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    You make a lot of crazy things up dude
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    I know this is sarcasm, but can't we give the FO some credit for this? When is the last time we flat out upgraded a position in free agency without losing someone at that position to another team? We typically only sign over the hill, cheap players to replace good, young guys that we let walk. This is very non-Bengal-like. Minter can play every snap you ask, doesn't slow down after playing 90% of snaps in a game, is GREAT against the run, can cover 10x better than Maualuga, is young, comes from a great defense, and basically has zero downside. What isn't there to like about this? I don't like the 1 year deal but you can't force the guy to sign the dotted line. At least he's on the Bengals.
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    not just that, it likely knocks Maualuga right off the roster
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    Can we all just be racist together?
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    I wonder if he knows about all the late round comp picks we are going to get? Bet that changes everything.
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    We've pretty much owned the Ravens and the Browns, but the Stealers have owned us. I know I'm in the minority, but I don't think Marvin is the problem. Out of the 7 playoff games, the only one that was a meltdown, IMO, was the Chargers game and the Jets game. We weren't going to beat the Stealers w/o Carson, we were a year early vs. Houston, We weren't beating Indy with Rex Burkhead as our #2 WR and while Pittsburgh was bad, we weren't expected to even be in that game w/o Andy. These aren't excuses because we should have won the 2nd Stealers game with a backup QB and that Chargers game. The fact that we've continually made the playoffs with as many injuries as we've suffered over the years to key players, is a testament to Marvin. He may not be animated on the sidelines and his clock management and TO management sucks, but he's a well above average coach and has brought a change to this organization that many thought would never happen. I'm not happy with where the team is, but you don't let go of Marvin unless there's a better coach that you can get.
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    Nobody's surprised the Bengals didn't sign expensive players from other teams. But everyone should be disappointed the team let Whitworth get away. If they didn't want to sign him to a multi-year deal, they should have tagged him. That's a lot of money but the price is set by top LTs and he is one. A team that tags Stacie Andrews, but not Whitworth is one that's poorly run.
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    Too bad you feel that way... you're in the minority though. I get tons of messages stating that people do NOT want to have to see the high school bullshit. So we stop the high school bullshit. You're free to go somewhere else that isn't "a safe place" if you're in to that type of witty repartee'.
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    McDowell is going to bust hard. Very rarely does a guy with no motor in college suddenly turn it on in the NFL. I don't like his work ethic, I don't like his attitude and I don't like his lack of production. He is the epitome of looks like Tarzan plays like Jane. How one could knock down Reddick as trash and pump up this guy as a beast is beyond me.
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    Well, I don't think he's going to be Ray Lewis, but I think he deserves better than the signing getting shit on. If any UFA is so great why did the original team let them walk? Are all UFAs mediocre or worse players? Does remaining on the market after the big wave of signings mean you can't be very good? I don't know, I can't really get on board with the logic being used in those points. I'd guess Minter doesn't want to be here long term because he thinks he can play his way to more than $4.5M. Why is it a negative that the FO tried to lock him up for a longer period but he declined? Wouldn't it be a bad or mediocre signing if Minter wanted to be here long term but the Bengals refused and only signed him to a 1 year deal? I really don't get how Minter wanting a 1 year contract somehow can be used against his ability as a player. No clue what you're thinking on that part. Is he an upgrade over Maualuga or Dansby? Absolutely. I've said he's my favorite Bengals signing in a long time and that he was a good player on a great defense and that he's 100% an upgrade from what we had in 2016. I'm not sure if he's a Pro Bowler but I also don't give a fuck about the Pro Bowl because it's a popularity contest. You could make the argument that any free agent on the market this year wouldn't have put us over the top. You usually don't go from 6 wins to Super Bowl contention with any single free agent signing, so I'm not sure you're making the most logical argument there either. How I look at it - have we been bitching at the FO to upgrade us at LB for countless years? Yes. Did they sign someone better than guys that were here last year? Yes. I'm happy with that. No, it didn't do anything to our o-line and we aren't SB contenders because of him, but it seems really crazy to me to bitch or make condescending remarks about an UPGRADE via free agency. I just don't see a reason to be down about the move, Minter is good. Are you really going to use 2 games of a season for your side of things that maybe Minter isn't that good? In 2015 Aaron Rodgers had like 4 or 5 games where he looked like Johnny Manziel on the field, and that's a guy that people talk about being one of the greatest QBs in NFL history. Not trying to say Minter @ LB = Rodgers @ QB, but I'm just pointing out that I can show you where ANY player in the entire league has had some really bad games. I'm not the biggest fan of PFF grades, but I'll leave you with this information since you used them as your sources - Kevin Minter graded higher last year than anyone on the Bengals except for Burfict, Vinnie Rey, Atkins, Dunlap, Green, and Eifert. So that's 16 out of our 22 starters plus all of our rotational role players that Minter graded ahead of. Again, I don't think their grading system is flawless, but it's crazy to think Minter wouldn't be an upgrade when the only thing you can point to that's negative is a couple of bad games that any NFL player has.
