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  2. I have experienced the same issue.
  3. A diluted sample is a serious red flag. You have to intentionally drink massive amounts of water, urinate as often as possible, then take the urine test as soon as possible. You don't do it by accident.
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  5. Thought it was just me.. hrm. Just taking longer to post, everything else seems about normal
  6. ^ that worked perfectly! think he gave up 3 hits today
  7. I can't even select to vote. I have registered, confirmed my registration and tried to log in multiple times. I never get to the point where it allows me to vote.
  8. The planet he keeps doing dumb shit to hurt his stock!
  9. The whole board is slow and awkward for "Submit Reply". Try hitting submit twice.
  10. High School Harry esq. ............. Joe Mixon ............... 188 Trying to do Bengalthink, here. Always dangerous and I'm always wrong, anyway. The guy has too much talent at a key position where we need help (Hill has proven he isn't the answer) and an immediate upgrade to the Offense with the side benefit of taking pressure off AJ and the receivers giving opposing D's something to think about. I don't think they will want to gamble that he will be there in the second round when they pick. I also want Efelin (sp) the big Center in round two, move Bovine to Guard. K Zane Gonzales around 4+ would be a nice addition IF he can beat out Fat Randy.
  11. I think Mixon will be the dark horse surprise pick in the first round. Too much talent at a key position where we need help (Hill ain't the answer). They will hope Foster or Reddick slide to Round Two and if not, take Efelin (sp) in Two and be set at Center for a decade. Or take him at Two regardless of who they take in Round One. Try Bodine at Guard. I also think K Zane Gonzales will be a Bengal.
  12. ah... shrinkage...
  13. Is anyone else having trouble voting?
  14. i dont know on what planet foster makes it to the second round.. but thats a planet i want to live on.
  15. Our Bengals will hammer their ass.
  16. Woohoo! Arroyo and his 8.4 ERA on the mound, ready to serve up his BP "fastball" Taking a page from the Bengals with that joke of a FA signing. Literally the worst pitcher on the roster right now.
  17. Rueben Foster or Derrek Barrett will be the pick at 9 and I hope Joe Mixon is at 41.Mike Brown really likes Joe and so does Marvin.this guy is going to be a game-changer for someones team I promise you this.He is the most polished runner in this draft and he reminds me of Bell with the Stealers.He is slow to the hole and then blows through it.He will get a thousand yards year one.I really believe Foster will be the pick as Marvin loves Linebackers and Rueben Foster is ranked right it their pick whereas Barrett is ranked at 23rd,but either pick will be great.I also like the big DL from bama.Would love him as well.They will take BPA AND I HOPE THEY DO.Can't wait.
  18. They can make the original style jerseys there? Their website is silent on the subject. If so, do you just have to call them with what you want? I will have the "original #14" Sam jersey on order tomorrow!
  19. No Kenny Watson?!! Sacrilege! BTW... in honor of the 50th season, I have a throw back 1968 #16 jersey for Dewey "The Swamp Rat" Warren on order from Koch Sporting Goods.
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