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  1. Hookers will go wherever you want if you pay enough
  2. Round 1 1. OJ Howard - He'd be the BPA. Don't really see the need but he checks every single box as a prospect. 2. Leonard Fournette - Don't love taking a RB #9 but this guy has AP potential. 3. Haason Reddick - Great athlete with rare ability to cover and rush the QB. Round 2 1. Dan Feeney - Guard or center. Tough, physical, experienced. 2. Dorian Johnson - Guard who has the size and athletic ability to kick outside to tackle. 3. T.J. Watt - He's raw but doesn't have to start right away. Great athlete and relentless worker.
  3. Ramzcyk is a first round pick folks. Unanimous top left tackle.
  4. Jackson is just as unproven as an NFL player as Lattimore or any other rookie CB though.
  5. Yeah I understand... I just don't know how you can say that after 1 year of starting in college, he could be one of the best players in the history of the game. That is ridiculously high praise for a guy who is a good but not great prospect. You can say he has pro bowl potential and nobody would disagree.
  6. Top 5 CB all time wtf?
  7. I think pretty much anyone we draft #9 is going to be a backup at first. An end would probably see the most snaps at first but still sit behind Johnson and Clarke. I'm not a big fan of any end who will be available at 9 really. A DT could see some snaps opposite Geno but there are none worth the 9th pick. We are set with starters at LB with Vigil, Burfict and Minter. Rey M and Vinny Rey backups. A rookie would be buried on the depth chart. Corner we are locked in with WJ3, Kirk, Jones (for now), Dennard, Shaw and Bene. At best a rookie would be 4th on the depth chart. A safety could possibly start but I'm not sure they'd bench the 2 guys they just paid. At receiver Green, Lafell and Boyd are locked in as the top 3. Obviously Eifert starts at tight end. I could see a rookie back starting over Hill but I doubt we take one #9. Only OT worth the 9th pick is Ramzcyk and I highly doubt we take him unless they've given up on Ced. No indication of that has been made.
  8. http://www.jsonline.com/story/sports/nfl/packers/2017/03/04/2016-nfl-draft-outlook/98698342/ Write up by Bob Mcginn about the draft. He's kind of a draft guru. Usually has one of the best mocks every year. This article is written from the Packer's perspective but he gives a good rundown of most first round players. This is where I saw the knock about Fosters off the field issues.
  9. It would be interesting what we do if Lattimore is the BPA. I don't see the need for a CB at all but he'd be the clear BPA. The chance is so slim he'll be there at 9 so I haven't put a lot of thought into it.
  10. Gone: Garrett, Thomas, Adams Probably gone: Allen, Hooker, Fournette, Lattimore May be there: Howard Will be there: Barnett, Charlton, Foster, Reddick, Williams, Ross, Davis, McKinley
  11. Also read somewhere today that foster has some significant off the field issues and is going to drop. I'll find the link when I get a chance.
  12. Tak looks like a straight line athlete to me and the combine matched up with that. I guess he could be an end here but he's extremely undersized by NFL standards. Just doesn't seem like a fit in our defense. Not to mention his injury which potentially puts him out until September. I also worry about how coachable he is. He really struggled with a few of the combine drills. Also rumored to have scored a 3 on the wonderlic. If we do try to fit the square peg into the round hole at LB the learning curve could be too tough. In kipers mock I think we take Barnett or Charlton. Not particularly a huge fan of either but we are in a tough spot at 9.
  13. It just doesn't make any sense. He's a 3-4 OLB to the core. He's at his best rushing the QB. We run a 4-3 and don't blitz LBs much. I don't like his agility to be in coverage. Too small to be a 4-3 end. Head scratching pick.
  14. Kiper has us taking Takkarist McKinley from UCLA #9. Over Foster and Reddick. TERRIBLE.
  15. You misunderstand a difference of opinion as attitude.