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  1. I'm a happy panda.🐼
  2. If Cook didn't have all the off field issues id pick him over anyone else. He would have the biggest impact of all the rookies.
  3. After watching more of Mike Williams I wouldn't mind him at #9. I know wide receiver is not really a need but guy is a flat out stud. Rather have him over Ross, Taco or Howard. But that's just me.
  4. The way Burfict played last year. He's going to get paid when he's a free agent. He's that good of a player and makes that much of an impact. Raiders n Ravens would sign him to a huge contact first day of free agency. Bengals better sign him during the season because his price will go up if he makes the pro bowl which he should have this year.
  5. Might be overkill but good spot for that. Lattimore is a flat out stud. I think hes gone anyways. 9 is a tough spot, of course we had to beat the damn Ravens at the end of the year damn it. We were locked in at 7.
  6. Once again if we draft Taco I'm breaking my TV. I didn't like he's game before the combine and dislike it even more now. 4.9 forty. He looks soft on the field and moSt of his sacks came unblocked. I don't like his instincts I have the Florida state game recorded and he was bad in that game. I'll take anyone other than Taco who fits the "size" department only.
  7. I don't see why Barnette is dropping at all. 603 265 plays the run n pass well. Highly productive college true junior from the SEC. This guy has stud written all over maybe not a perennial pro bowler but 10 year vet type of guy. And I'm tired of seeing Michael Johnson playing paddy cake with the left tackle for 10 seconds.
  8. Every year there's always Mckinley type players that get drafted higher then they should. 602 250 and most don't really do much in the NFL it seems.. I'm talking about the tweener types who have great senior years only to be non factors in the NFL due to their size.
  9. Temple is definitely a "small " school however you wanna spin it. Kinda like Duke or Villanova. Not a,bad thing though.
  10. Taco is no Bueno. I hate his game tape. He looks soft as hell. I see michael Johnson I'm him. Same build, same softness same impact. Ugh. I hate this pick. Much like In 2015 draft. The only person I didn't want the Bengals to draft was oggieboggie this year it's Taco. Most of his sacks came from the scheme or blitz where he came unblocked. Unlike Barnette where it came from one on one. Hate this pick
  11. Love the signing.
  12. Can we cut worthless maualuga now?
  13. Come join JungleNoise forum. Leave these two c0ck holsters here to hold each others hand and attack anyone that argues with what the Bengals are doing.
  14. Yeah. He's pretty locked in with the Bengals plans. Signing Minter would mean we will be drafting Barnette, Allen, Thomas or a RB. I love Foster but rather have Minter n one of those instead.
  15. Damn!! After reading this I'm kinda worried about Reddick. Doesn't seem very efficient. Looks like a great athlete but never knew he kinda sucked at tackling. I gotta watch more tape. Put Barnette n Foster as my guys I want again at #9