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    I don't see how you can't call the 2015 playoff game anything other than a meltdown, it was the definition of a meltdown. Had the lead and the ball with less than 2 minutes to play and committed a turnover and 2 15 yard personal fouls in order to lose the game. Also, this is nothing but a paragraph of excuses for an inept coach who owns the worse playoff record in the history of the NFL. Marvin is the only constant, but he's not the problem? HC's are supposed to know how to manage the clock and TO's during the games, the coordinators do everything else. He's not calling offensive or defensive plays, making sure the sub packages are right, coming up with half time adjustments, he just sits there and watches his team get screwed by refs with a blank look on his face while wasting precious time at the end of the half because he's too conservative to actually try and win a game. Marvin may have been a defensive genius when he arrived in 2003 but he has morphed into complacent HC with no sense of urgency that can't control is players when it matters the most. I'm sure we can find another HC to see if they can win a playoff game, it's not the hardest thing to do in the NFL. Since 2003 there have been plenty of coaches that have won a playoff game and been fired, it's ridiculous to think the Bengals can't find someone else for this job.
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    imo he was about as ever good as Brian Simmons, even before the hit on Ward he never lived up to his draft ranking.
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    It gets more and more difficult to be a Bengals fan as the years go by. it was nice to start having winning seasons at first, even if we got embarrassed in the playoffs each year. But after a couple years, expectations raise. They weren't the Cincinnati Browns anymore, they were something we could be fairly proud of. But having success in the NFL isn't simply making it into the playoffs and getting the boot in the first round every year. That just means you may be the 12th best team out of 32. Not exactly amazing. For a team that never has quite enough talent/competent coaches to win a damn playoff game, every offseason they went into with the plan that they will stay as status quo as they possibly could be. They have never taken steps to truly get better, all they do is stay status quo, or worse. For a team that never had the talent to win a postseason game, they were consistently drafting "for the future" or drafting high round projects. Very rarely has this team EVER been in a win now mode. Just always been completely content with being slightly above mediocre, and if they happen to better than slightly better than mediocre- then they consider that their own Super Bowl. Wouldn't surprise me if Mike brown has bought himself some "best GM in he world" coffee mugs and some trophies for each year they made it into the wild card round. Probably spends a month patting himself on the back for the major victory of making the playoffs again. Each year that goes by and I watch the Bengals do virtually nothing to improve the team makes me more and more apathetic towards the team. They obviously don't want to win as bad as fans do. They haven't done anything this offseason except get worse. Significantly worse. And here they are- standing pat and doing nothing in FA. Meanwhile, teams with the goal of winning super bowls like the Patriots have done everything in their power to improve on what was already the best team in the NFL. The Bengals annual free agent vomiting is frustrating. Infuriating. Depressing. Disheartening. holier than thou types will say it's "just a game"..: but everyone knows it's much more than that for real fans. Just one time I wish I could watch as my team takes the necessary steps to try to win a Super Bowl... but I know that will likely never happen- there isn't enough pride in PBS to ever do what it takes to win at that level.
