 2 game winning streak while the Bengals have not had a victory since week three.

Instead of the usual what we think, we’re turning this completely into what you think. ...sorta...

44 posters voted this week. It looks pretty bad.

Bengals win by 2 tds (0 votes [0.00%])

Bengals win by 7-13 (4 votes [9.09%])

Bengals win by 1-6 (14 votes [31.82%])

Ravens win by 1-6 (2 votes [4.55%])

Ravens win by 7-13 (15 votes [34.09%])

Ravens win by 2 tds (9 votes [20.45%])

What Elijah15 thinks;

“...The ravens continue to roll and our season continues to crash

42-7 Ravens win big and marvin lewis gets fired as he leaves the stadium...”

What big_dish thinks;

“...I have very little faith in the discipline, desire and heart (lack thereof) that this team has shown over the past 3 weeks though....”

What Gary thinks;

“...We usually split with Ravens so I say we lose this.. Probably big because I am sure they would like to get us back for what we did to them at home.

45-13 Ravens and our offense still struggles.

This team lacks heart, and there are too many injuries...”

What Arkansas Bengal thinks;

“...... I can easily see another blowout loss--Ratbirds 31 Bengals 10...”

What BengalsFanFromNY thinks;

“...How we scoring 27 points? FInal score will be 21 to 13 Ravens...”

What B.A.B. thinks;

“...The beginning of the end

Ravens 34 - Bengals 20...”

What High School Harry thinks;

“...The aforementioned and correct "no heart" sentiment comes into effect

and they simply do not have the horses to compete due to injuries.

Hue simply has to give up on running Archie Griffin Bernard time after time

trying for the home run every touch (borrowed from a poster on here) and

even when Gresham does catch a third down pass he's two yards short of

the first down marker.

Chances are good Marv fucks up the play clock or challenge flag and his

general looking like he does not have a clue on the sidelines... because he


My mental brain check watching a Bengals game is when you start

HOPING something will happen ("if only we get an interception"... "if only

we get a turn over") rather than going out balls to the wall and forcing something

to happen. Third down is DEATH for this team :skull: on both sides of the ball.

Them make 'em no matter how many yards and we can't get a couple.



And heart

Chances are we be screwed...”

What membengal thinks;

“...I'm gonna keep predicting blowout losses. Just because....”

What Harley thinks;

“...Ravens 23

Bengals 20...”

What CO Bengal thinks;

“...I predict that I successfully hedged my misery of a Bengals loss by cashing in on the gambling front. Ravens dominate the game and win by a smaller margin that would be expected based on stats....”

What Randle P McMurphy thinks;

“...I could see us being favored if the Ravens defense forgot to get on the plane to Cincy.


What sparky151 thinks;

“...Ravens and a point look like a good bet this week....”

If you've made it this far in the article you now understand there is NO realistic reason why the Ravens will win. ...and since you have had the intestinal fortitude to get this far, listen closely to what Numbers thinks... Basing a win or loss on emotion is never a good idea. I am far from being a voice of reason but when I hear the reasons why the Bengals will lose (which amount to blah blah blah no heart, Marvin is clueless, etc... I am floored. Hear me now, listen to Sharm of all people who speaks the wisdom gained from watching the Bengals for decades...

What Scharm thinks;

Everything is gonna be just fine.

and NO LeTigre, this is not Leningrad 1941 but more along the lines of Ferguson 2014....

In conclusion I would like to prevent the burning of the Marvin Lewis effigy at the tailgate and hanging toilet seats in front of the owner's club seats. It's going to be a wild ride this year and you guys are coming along for the ride. See you guys at the game, I'll be the loudest person there.

WHODEY !!! :tailgate:


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