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  1. I have experienced the same issue.
  2. They can make the original style jerseys there? Their website is silent on the subject. If so, do you just have to call them with what you want? I will have the "original #14" Sam jersey on order tomorrow!
  3. Oh yeah...the one where he led the Bengals to twin 10-point leads after the assassination. And where the defense pissed away both leads. And the fumble you cite (which wasn't even turned over) when he had driven the team back down the field to try and get back to within 10 with a quarter to play. Oh yeah, that hysterically funny event. Yeah, I was there too, smart guy.
  4. Always hated the Pirates--just as with any team Pittsburgh. Did love the Dock though. Saw him pitch in person more than a few times back in those early '70's days. Guy was just a great pitcher--always with dominant control of his pitches. When this "stoned while pitching a no-hitter" story broke a few years back, it had me wondering what he might have been on each time I saw him.
  5. See St. Roger gave his boys a very favorable sched--again. Protect the Shield.
  6. But that would be part of the true experience of Lambeau.
  7. Everyone--including St. Andrew--is a body. That is the NFL way...not just here...everywhere.
  8. OK...you get the last word.
  9. Arrogance...check. Condescension...check. Controlling...check. Good night, General Bonaparte.
  10. I seem to recall him never being mentioned as a guard prospect. I only remember tackle--and specifically LT--as his natural position. But your points are well taken otherwise.
  11. Angle to piety...fail. Avoidance of challenge...success.
  12. That is logical. But Westerman might be an X-factor in the process too.
  13. I am not comparing anyone to anyone. I am challenging you for being a moral hypocrite. Either the person "has too many off-field issues" to be on your team (the ones you don't like) or "their off-field issues are not too bad" so they can be on your team (the ones you do like). I would say you can't have it both ways and not be duplicitous, but I am sure you can angle your way to piety.