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    See I actually agree with your assessment in this thread about Foster v. Reddick. I just don't see Alabama churning out all of these 1st round players that rarely bust, but they definitely produce some good players. I 100% want Foster @9 if they take a LB. I don't think that surprises a single person that has ever read your posts.
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    To me this WR class is pretty weak and OJ Howard is actually the top WR & TE of the bunch, despite playing TE.
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    Gracias! I am now a point on a map. Woot!
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    Similar players? Reddick is 6'1, 237 lb. He was a first team all-AAC Defensive End in his senior year. Some other guy that I have never heard of was the AAC defensive player of the year. Reddick is not going to be "used in a similar way" as Miller, Orakpo and Mathews if he is drafted by the Bengals because the Bengals run a 4-3 and all of those guys are 3-4 LBs. Von Miller was a LB in college. He was the best LB in the country. He is bigger (6'3, 250 lbs) and faster than Reddick, and played in the SEC. He ran a 4.5 40 at the combine (same as Reddick), but had a blazing fast 4.06 short shuttle. Reddick's short shuttle was 4.37 Miller did not have to learn a new position in the pros. Von Miller plays OLB in a 3-4 in the pros. Orakpo is 6'4, 260 lb. He won every award for defensive players that there was in college. He was Big 12 freshman of the year in 2005 and kicked massive amounts of ass every year in college. (first team all american and Big 12 player of year.) Unlike Reddick who had one good year in a bad conference in college. Orakpo is a monster compared to Reddick. Orakpo has played both 4-3 and 3-4 OLB in the pros, and is currently playing in a 3-4 in Tennessee. Clay Mathews is 6'3 255lbs. He played DE one year in college and 3-4 LB for 2 years in college ( in the Pac-10, not the AAC). He has played 3-4 LB his entire career in GB. He did not have to learn a new position in the NFL.
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    Same. Pretty sure it is just due to the washing though. No way anything else is going on.
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    Watched 3 more games No change on his cover skills and blitzing both light years better than Maualuga and Dansby. Run defense was looking a LITTLE better, but still had a penchant for filling the wrong hole--not just RB adjusting, you can tell where the play is designed to go by the blocking...and Minter still shoots a hole where there is no action. Did better at fighting off blocks in the hole, but still got swallowed up by G's at the second level. I really think he would make a great OLB and nickle LB. One thing he seems to excel in exactly the patterns that Dansby screwed the pooch. Minter has excellent closing speed that Dansby has lost. Surprised AZ didn't have him blitz more, he looks like he could be double digit sack guy if you let him go more than a few blitzes in a game.
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    So we draft Howard and use him or eifert as a wide receiver for 1 year? Then don't resign Eifert? Or we do we run a 2 tight end set for 1 year until Eifert leaves then go back to a 1 tight end set? I just don't see it. Lots invested in 1 position. I have zero faith in the coaches to make it work.
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    He needs to be reconditioned by Kenneth and other true believers into the Bengals way. Much like the Church of Scientology, being a Bengals fan requires complete compliance with all decisions made by the leadership or you will be shamed and banished from Bengaldom.
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    Except for when they don't. Besides which, Brown lowered his head. Is Burfict expected to defy the laws of physics somehow? Besides which, I thought it was obvious from the announcer's commentary before the game even started that they knew Burfict was under a microscope. I still think Goodell had pinned a target on him. And fuck yes it was a flop. You don't throw your arms up like that if you're knocked out. They called a crossing route at the edge of FG range knowing there'd be contact and knowing he could flail and draw a flag. I blame the NFL's vague ruleset as much as Shitsburgh, who I suspect don't know how not to cheat at this point. The 2nd foul was for dumbass Pacman making contact with a ref, but those same refs are the ones who let the game get out of hand in the first place. Then we get those same refs next season against the same team in a game conveniently scheduled during Burfict's suspension? Embarrassing.
