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  1. Taco Charlton. He plays really soft. Can't set the edge worth shit. Only had one good year. I don't like his Game at all. His Game reminds me a lot of Michael Johnsons. I have his last game recorded against Florida St. Wasn't impressed at all.
  2. Whatever makes you feel better about this signing.
  3. Allen built to be a 3 4 end. Garrett a RDE. Barnette 4 3 end. Either side. Thomas same. But on passing downs will go inside. Where he did most of his damage.
  4. Didn't we just witness the Patriots win another superbowl with a bunch of undrafted wrs. We should be at the bottom of our needs.
  5. Thomas is a LDE in a 4 3 defense but can probably play RDE too. On passing downs you can move him inside. He looks to have the sane body type as Barnette.
  6. 2014- 20.5 tackles for loss , 10 sacks 2015- 13 tackles for loss , 10 sacks 2016- 19 tackles for loss , 13 sacks. Barnette looks like a consistent beast to me.
  7. Dude you are way off. One is an athletic freak 6 5 240 that is soft and has zero instints. The other is a natural football player 603 270 that set a school record for sacks as a true junior. They are complete opposite. Smh
  8. That was on October 10th of last year
  9. Williams was seriously garbage and a liability last year. He gave up numerous tds and his tackling was subpar all year round.
  10. "Interest " he was a free agent in February? I'm pretty sure he chose us because the Bengals were the only one interested to sign him.
  11. I need to watch more of Taco. So far not impressed at all. A lot of his sacks he just had an open Lane to the QB. The rest of them he was blocked someone forced pressure from the other side Taco comes off his guy and sacks the QB. I need to see way more moves besides speed rush. And the one year wonder scares me too.
  12. So this is the big signing they have been talking about.
  13. This guy is unstoppable
  14. Gotta go with Barnette at number 9. Absolute beast. Broke Reggie White record at Tennessee as a true junior. Even though he's 602.5 n 275 he fits the mold at RDE. He had no problem versus SEC tackles. Foster is my number 2 pick. A slightly bigger Navarro bowman
  15. Wtf. Williams played well? I give up