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  1. Obviously picks are worth whatever both trading teams believe they are worth. Although going with the "conventional" trade value chart... Pick #9 = 1,350 points Pick 25 = 720 points Pick 89 = 145 points 2nd round picks range from 270-580 points. For the sake of argument, let's say the Texans threw in their own 2nd round pick. This would mean if this deal took place: Bengals give up 1,370 points Texans give up between 1135 - 1435 points As much as I love the idea of trading back, gaining extra picks, and drafting someone that plays OL... I don't think there is enough sweetener on the deal to entice the Bengals.
  2. What round comp pick will this yield in 2018?
  3. Agree 100% Or perhaps stated differently, I don't think any of the position groups are exempt from needing an upgrade
  4. Closely related question, albeit hypothetical: IF some team was willing to overpay for McCarron, what would it take to pry him away from the Bengals? In theory...not one is untouchable, right?
  5. 24 in 2016 = a good thing 24 in 2018 = ??? We'll see...
  6. I trust Elway to be able to evaluate a QB vs his worth. In his opinion, Osweiler was not worth this much money. Time will tell if he was right. I suspect he will be.
  7. Good luck getting decent FA's to want to sign in London Also - would seem to be a huge disadvantage to whatever teams end up being in the same division
  8. There is no such thing as a pro-bowl snub any longer. The players from the SB teams won't go...some players won't go just because. It's not uncommon to get down to 4th or 5th alternates at some positions Deserving players will be there, eventually
  9. If the Bengals are as good as I think/hope they are this year, the only QB that concerns me between now and the end of the season wears #12 and plays in New England.
  10. It would be more-appropriate to say that Hue got that last word on Dennis Thurman (D-coordinator) or that Marvin got that last word on Rex. 355 yards...that's all they needed. They were given a lot of short fields to work with due to Buffalo self imploding (penalties), good special teams return yardage, and an interception. With the way the Bengals' offense was clicking, does anyone really think they couldn't have gotten another 10-15 yards per possession if they needed it?
  11. The best part is that sliver of Texas near College Station that will be getting the Cleveland/Oakland game. I guess they figure the Aggies will want to watch Johnny holding a clipboard?
  12. I won't argue with any of those.  They're all deserving.   I'll throw another one into the mix...   How about April 17th 1999 - where the Bengals chose to make a play on Akili Smith with the 3rd overall selection rather than taking New Orleans' offer for all of their picks
  13. The last "elite" WR to win a superbowl ring was...who?  Jerry Rice?  Maybe there have been others, but it doesn't happen that often.   I like AJ as much as any Bengal fan, and would love to see him continue his career here.   But...generically speaking, it probably doesn't make sense to tie high $'s into one guy at that position.  The payoff usually isn't there.