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  1. If you look back around 17 rows, you would see Amish and I. #1 is a really great dude. He and his group used to park right next to ours in Lot D years ago. Have tipped a number of brews with him.
  2. Lol @ Temple being a "small school". 40k student body is "small"?
  3. When there is no more BB, and no more Sir Sixth Round, there will be no more Patriots. /endthread/
  4. Having alleged PF #1 happen basically right in front of me, I will say forever that was the greatest flop since Larry Bird in his prime. And PF #2 was an NHL 2-minutes each for roughing, but Thug- Joey-I-am-assisting-my-injured-player did not receive his 2 minutes. But who are we to question the integrity of this sainted league?
  5. Why so literal? OK, I will rephrase the question: Who will be the likely spokesperson to the press from the player side, since the departed two did that for the most part?
  6. Dawkins and Reddick are from Rahway and Camden NJ, respectively. Talk about mean alleyways to walk through!
  7. RL was correct: the enjoyment of the journey does exceed the arrival. As the years have gone by, I find the actual arrival of the season to be a denouement. Interesting too, as I have noticed for quite some time: two months after a SB, few remember who even played in it. A chasing after the wind, as the Teacher said.
  8. Lost: you make the case...better than I have seen. I am sold.
  9. After the first eight? take a damn good football player. There will be plenty.
  10. I don't believe anyone here would question that both Ced and Fisher were two of the top tackles in that draft. Certainly other teams would have selected them with premium picks if the Bengals had not, true? And I always remember, it is the same PA who coached Willie, Levi, Richie, Steinbach, and yes...even the sainted Whitworth. His peers in coaching have given him acclaim, as have most of his past/present players. The patron saint of offensive line coaches, (in the minds of most Bengal fans) Jim McNally, has praised him. PA was a disciple of McNally. There are always swings and misses on players. But I choose to think that a proven quality NFL coach can do good things with two of the people he chose. Maybe it is a swing and miss, maybe it leaves the yard (love baseball allegory). Sorry, should have included something about 26 years no playoff wins. Will get it next time. 😇
  11. Hence, is why I am having a difficult time believing they are even going to try him at guard--despite the official insinuations. Tackle is where he plays. I also remember a long time ago when he was the #6 overall pick, he was drafted as a LT, which he played rather well at Alabama.
  12. My thoughts exactly. Which is why a natural RG like Dan Feeney at 41 makes so much sense.
  13. We may have perceived Whitworth and Domata as the "team leaders" because they were normally the ones yakking to the press. Taking that, who becomes the player mouthpiece(s) now?
  14. What? I thought the Vikings belonged at the Vatican?