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  1. Louisville was named after Louis XVI. He lost his head. Wouldn't that be ironic that Louis lost it by ushering in the great enlightenment and the other by trying to make America great again. There were 18,000 ± seats in Freedom Hall. 3000± seats were empty. Protesters put on a good showing in numbers and signs but seemed to be unorganized, unready, and nearly as uneducated as those inside Freedom Hall. Back in my father and mother's day, protests were well planned and not a clusterfuck that makes the message lost in the stupidity. Peace and happiness to all. Sent from my 2PS64 using mobile app
  2. Just thought I'd share. No, it was not me. However, it was the only NFL related shirt or hat that I saw. Taken screenshot from local news.
  3. I'm all about stats too. With Brat, 0 playoff wins. After Brat, 0 playoff wins. [emoji12]
  4. The offensive philosophy is about depth. With that said, Westerman at this point is about the depth. Could he start and contribute ? Yes. Could he play Center ? Yes. He has shown that he has capability to dominate his defensive opponent during the preseason. Can't remember what formation or play was being ran but I do believe it was goal line situation. There are pictures out there of him pancaking his opponent and of him lifting a Bengal's player like a ragdoll in the endzone. Only time will tell us the reality of his true ability. I am biased and I believe he will be one of the best.
  5. Just upset over a wasted season. I think it's out of my system for the moment. My apologies to everyone.
  6. Not aware of any internet radio links but I'm sure if there is, someone will hook you up.
  7. Private Members portion of the forum has an updated viewing link for the game, post there if you find new ones.
  8. Ravens Enjoy the game guys. Win or lose. Just wish Marvin would pull a Coslet and quit during the game... Too bad it wasn't done "3 games into the season."...