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    Who are the other free agents? Even if your logic was sound here its a deep draft for TE. Just take one later. Taking one early is a terrible idea.
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    I think Foster is a first round pick, although I don't think the Bengals should draft him at #9. I wouldn't be devastated if they did, I would just rather they address a different position. I think Reddick is the most overrated fools gold in this draft. He is a 3rd-5th round talent that someone might pick in the first round and be very disappointed. Why the hell would we use the highest pick that we have had in 7 years to draft an okay player from a bad conference and then try to teach him a new position? Oh and by the way, that new position isn't a valuable position like OT, DE, CB or QB. We would try to teach him to play LB. Does that make any sense at all? If we need a LB, why not draft a LB? And what is the track record of first round college DEs transitioning to LB. It works about 1/5 of the time. For every Shawn Merriman, there are five Barkevious Mingos, Jarvis Joneses or Larry Englishes. And it almost never works for transitions to 4-3 LB (which the Bengals run). Almost all of the success stories are college DEs to 3-4 OLBs. In sum, using our very valuable # 9 pick on Reddick is one of the dumbest ideas I have heard on this board. It is very, very, very likely to end in disappointment.
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    Get me Foster and let him and Taze hurt people. It's really fucking simple st this point. Pick the talented, scary person and let them be talented and scary. Foster isn't going to need much coaching, which is good, because he ain't gonna get it with our flaccid fucking coaching staff
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    Fixt Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
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    Sure thing Skip Bayless.
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    You "do things the right way" when you have 5 SB trophies in 15 years. This board has such a hard on for crying and being a condescending prick whenever anyone mentions the Patriots accomplishments. It's really odd. Why the strawman arguments? Nobody is saying they've never had any players do anything wrong, just that they seem to know how to manage a football team pretty fucking well, enough to win a lot of championships in a short amount of time. Sorry for interrupting the #teamslikethebengals whining session.
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    No I didn't really care about him,but there are 3 lb's available that are pretty good and we desperately need one we have had 2 of them in and done nothing,I think Burkhead was my tipping point
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    That interferes with the accepted Bataan Death March mindset so many have. Don't get in the way.
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    Ross isn't the top of my board, but he is on my short list and the only WR I would want in 1.
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    I want a playmaker (also want a Buckeye to be a stud for the Bengals) and Mr. Hooker is an absolute beast of a playmaker... I would be so jacked if we got him...and so pissed if he was there and we didnt.... 1. Hooker 2. John Ross 3. Reuben Foster Round 2 1. Curtis Samuel 2.TJ Watt 3. Dan Feeney I just want someone that fucking starts in the first round..can't pick at #9 and not pick a starter..
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    Every single point I make is logical, so don't go there. You may not agree or disagree, but every point is at least valid logically. You should really understand what "logic" means before trying to throw that kind of shit around. I'm making my points based on objectivity at each position and not my personal opinions for the most part. I've already said I'm fine with taking Howard, I just don't think it's so crazy to say that we have some young depth at TE already. If the team likes Kroft and Uzomah, then they probably won't be drafting Howard. That's a logical reality. I don't know how much in love the team is with either of them though, personally I'd rather have Howard than both of those guys combined, I'm just trying to be objective here and take my own personal feelings on these guys out of it. I've already pointed out the issues with our CBs, you're just choosing to ignore them because it doesn't fit your personal opinions and your narrative here. Our own beat writers have come out and said Adam Jones could be on the chopping block due to his play slipping and his high salary. Darqueze Dennard isn't very good whether we like that or not. Josh Shaw is nothing more than a depth option. WJIII hasn't played a single snap in the NFL yet. "Has a ton of starts" isn't really a quality I look for, I want performance, not how many games a guy has played in. How big of a contract did those guys sign for again? Not real sought after free agents, but I guess "has a lot of starts" would be better than the #1 CB in this year's draft. I'd be OK with Williams (the WR), but you just aren't understanding my points and what I'm saying. If we take him, it buries Tyler Boyd as far as targets go. That kind of sucks. They aren't going to bench LaFell this year after paying him, and a guy like Williams is ready to go day 1 so he's not sitting the bench either. Are we going to start running more 4WR sets? I guess we could do that, but it doesn't change the fact that we're just as set at WR as CB even though you're claiming otherwise. It's not "stupid" to draft a 3rd corner when we're in a passing league. What's wrong with having 3 potentially great CBs on the team? I think it's stupid to claim that it's stupid to have 3 great CBs at the same time. You're getting pretty upset and calling me names now even though I'm just pointing out the situation of each position group in a different perspective than you're seeing things. Take a breath and have a football discussion without getting all pissy.
