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  1. Good signing one year deal to see how things go and then give him a multi year,kinda like Lafell
  2. Any news on Minter?
  3. Or maybe Dhani Jones or Odell would like to come back? Where's A.J. Nicholson nowadays? Lol
  4. Caleb Miller available? Nate Webster? Or is he in jail? lmao
  5. No I didn't really care about him,but there are 3 lb's available that are pretty good and we desperately need one we have had 2 of them in and done nothing,I think Burkhead was my tipping point
  6. This franchise is a fucking joke
  7. So I'm taking it that we didn't sign anyone we had in for visits except titties?
  8. Need atleast 2 out of the 3 of Robinson,Minter and Barwin
  9. Picked up by Cleveland
  10. Margus Hunt to the colts
  11. That's a great draft but Mixon is gone before the third round
  12. I don't hate the dude but it's plain and evident if you watch their games that he is slow and old and pretty much worthless as a dt
  13. Which is stupid he is the best RB on the team
  14. My buddy who is a big broncos fan said they have signed him thank the Lord Baby Jesus
  15. Brandon Cooks to the Patriots,I am pretty sure belicheck sold his soul for Superbowls