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  1. I know absolutely nothing about Minter but reading some cardinal fan reaction, they seem thrilled that he's off their team. Saying he's terrible in coverage and misses too many tackles. Obviously fans can be a little harsh. Was just hoping to read something different.
  2. Yup and according to Hobson the Bengals are done for now.
  3. Gotta make sure we have enough room for all 11 picks. This is just ridiculous. I understand losing Whit and Z but burkhead is the kind of free agent the Bengals would typically sign. Gio coming of injury and Hill coming off another shit year. I was trying to remain optimistic.
  4. Aren't most teams fans that haven't won anything meaningful the last 10 years suckers?
  5. Silver lining for me is that it'll be a lot easier for this team to "Suck for Sam".
  6. I always chuckle when I see people claim "we could've had this guy or that guy." How do you know who we could've had? Looking at Marshall for example, I have no idea how much he got paid but I can guarantee that the Bengals would've had to spend more. Put yourself in Marshall's shoes. Why would you come to the Bengals? I guess if your only choices were between Cincy or Minnesota maybe you'd choose Cincy? Weather blows and haven't won anything since the 80's. Yeah I'd pick the Giants every time. Glad Lafell is back. Had some clutch catches and seemed to play hard.
  7. Ced takes LT, Fisher to RT? Should be fun.
  8. Good news as long as he ain't pulling a whither on us.
  9. Lol is that a joke? Holy shit.
  10. Going to be hard to watch this year. Can't trade McCarron, they're probably going to need him.
  11. The "they over paid" excuse is tiring. They may of over paid but what's that leave the Bengals with?
  12. Bengals? Bengals? Hello? Lol losing Z is going to sting but it's going to hurt worse when he signs with Hue.
  13. Imo once schefter or someone like him reports something, it's all but guaranteed although not official yet.