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    You do when he has consistently missed as many games as Eifert has.
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    So very very sorry. I can relate completely.
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    I still have the few I got, they in good condition. The only problem is they getting a little tight, I know that's do to washing and weight gain. Anybody that says different is just wrong. lol
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    ugh I want no part of Taco that early.....hell if they have to take a DE at 9 I'd rather have Charles Harris than Taco. hopefully if they think they have to get a DE that bad they at least trade down and pick up some value.
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    Speaking of GB.com merch...I still have my go-bengals.com t-shirt from back in the day. Due to condition, it's now a "workin' on stuff" shirt, but I still wear it! Anyone else still have one?
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    The first one was the right call. He hit him in the head. Did Brown flop? Probably. But it was still a shot to the head of a receiver and those get called in the modern day NFL, especially when dude didn't even catch the ball. The second PF was fucking bullshit and fuck Joey Porter.
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    Are we assuming he and/or his position coach didn't? Even if he didn't, Hill is a professional, you can't blame that fumble on a coach. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
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    You should follow him on twitter. He posts pictures of his strong muscular body.
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    I have to tell you. I think logically I would hate Howard because it would mean we are saying goodbye to Eifert and if you look around the league no TE doesn't have an injury issue. But I see your point about paying him and the Bengals typically draft for the next years offseason. That means that LB to replace Minter/Burfict is on the board. TE to replace Eifert. CB to replace Dennard. C to replace Bodine. I would hate the CB pick worse than the TE pick for sure. I just was watching film on Howard and sweet sassy molassy that guy is good. I have a feeling he is a Jaguar.
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    Yeah I think so as well, unless they have Foster as BPA. I hope as pass rusher like Barnett is there for us now.
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    RL was correct: the enjoyment of the journey does exceed the arrival. As the years have gone by, I find the actual arrival of the season to be a denouement. Interesting too, as I have noticed for quite some time: two months after a SB, few remember who even played in it. A chasing after the wind, as the Teacher said.
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    Contrary to popular belief you can like a player without making up crazy BS about another
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    Agree and could say the same for any number of others. Mully comes to mind immediately and I miss his input. Harry Hater™ extraordinaire, Lucid (the trolling mod), is also conspicuous by his absence. Young Elijah dropped out when he went to kollege. Arkansas and Montana are infrequent fliers and active on the other board as are others. And RhodeIsland😎 was here for awhile and gone. The guy who sold golf carts to The Village People whose name I can't think of at the moment. And I hope all are OK. Good topic, btw.
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    You know what I find odd? These never-ending comparisons to the most successful team in the league. Yes, the Bengals aren't as successful. You know who else isn't as successful as the Patriots? Literally everyone else. If I wanted to read thread after thread of how much better the Patriots are, I'd be on a Patriots board. You aren't "just mentioning" it. You're beating it into the ground. You know why nobody makes a big deal about comparisons to the Eagles, Browns, Redskins, etc? Because it's not a fucking constant. The #teamslikethepatriots thing is a joke, a lighthearted way of poking fun at the endless nut-swinging about everything New England. If that strikes such a raw nerve with you I'd suggest you may be a little bit over-invested emotionally in all this.
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    Can you ladies take your little tea party somewhere else? There was a football discussion going on at some point in this thread. If I wanted to click on people calling each other names once an hour, I'd have more of my family on my Facebook.