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  1. 100% with you on this one. I'd take him at 41, but at 9 you are just asking for disappointment. If no Thomas, Allen, or Barnett available, then my board is Hooker, then Adams, then Corey Davis.
  2. I was angry yesterday. Today, a feeling of apathy is slowly rolling over me. What can you seriously do as a fan other than laugh to yourself?
  3. I hope you are correct about Westerman, but the infuriating thing about that is the fact that they didn't get him any snaps last year. Why? Was he not ready to play in those all important last couple of games for a team that was going nowhere?
  4. It is just incredible how this organization can be so blind to the very idea of being fan friendly. After that shit storm yesterday, you let Hob put one of his bullshit cap analysis articles out for the world to read!!! It is absolutely infuriating. It is so hard not to say fuck these old fashioned, tight ass, lying assholes.
  5. This has seriously become the thing that we can be excited about. If only the goal was to put a better team on the field instead of trying to get comp picks.
  6. That is the amazing thing... This line was terrible last year, was the biggest reason (outside perhaps of kicker) that the team was unsuccessful. This forward thinking organization allows the 2 best, out of 5 players, to walk away. I mean what the fuck? What other organization in the world allows that happen? Answer: 1 organization... Your beloved Cincinnati Bengals. Who-fucking-Dey!
  7. The bitch of it is it is probably too late to get Zeitler back now regardless of $$$. They made it so fucking obvious they weren't going to show even an ounce of aggression or desire to realistically sign him that he probably wants to go elsewhere just b/c the front office is living decades behind the rest of the NFL.
  8. This organization is ignorant. I've said it a million times... It is very difficult to be a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals.
  9. I just saw that "the Vikings and some other teams" have interest in Peko. PLEASE SOMEONE SIGN HIM SAVE THE DUMBFUCK BENGALS FROM THEMSELVES!!!!!!
  10. The updated cap room for FA has now dropped down to $7 million after this tender offer. Simple Bengal accounting.
  11. The highest of the 4th, 5th, & 7th round picks. Big shocker.
  12. I am with you. It is leverage talk. Both leverage for him to get some extra cash & the hope that a little nudge nudge might get the old fashioned slow motion front office to be aggressive in their roster management. I'm happy to see he, AJ, and even Dalton (to an extent) publicly making comments about making moves. I still can't believe they haven't cut Pac & Maualuga yet. If it is the June 1st BS, then I read somewhere they can do it now and "designate" it for a June 1st cut (though I certainly haven't verified that can be done).
  13. I could not agree with you more. It makes me madder every single freaking day that pacman is on this roster. He looked like the biggest asshole on the planet on the video released, and if he did actual spit on a nurse too (which I'm sure he did), they should have told him to fuck off the day they heard about it. I don't understand any reason whatsoever for keeping that dickhead on the roster regardless, and his decline in performance & obvious history should seal the deal. This BS about "letting the legal situation play itself out" is one of the dumbest decisions the brass could have made. I've said it a million times, he did the organization a favor by doing this dumb shit, b/c they obviously would have continued to overpay him for 2 more years b/c they don't know how to cut someone that is past their prime and making too much. I am coming around on the situation regarding Zeitler. But the bottom line is I will be able to stomach not paying Zeitler over $10million/year will be acceptable IF Whit is signed, Dre is signed, and a decent starting caliber interior lineman is signed in FA.
  14. Yeah... but what about that comp pick?!!!!