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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Yeah... what he said...
  2. Ph.D huh? Piled Higher and Deeper... does that mean when you spout shit that your shit doesn't stink?
  3. Yup, I see it.
  4. I think "American Pie" should be played non-stop for a month... one of the TRUE icons and fathers of rock and roll has passed away. Thank you Chuck Berry, Godspeed.
  5. Too bad you feel that way... you're in the minority though. I get tons of messages stating that people do NOT want to have to see the high school bullshit. So we stop the high school bullshit. You're free to go somewhere else that isn't "a safe place" if you're in to that type of witty repartee'.
  6. Knock off the personal attacks... first and only warning.
  7. Happy for him, hate to see him go though... class act.
  8. Fuck compensatory picks, they don't do dick for winning... especially when they don't work out. Sign quality players to win fucking games. Peace out...
  9. No worries... I can take it or give it when the situation calls for it. I appreciate another viewpoint, especially when people use common sense, facts, and knowledge to present their side. Le Tigre and I go WAY back... I have broke bread and shared adult beverages with him and know exactly what he's talking about. I haven't reached critical mass yet (although I am close) and that's why I am on this message board. Cheers to you as well!
  10. I see your point, and I don't necessarily disagree... just putting out the counterpoint.
  11. For those who didn't experience the advent of free agency and the "watering/dumbing down" of professional sports when it first happened... you'll never understand how Le Tigre, Kenneth, myself, and many others of our age feel about this. You weren't lucky enough to see all the sports in the more innocent/pure form that they were, and see the athletes play with more of a "love of the game" demeanor. I can't blame players/owners for wanting more money, but they way the fucks bleed every last cent out of the fans and DON'T care about winning championships really grinds the gears of us "old geezers". So instead of your "if you don't care why post?" comments, try to take into consideration that a love for sports and sports heroes that was nurtured as a child, and then that is ripped away by the all mighty dollar... and to hell with the actually caring about winning that elusive championship. I know for a fact that Le Tigre has loved and cared about this team in a way many of you couldn't understand, and for longer than many of you have been alive. It's because you can't understand where he is coming from (as am I) that I am patient with your comments, attitudes, and actions toward him and others like him. Just my $.02... and I remember when it was really worth $.02.
  12. True... but there's also nothing wrong with being pessimistic about our replacements because they haven't been good so far. I hope like hell they are good enough to keep Dalton out of the ER.
  13. Placebos... probably Flintstones chewable vitamins at best.