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  1. he was friendly when i met him at Voelkers art show..
  2. AFC NORTH 2017 FREE AGENCY UPDATE http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/AFC-North-2017-Free-Agency-Update/51b020e7-900c-4ee8-8078-de8fa2b6fb5d Posted Mar 16, 2017 Here’s a look at the players the Steelers, Bengals and Browns have lost or acquired during the initial spending spree of free agency. Much has changed in the early days of free agency. The spending spree by General Manager Ozzie Newsome has been well documented, and the rivals around the AFC North have also been busy. Here’s an overview of what the rest of the division has been up to over the last week: Pittsburgh Steelers Players lost: LB Lawrence Timmons (Dolphins), WR Markus Wheaton (Bears) Players added or re-signed: WR Antonio Brown, RB Le’Veon Bell (franchise tag), QB Landry Jones, TE David Johnson Overview: The top priority for the Steelers coming into this offseason was to find a way to lock up its top offensive playmakers in Brown and Bell. They checked the first item off the list by signing Brown to a new four-year contract reportedly worth $68 million. Brown wasn’t scheduled to be a free agent, but he made his desire for a new contract known, so working out the extension avoided a holdout situation come training camp. Putting the franchise tag on Bell has multiple benefits for Pittsburgh. It keeps him in black and gold for at least another year, and it affords the two sides more time to continue working towards a long-term deal. Losing Timmons to Miami means the Steelers will move on from a quality player who has started every game over the last six seasons. Timmons is a former Pro Bowler (2014) who has been a great fit in that defense, so he won’t be an easy player to replace. Cleveland Browns Players lost: WR Terrelle Pryor (Redskins), quarterback Robert Griffin III (released), QB Josh McCown (released), FS Jordan Poyer (Bills) and DE Stephen Paea (Cowboys) Players added or re-signed: WR Kenny Britt, QB Brock Osweiler, WR James Wright, OG Kevin Zeitler, C Marcus Martin Overview: The Browns pulled off one of the biggest surprises in the early days of free agency by trading for Osweiler. Houston dealt away the quarterback just a year after signing him to a massive contract, and the Browns made it clear that the motivation for taking on Osweiller’s contract was the 2018 second-round pick they received in return for it. Multiple reports have said the Browns may quickly move on from Osweiler, and he may never even play a game for them. The other big move for Cleveland was Pryor’s departure. The emerging receiver reportedly turned down a four-year, $32 million contract with the Browns in favor of a one-year contract in Washington worth up to $8 million. Rather than take the long-term deal, Pryor bet on himself to go with a one-year “prove it” deal and then potentially cash in next offseason. Cleveland did bring in Britt, which will help offset the loss of Pryor. Cincinnati Bengals Players lost: LT Andrew Whitworth (Rams), OG Kevin Zeitler (Browns), DT Domata Peko (Broncos), RB Rex Burkhead (Patriots), DE Margus Hunt (Colts) Players added or re-signed: CB Dre Kirkpatrick, RT Eric Winston, RT Andre Smith Overview: The Bengals have mostly kept their wallet closed this offseason, content seeing starters leave for bigger contracts elsewhere. The most significant losses have come along the offensive line, as Whitworth and Zeitler have been the team’s most consistent offensive linemen over the last couple of seasons. Whitworth is a three-time Pro Bowler who has had plenty of battles with Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs over the years, so he will be a difficult player to replace. Cincinnati’s most significant move was bringing back starting cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick on a five-year deal reportedly worth $52.5 million. The former first-round pick has been a starter the last two seasons, and the Bengals didn’t want to let him walk.
