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  2. First off, mvp voting isnt done in week 12 last i checked. So as stated before he was in the top 3 until he got injured then obviously he wasnt. And hof caliber? Newton? U havr to be at least a 60 percent completion percentage to even sniff the hof. And an alex smith player!?!? Im not even a dalton fan but dude has the exact same stats pretty much as tom bradys first 6 years, not including bradys first year. So u see these facta were not made up but are actually facts. Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  3. Stop making up shit and claiming it to be true because you want it to be true, Andy wasn't in the top 3 of the MVP voting. In 2015 out of the 50 votes Cam got 48, Brady and Carson each got 1. Andy's one of the top 3 QB's in the division, but not the NFL and never has been. Yes he was having a good year in 2015 before he broke his thumb while trying to make a tackle after throwing an INT to a defensive lineman, but to make up facts based on your feelings or opinions, once again, makes you seem less credible and shows you can't objectively discuss the Bengals with rationality. Andy is an above average QB that makes the Pro Bowl as an alternate, he's an Alex Smith type of player, a guy that if you get him in the right system and surround him with plenty of talent he can excel but he's prone to silly mistakes and having the yips in big moments, not exactly a clutch player. At this point in his career he's not a HOF caliber player, Newton is...see the difference.
  4. Whit, peko, dre k, peerman, winston, gilberry resign. Lafell goes to the giants, zeitler to seahawks, hunt retire, brown retire, boykin retire. Btw thompson isnt a free agent. Hes a free agent next year. Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  5. Below is a list of the Bengals unrestricted free agents. Guess which team they sign with, or if they retire. If you get the team right that is worth 5 points. If you guess retire and they do that is worth 4 points. If you get the division (but not the team) that is worth 3 points. If you get the conference right (but not the division) that is worth 1 point. Guesses can start now. The contest closes for guesses when the first player signs. Points are set when the last player signs or my draft contest opens, whichever comes first. EDIT: To make things easier to read, please copy and paste the list and make your picks. I will let JPoore keep his list as is. Whoever has the most points gets to make 2 guesses in my draft contest. In the event of a tie the first guess with the most points wins. Would a moderator please pin this. Andrew Whitworth Domata Peko Brandon LaFell Dre Kirkpatrick Kevin Zeitler Eric Winston Cedric Peerman Margus Hunt Wallace Gilberry Chykie Brown Brandon Boykin Rex Burkhead
  6. Just the thought of bringing back Smitty the Titty makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. And the managers of Golden Corrals all over the tri-state cringe.
  7. He was in the top 3 when he got hurt and with another 10-12 tds who knows? But to act like he wasnt even in the running? Just wrong. Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  8. Now Mangold will never be Lavar Arrington
  9. Sign Andre, mangold white and zeitler. Fuck it, see where it takes us.
  10. Is this the Andy Dalton thread to carry us through the offseason? Time will tell!
  11. I don't think we need to compare college careers and where they were drafted, etc. Having said that, I'd say its pretty clear Newton is the more accomplished player. Yes Andy was playing well in 2015, but no he was not going to win the MVP lol. For Christ sake, he got hurt throwing the ball into the stomach of a player on the opposing team. I'm not sure I would want Cam on my team because I think he's a self-absorbed head case and he chose not to dive for a ball in the Super Bowl. Having said that, he led his team to a Super Bowl and they have almost no talent on offense. That's pretty incredible. I love having Andy as our QB, but we're still not even sure he can play in the playoffs. Right now, the guy who led his team to the Super Bowl is better.
  12. When you consider Andy's surrounding cast vs. Cam's, then compare their success it obvious Cam is better. Newton has been the NFL MVP, 1st team All-Pro, NFL Offensive Player of the Year, and NFL Offensive ROY..Andy has done none of that, so please stop the insanity. Newton was better than Andy in college when he won the National Championship and Dalton finished #2 to Newton's Auburn Tigers. Newton was drafted #1 overall and Dalton was drafted 35th, that means every team in NFL thought there was someone better than Dalton when they drafted in 2011, even the Bengals. I think the Bengals need to move on from Marvin Lewis, cut PacMan, and re-sign Zeitler and Whit..and they will probably do none of those things. Does that mean I hate the team, no but I don't blindly follow them and think everything they do is wonderful when they clearly don't know how win when it counts. Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis are incompentent and inept and their lack of a playoff win in 26 years and 0-7 record proves it.
  13. I understand the frustration. Zeitler is as good as gone and he is one of the top 2 starters. Whit might even leave just to prove a point. I think bringing Andre back might help the situation. Not a whole lot of reason for optimism.
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  15. Sorry, but the IPB developers decided that restoring deleted threads was a confusing and superfluous function... Sent from my iPhone using
  16. This is good news considering we could use both, Father O'Brown's continued attempts at Redemption of Pacman aside.
  17. Poor, poor Nick. We hardly knew ye or whatever [insert rehash of our OL being closer to mediocre than terrible here]
  18. Carolina drafts 8th. Therefore Cam is the 8th worst QB in the leaguez. Dalton still > than Newton Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. its ok... It was a nick mangold thread....
  20. Good starting list, I'd change a few things for my own preferences. C: Johnny Bench 1B: Pete Rose (not old enough to remember him on 3rd but am old enough to remember him on 1st) 2B: Brandon Phillips SS: Barry Larkin/Dave Concepcion 3B: Chris Sabo/Buddy Bell LF: Deion Sanders CF: Eric Davis/ Griffey Jr RF: Paul O'Neil P: Jonny Cueto, the Nasty boys, and Jose Rijo
  21. I don't believe there are any concrete plans to impeach but I think he's going to force the issue. Moby tho
  22. Charley CasserlyVerified account‏@CharleyCasserly 5h5 hours ago More I have NEVER seen a Draft this deep in defensive players in the 1st two rounds especially CB's and pass rushers @nflnetwork
  23. Everyone but the Browns, apparently, and they've got Huegenius so who knows
  24. #teamslikethepatriotsbroncospanthersseahawksstealerspackersfalcons
  25. Wasn't paying attention trying to post a comment and poof I deleted the whole damn thing. Was actually trying to delete a misquote. Can a mod bring it back?
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