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  1. I was on board with bringing Andre back and I don't see the downside if he can stay healthy, which is far from certain. Whether he plays RG or RT doesn't matter as long as he can plug a hole somewhere. The line situation is fluid and there is no doubt that they will add at least a couple linemen in the draft. They still have Westerman waiting in the wings, too. Fisher and Ogbuehi haven't exactly been the picture of health (or productivity) so it can only be a good thing to have flexibility if one or both of them is hurt or ineffective.
  2. Not gonna be our pick at #9, IMO. Just this week he takes two major hits with his shoulder injury and now a failed test that will start his NFL career in stage one of the drug program. I don't see how you can take him that high when there are legit concerns that he could miss games either thru injury or stupidity.
  3. The criticism of Hooker as a tackler is completely overblown, IMO. Typical pre-draft, anonymous scout BS being mentioned to try to lower his draft stock. There is zero chance he would have seen the field at OSU if he was anywhere close to being the liability against the run that some claim. I will agree that his injuries are a legit concern about being able to hold up in the NFL, but his play on the field has likely earned him a top 10 pick. The nitpicking at draft time drives me crazy because you can never trust the agendas of the source.
  4. I would take Hooker, but no doubt MB would take Fournette. Not sold on Shawn Williams and I think Hooker is the best safety prospect since Eric Berry.
  5. Only conclusion that I can draw from these comments is that the Bengals brass still thinks Pac man can play at a high level. Personally, I don't agree. I would rather wash my hands of him and use the money we save on someone more deserving. He is an embarassment, plain and simple. Unfortunately, he will get another chance because he has talent. There is still a looming suspension to deal with, along with the remaining misdemeanor charges. All the more reason to cut the cord, IMO.
  6. I don't think using all 11 draft picks would be wise. Not likely that all of them will make the roster or even the practice squad, especially considering the track record of keeping undrafted rookies. Seems like a waste to use picks on players you won't be able to keep around for even a year. Then again, it's easier said than done to trade up and only give up late round picks. I personally would not want to give up anything before our 5th round comp pick (#176). If it worked out that we could move up in the 3rd or 4th to get someone we really liked at the cost of one or more of our 5 picks in the last 80 spots in the draft, I would do it.
  7. If they take Ross, I will be on board and cross my fingers that he can stay healthy. He projects as a similar player to DeSean Jackson, IMO. Adding that kind of speed threat to both the receiving and return games could be huge. It remains to be seen if the Bengals will be willing to take the risk of drafting a player that high with legit injury concerns. I don't know if rolling the dice on a top 10 pick is a smart move, but I cannot deny the upside.
  8. Not going to dance on his grave. I appreciate what Rey did for the team and hope he catches on somewhere else if he wants to keep playing. The main feeling I have is disappointment that he never reached the high expectations we had when he was drafted in 2009. I think that is the main reason for the negativity surrounding Rey. We all hoped he would make multiple Pro Bowls and it just didn't happen.
  9. I think it's possible Hooker slips to us because of the fact that he has had multiple surgeries and has been unable to workout for teams. Possible, but not likely. I think he would definitely be the pick if he were available. Best case scenario would be one or two offensive players rising up the board. I am thinking it could be Cook or one of the QB's.
  10. The scary thing with Ross is his injury history. Torn meniscus and microfracture surgery on right knee in 2014. Torn ACL and meniscus on left knee in 2015. It was also reported that he needed shoulder surgery at the combine. No question his speed is rare, but I think it is a serious question if he can physically hold up in the NFL.
  11. I am happy with signing Minter and I don't really understand the negativity. After watching last year's LB corps look less than impressive, I would have expected fans to be happy to see the team try to upgrade the position. Minter is in his prime and has experience as a starter. It's a little strange he only signed for one year, but it sounds like that was his choice. He should be plenty motivated if nothing else. I just don't see much downside to this move. It cements Maualuga being released and does nothing to change our draft plans.
  12. I think the Bengals ideal pick would be a pass rusher at #9. If the value isn't there at DE, I hope one of the top safeties falls. I hope they only take a LB if they get wiped out at both of the other positions.
  13. I watched him run on Sportscenter this morning. It doesn't seem like there was a consensus 40 time. McShay had him at 4.53 and others had him slightly higher or lower. No matter how you slice it, he was under 4.60, which means he beat expectations. He certainly looks the part of a legit number one receiver in terms of height and size. I don't expect us to take him at #9, but I think he will be a very good NFL receiver. His ability to make contested catches reminds me of Larry Fitzgerald. I would much rather have him over someone like Ross, who can fly but probably won't hold up physically.
  14. For years we have been told that Alexander is one of the best in the NFL, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. This year will be his toughest test. He has defended his guys in the past, including Bodine and Ced. If they fail (or continue to fail), the finger should be pointed directly at Paul. Either these guys aren't good enough or he failed to make them better. Needless to say, I am not terribly optimistic.