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  1. Did the pats have any serious fallout from the media when he was arrested for murder or after? I seemed to recall him being seen as a murder suspect who happened to play for the pats. Lord help us if a Bengal got arrested for murder.
  2. Right. What I also thought was dumb was that the family knows who murdered him and the murderer is not out walking the street, so there is closure. Regardless of what the deceased murderer's legal status is.
  3. “Unfortunately, in the Odin Lloyd matter, for the family, there won’t be any real closure,” Healy said. “Aaron Hernandez will go to his death an innocent man.” That is one of the dumbest things I've ever read. And I'm well read.
  4. I just learned that I don't want any stealers to die. There is no end in sight.
  5. Looks like I won't be watching NFL Network for a couple of days. Until the obligatory stealers immortalization cools down.
  6. Don't forget the fumblitis.
  7. He never was. Just the usual drama queen attention whore shit
  8. Curious as to why they didn't just get a similar FA instead of trading for one. Makes me think there is some kind of connection to this player.
  9. 2017 Cincinnati Bengals preseason schedule includes nationally televised rematch vs. Redskins http://es.pn/2oYYDX3 via @ESPN App http://es.pn/app
  10. Drama queen rapist starts a rumor about retiring so Jeremy Fuckface Fowler and the toothless inbred fans can be relieved when he doesn't. The female population of potential rape victims are relieved also that he will have less free time.
  11. So sorry to see this. I had a similar thread on here a couple of years ago.
  12. What is MB waiting for? You know the extension's coming.