  3. Bengals' Adam 'Pacman' Jones faces 3 misdemeanor charges LISA CORNWELL (Associated Press) The Associated Press•March 22, 2017 13 Comments FILE - In this Jan. 4, 2017, file photo, Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones speaks to reporters as he is released from the Hamilton County Justice Center in Cincinnati. Jones is apologizing through his attorneys after Cincinnati police released video showing his raucous, often-vulgar reaction to his latest arrest. (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File) More CINCINNATI (AP) -- Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam ''Pacman'' Jones faces three misdemeanor charges, including assault, but no longer is being charged with a felony for a January confrontation with hotel security guards, police and a nurse. A felony charge of harassment with a bodily substance, for allegedly spitting at a nurse, was dismissed at the prosecuting attorney's request, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said in a statement Wednesday. The felony charge carries a potential sentence of six to 12 months in jail upon conviction. Deters said the misdemeanors also include disorderly conduct and obstructing official business. Those charges will be referred to Hamilton County Municipal Court in Cincinnati for prosecution by a city prosecutor, according to Deters. The 33-year-old veteran football player, whose career has been marked by off-the-field legal issues, was jailed early Jan. 3. Authorities said Jones tangled with hotel security late at night. Cincinnati police said he pushed a security employee and poked him in the eye, then kicked and head-butted as officers tried to put him into a police vehicle. They later released a video showing Jones in the back of a police vehicle repeatedly using profanity toward the officers and telling one: ''I hope you die tomorrow.'' The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office reported that after Jones was taken to jail, he spit on a jail nurse's hand. Surveillance video released Wednesday shows Jones acting aggressively during his intake process. He apologized through his attorneys and the Bengals also apologized for his behavior. Jones said after his Jan. 4 release from jail that he shouldn't have been arrested and that the case didn't make sense. Deters had delayed action in the case while Jones received treatment for alcohol and anger issues. The prosecutor's statement said his office received a letter from Jones' treating physician indicating Jones is doing well in treatment. No further information on Jones' treatment will be released by the prosecutor's office. The Hamilton County Justice Center nurse who was the subject of the felony charge has been pursuing civil remedies against Jones, according to Deters. He said the felony charge will not be pursued, ''given a possible civil remedy.'' A Bengals spokesman said the team has no comment because the case is continuing. A message was left Wednesday for Jones' attorney, Timothy Schneider. Jones will be subject to potential NFL discipline after the case is resolved. The former West Virginia star was the sixth overall pick in the 2005 draft by the Tennessee Titans. His off-field problems started with a strip club melee in Las Vegas in 2007. He pleaded the equivalent of no contest to a misdemeanor charge. Jones was blamed for instigating violence that led to someone else shooting two club employees, one of whom was left paralyzed from the waist down. He was ordered to pay more than $12.4 million in damages. The NFL suspended Jones for the 2007 season. He was traded to the Cowboys, and was suspended again in 2009 over an alcohol-related altercation with a bodyguard that the Cowboys provided. After sitting out the 2009 season, he signed with the Bengals as a free agent and played five games before suffering a neck injury. He missed half of the following season while recovering from neck surgery and a hamstring injury. Jones played in at least 14 games over each of the past five seasons, becoming one of their top cornerbacks and kick returners. He was chosen for the Pro Bowl as an alternate in 2015. He also was involved in the Bengals' playoff meltdown against the Steelers in 2015, drawing a personal foul that helped set up Pittsburgh's field goal in the closing seconds for an 18-16 win. While in Cincinnati, he's been involved in several other court cases. Jones was acquitted in 2013 on an assault charge in Hamilton County after a woman accused him of punching her in a nightclub. Earlier that year, he paid a fine for disorderly conduct after police accused him of making offensive comments during a traffic stop. He also pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in January 2012 after an arrest at a Cincinnati bar. --- Associated Press Sports Writer Joe Kay and AP writer Dan Sewell in Cincinnati contributed to this report
  4. Bengals bringing back running back Cedric Peerman Posted by Darin Gantt on March 23, 2017, 11:59 AM EDT AP The Bengals have seen plenty of players leave this offseason, but they’re hanging onto to one of their own. According to Zac Jackson of TheAthletic.com (the name’s not familiar, but the face rings a bell), the Bengals are bringing back running back Cedric Peerman. Peerman’s a solid addition to their special teams, and in the absence of Rex Burkhead could have him take on some degree of role in offense. They considered him valuable enough to use their designated for return spot on him last year, so they obviously value him around there.
  5. yea you have to intput your location, and it will put a pin in the city you input.... click on membermap then in top right it has "my location" can update it there
  6. New member map in place, added link to top, has member groups and all that.. kinda cool. Screenshot:
  7. im thinning out the files on the server for this domain preparing for the move, so its possible those were in a random ass folder unrelated to anything useful and got canned. had folders from 2007 on here. this domain was 32GB, i have it down to 18gb.. 8gb is the database... still not sure where the hell 10GB of shit is.. tmp file is almost 2gb.. so still 8 gb of stuff..
  8. that was those little banners that said like "admin" or "contributor" or "modertor" or whatever.. i probably just deleted the files. on accident..
  9. No one thought those were funny? Killing me. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
  10. ill start getting these printed... other design ideas?
  11. ah, hopefully so. very good then.
  12. an attitude adjustment? jesus christ.
  13. i went ahead and deleted the bottom two, which i think, since they were the square ads tended to have the most intrusive ads, videos, flash, etc.. i know even if they arent annoying content wise they slow down the site by 3-4 times the normal speed.
  14. SO i am moving hosts any day now, I am getting the new service setup shortly, the good news is im not moving the nameserver, which seemed to take the longest to refesh and get people pointed to the new host each time. since its a VPS service theyll be supplying the nameserver. so the move should be a little less painful. In order to remove advertising completely i would need to be a begger every 3-4 months to cover the hosting, since the bill isnt $150-180/mo just for hosting i would probably try to pay quarterly and get a slightly better rate and whatever donations can cover, it covers and if i can make up the rest i will, but being a broke ass until i recover from not working for a long while, any help we can get it awesome. if anyone feels like tossing anything towards the site, awesome, paypal@fnnsports.com, if not no worries, enjoy. I purchased the new host so kinda double paying during the move so we dont lose anything. I will pick a late night, weeknight probably to move the files so not many folks are affected when i shut posting down. more details coming..