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  1. Barnett went to Carolina. Right now Foster has a huge lead for the Bengals over everyone else. Foster 21 votes, next is Davis at 6.
  2. Bama is built on their defense. Saban is a defensive coach. Defense is complimented by a great running game. Apparently Howard was also a good blocker, which is why he was a TE not a receiver.
  3. Here is a link to his scouting report: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/players/2060720/taco-charlton
  4. He does seem to fit the Bengals "mold". He could be a good player. But I see him as a 20s guy, not a 9 guy. And the Bengals don't reach for need anymore. I get the impression the Bengals want more speed off the edge, and that's not really Taco, 4.92 at the combine, although I think his pro day time was better. I don't dislike him, I just think there will be several better players available at 9.
  5. If we don't go DE in 1 and Lawson is gone I wouldn't mind Walker. He played well the games I watched.
  6. Football's Future is doing their voting mock draft right now and Barnett and Howard are in a runoff tied at 12. Barnett was in the lead until I voted Howard. I still think there is a good chance they take Fournette if he's there, but he went to Jax in this draft.
  7. Wouldn't surprise me if Barnett goes to Carolina.
  8. I'm in the same boat with him despite my latest mock. I'd really like to see what he runs at his pro day this week.
  9. Rankings per CBS as always. Mostly picking as I think the Bengals might, not as I would necessarily. 9. Derrick Barnett DE UT - Three down player who can play right away and make MJ a rotational rusher. 41. Chris Godwin WR PSU - Adds an outside guy with some speed. 73. Joe Mixon RB OU - Flags, but extremely talented. If he's there, he's almost too good to pass 116. Anthony Walker ILB NW - Good speed, can learn behind Minter in case he's not extended. Teams guy until then 138. Erik Magnuson OT UM - Backup G/T for now, if Ced sucks again could develop into a LT 153. Eddie Vanderdoes DT UCLA - Nice size/speed combo 176. Jermaine Eluemunor OG aTm - Big bodied OG who could replace Andre if he leaves after 1 year 193. Zane Gonzales K ASU - I know the don't usually draft kickers, but they don't always have 11 picks, need, and a kicker with a draft able grade either. 217. TJ Logan RB UNC - Small fast guy who can catch and return kickoffs. 227 - Calvin Munson OLB San Diego State - PS guy 251 Jonathan Ford FS Auburn - 4.4 DB who played in the SEC, probably a PS guy.
  10. But if it causes the stealers to use their 1 on a QB who will sit for a year or 3, I'm all for it.
  11. Daniel Jeremiah has Hooker his #3 overall prospect.
  12. The way Hooker returned INTs I wouldn't be surprised if he was a good PR too. Too bad he never got the chance.
  13. That's Andre Smith. Oh, wait, you said tatts.
  14. The more BJ pimps, the lower the chances we take him.
  15. In 2 and a half years Peppers had 1 INT, and that came on a ball someone else tipped. In 1 year Hooker had 7, and returned 3 for TDs.