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  1. The scary thing with Ross is his injury history. Torn meniscus and microfracture surgery on right knee in 2014. Torn ACL and meniscus on left knee in 2015. It was also reported that he needed shoulder surgery at the combine. No question his speed is rare, but I think it is a serious question if he can physically hold up in the NFL.
  2. I am happy with signing Minter and I don't really understand the negativity. After watching last year's LB corps look less than impressive, I would have expected fans to be happy to see the team try to upgrade the position. Minter is in his prime and has experience as a starter. It's a little strange he only signed for one year, but it sounds like that was his choice. He should be plenty motivated if nothing else. I just don't see much downside to this move. It cements Maualuga being released and does nothing to change our draft plans.
  3. I think the Bengals ideal pick would be a pass rusher at #9. If the value isn't there at DE, I hope one of the top safeties falls. I hope they only take a LB if they get wiped out at both of the other positions.
  4. I watched him run on Sportscenter this morning. It doesn't seem like there was a consensus 40 time. McShay had him at 4.53 and others had him slightly higher or lower. No matter how you slice it, he was under 4.60, which means he beat expectations. He certainly looks the part of a legit number one receiver in terms of height and size. I don't expect us to take him at #9, but I think he will be a very good NFL receiver. His ability to make contested catches reminds me of Larry Fitzgerald. I would much rather have him over someone like Ross, who can fly but probably won't hold up physically.
  5. For years we have been told that Alexander is one of the best in the NFL, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. This year will be his toughest test. He has defended his guys in the past, including Bodine and Ced. If they fail (or continue to fail), the finger should be pointed directly at Paul. Either these guys aren't good enough or he failed to make them better. Needless to say, I am not terribly optimistic.
  6. I would have liked to see Burkhead come back, but this is far trom shocking. Pats are a good fit for him and I am sure he will contribute. I can't blame him for wanting more snaps since he thrived when given the chance last year. Sometimes a player is buried on the depth chart and they just need a chance to shine. I think that's what we will see with Rex.
  7. I think bringing Andre back makes plenty of sense with the o-line being in shambles like it is. Whether he plays guard or tackle, the team needs options and depth across the board. This signing doesn't immediately solve any of my concerns about the line, but it is an improvement to have Smith as a possible starter at two spots. I just hope he can stay healthy after missing all but 4 games last year.
  8. LOL that "pompous bitch" is suing Mixon and will probably be collecting plenty of his money. He may have a future in the NFL and he definitely has received special treatment, but trying to draw his case in racial terms in way off base. He committed a crime and he will continue to pay for it. He could have walked away and he didn't. I don't care one way or the other if the Bengals draft him since my opinion doesn't matter to the team. I can't fault them for doing due diligence. They better be ready to deal with the blowback if they draft him.
  9. Thanks for your contributions Peko. It was time to move on and his play has clearly been in decline. I am not worried about replacing him at all. I am excited to see what Billings can do with the opportunity and we still have Pat Sims as part of the rotation.
  10. Hobson is less than reliable when it comes to the salary cap. Also, water is wet, bears shit in the woods, and the Pope is Catholic. Anyone who believes Pravda, I mean Hobson, is a fool.
  11. Zeitler played this pefectly. He bet on hitting free agency and he hit the jackpot, making more than Osemele or Decastro. The only way the Bengals could have kept him is if he had signed last off season and by all accounts they lowballed him. Sucks to lose a player in his prime who turned out to be a great player, but the contract was crazy. I think they might have kept him if he had settled for Decastro's contract ($10 million per year).
  12. No way we take a tackle at nine. Defense is a strength of this class and we will take a DE, LB, or safety, IMO. Best player available and it will not be an OT.
  13. If they can only keep one, Dre makes the most sense. Tall, rangy corners are a valuable commodity and he plays a premier position. That said, Whit also plays a very important position and has a proven record of playing at a high level. His age is scary obviously. You have to factor in playing in your prime and that makes Dre the clear pick. Zeitler is in his prime but guard is not as valuable a position as LT or CB.
  14. So the official line is that the Bengals are happy how this turned out. Losing your two best o-linemen is fine since they get comp picks next year. The most important thing is the team stuck to doing business their way. Watching their roster get worse for the second straight offseason is not a big deal since they stuck to the budget and didn't have to cut important players like Pac or Rey. Sure, it might look like we now have one of the worst lines in the league and that our QB could wind up injured or possibly maimed. Marvin says it isn't a concern and besides Winston is riding to the rescue and we have 11 draft picks. All is well and going right according to script.
  15. If true, I would be on board. Fournette is a physical freak and has dominated when healthy. Our situation at RB is fairly unsettled. Hill is a disappointment, Gio is rehabbing an ACL, and Burkhead is a free agent. I do think good running backs would be available later in the draft, but I won't quibble with landing an elite player.