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  1. 1. Browns- Myles Garrett DE/OLB Texas A&M 2. 49ers- Solomon Thomas DE/DT Stanford 3. Bears- Jonathan Allen DE/DT Alabama 4. Jaguars- Leonard Fournette RB LSU 5. Titans- Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio St 6. Jets- Jamal Adams S LSU 7. Chargers- Malik Hooker S Ohio St 8. Panthers- Derek Barnett DE Tennessee Who do you want?
  2. Rankings per CBS as always. Mostly picking as I think the Bengals might, not as I would necessarily. 9. Derrick Barnett DE UT - Three down player who can play right away and make MJ a rotational rusher. 41. Chris Godwin WR PSU - Adds an outside guy with some speed. 73. Joe Mixon RB OU - Flags, but extremely talented. If he's there, he's almost too good to pass 116. Anthony Walker ILB NW - Good speed, can learn behind Minter in case he's not extended. Teams guy until then 138. Erik Magnuson OT UM - Backup G/T for now, if Ced sucks again could develop into a LT 153. Eddie Vanderdoes DT UCLA - Nice size/speed combo 176. Jermaine Eluemunor OG aTm - Big bodied OG who could replace Andre if he leaves after 1 year 193. Zane Gonzales K ASU - I know the don't usually draft kickers, but they don't always have 11 picks, need, and a kicker with a draft able grade either. 217. TJ Logan RB UNC - Small fast guy who can catch and return kickoffs. 227 - Calvin Munson OLB San Diego State - PS guy 251 Jonathan Ford FS Auburn - 4.4 DB who played in the SEC, probably a PS guy.
  3. But if it causes the stealers to use their 1 on a QB who will sit for a year or 3, I'm all for it.
  4. Daniel Jeremiah has Hooker his #3 overall prospect.
  5. The way Hooker returned INTs I wouldn't be surprised if he was a good PR too. Too bad he never got the chance.
  6. That's Andre Smith. Oh, wait, you said tatts.
  7. The more BJ pimps, the lower the chances we take him.
  8. In 2 and a half years Peppers had 1 INT, and that came on a ball someone else tipped. In 1 year Hooker had 7, and returned 3 for TDs.
  9. It's not like Ross is just a straight line athlete either. Watch some of his highlights after the catch. He's got some moves too.
  10. Really? Are we still doing this?
  11. 1 on 1? Ross for sure. Not many CBs in the league with that kind of speed. He will draw over the top help.
  12. Congratulations to Billy Hamilton and Adam Duvall for being named Gold Glove finalists!!
  13. I wonder if they woke him up at 4am to tell him?
  14. North Carolina. About 25 miles SE of Raleigh.
  15. Not in 2016. He is also the only 1st round WR with return experience.
  16. Ross isn't the top of my board, but he is on my short list and the only WR I would want in 1.
  17. So I took the plunge and got MLB Extra Innings this year. I just hope the Reds win close to 80 games.
  18. We had to put our baby boy "to sleep" today.
  19. Mine: C: Johnny Bench 1B: Tony Perez 2B: Brandon Phillips SS: Barry Larkin 3B: Chris Sabo LF: George Foster CF: Eric Davis RF: Jay Bruce P: Jonny Cueto
  20. Yeah, I really hope they extend Burfict before he hits the market.
  21. And I'm STILL not sold on him. He has played 1 game as a LB, the Senior Bowl. As athletic as he is, he's a project. Our history with projects sucks. He may well turn out to be a great player. I just don't know if it would happen here.
  22. I trust Urban Meyer and Gil Brandt's opinions, those guys know there stuff and wouldn't stay those things if they weren't true. Not sure why you think the 41st is too high, SI has him at #40. Some think he's the safest pick of all the Buckeye's in the draft and I agree. If we drafted him in the 2nd round plug him in at RG I believe we would be very pleased with the result. As for Reddick, I understand that he doesn't have the big school pedigree and was a relative unknown until this year but imo he's one of the best prospects for LB available and his intangibles are off the charts. The rankings I follow have him at 71. Like I said though, I wouldn't hate it. I also would be surprised if they did. I think they are still hitching their wagon to Bodine. To clarify, the "" is for Taco at 9.
  23. Granted there was a difference in competition level, but Davis just seems more dynamic, especially after the catch, from what I have seen.