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  1. Very true, let's just hope we aren't stuck holding out jock strap becuase they guy we wanted was picked the pick ahead of us, it feels like it has gone that way for us the past 2-3 drafts...hoping we can get back into the 2010-12 drafts where we killed it.
  2. I'm starting to think he will be there at #9 and watch us pass right over him and watch CLE draft him where, he will Ed Reed us for the next 10 seasons.
  3. agreed, I really want Elflein in round2, but I also don't want to reach for him, i think he's our next 10 year solid starter. other important facts about him people don't think about is his height, he's only 6'3" so Andy can see over him, I'm not sure about Feeney who is 6'7", makes it a lot harder for Dalton. It wouldn't surprise me if the Jets take him and plug him in the next 10 years at center....so they can go 30 years of just 3 centers.
  4. This, and if all 3 are gone best BLBA
  5. So you think the bengals would actually play lattimore? haha, he has to earn his strips.....dre, M3, Pacman and dennard are priority duh.
  6. He doesn't have malik hooker as a top 25.....weird.
  7. Let's just hope he is drafted, it just means that there is one other guy available, i really hope Hooker makes it to us.
  8. He's consistent! Anyways, if we go WR #41....what happens to Tyler Boyd?
  9. I really want Hooker, if SD(LA) passes on him, I pray we take him.
  10. Yeah, it looks like Kiper has the jets taking the Alabama TE....which would push foster to us, that would be interesting.
  11. Yes, but I fee like we did this same shit with Keith Rivers.
  12. SocalEd has been a negative Nancy for quite a while now, it's kind of enjoyable to see, just makes me laugh mostly. He is the definition of the voice of the common uneducated fan. WHODEY! loving this off-season so far. The team will re-build and be better.
  13. He's had 2 freak Tri-ceps tears and both were vs the texans. So i figure if we just bench him vs the texans we'll be ok.
  14. No, I believe the Bengals staff thinks they have better players on their team already, and at this point in time, I'm in agreement. If they don't have a better player, I'm damn sure they didn't just agree to let whit and zeitler walk, what I'm sure they said, hmm well we have invested a lot in ced o and fisher, we really can't have them on our bench, we could use thie $12million for other players who's contracts are coming up. Zietler for $10million or Andre for half that, is there that much of a drop off? No. Could you imagine this board next off-season if we had to let burfict walk and go re-sign Mauluga off the street because we decide to pay Zeitler over bringing in Andre? Also, the Efiert comment you made is a joke I hope.
  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/oaklandraiders/comments/5zkuwc/todd_mcshays_mock_draft_30_what_do_you_think/?st=j0cpr2dp&sh=5a1ab0b5 Rueben foster