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  1. Agree with this. It's gone largely unnoticed what this kid did in just a few snaps.
  2. Watched YouTube highlights of Fournette and Dalvin Cook. Cook may be the better RB but Fournette fits the Bengals MO better. Big 220+ bruiser who can take carries in the rough and tumble AFC North. Fournette is the RB that Jeremy Hill tries to be, but isn't. Fournette has the bowl you over breaking tackles ability of Rudi Johnson, combined with the agility of Corey Dillon. He fits! However, the Bengals had better sort out their o-line issues this year. Otherwise, the only place Fournette will be running is backwards. That means hopefully getting Whit locked up (and hopefully Zeitler). And hope the 'light bulb' comes on for Ogbeshit and Fisher.
  3. Something tells me blowing the entire positional coaching staff on defense during the offseason may have had something to do with the early season struggles. New coaches, different coaching styles etc. It obviously took more than the preseason for players and the new coaches to get on the same page.
  4. I think Williams will continue to improve and we should go with that. Coz if we draft another safety, it won't be high methinks, and we'll probably have to coach him up just like we did Wiliiams anyway. Wash rinse repeat! One thing different we could try would be to do a 'Thomas Davis' on Shawn Williams. That is, turn him into a LB and start Derron Smith at FS (who I like). Someone was asking about our backup safeties, I thought both Smith and Fejelum did ok last year in limited snaps. Fejelum surprised me, considering his 7th round draft status.
  5. I agree with this. Let's face it our O-line is slipping light years behind the Dallas Cowboys group right now.
  6. If McCarron leaves it will come back to bite Bengaldom in the ass, when he wins the SB with another team. The guy is a winner!
  7. We haven't missed on Fisher. He's been ok so far.
  8. Resign Whit and Zeitler, put Ogbeshite or TJ Johnson (I was really impressed with him against Ratbirds, got excellent push in the run game) at LG, move Boling to C, and start Fisher at RT.
  9. Not being paying attention too many individual performances off late, but how has DeShawn Williams been doing? And Shawn Williams? Also Dansby is definitely past it. Vigil definitely needs to be a starter. He's already shown more in a few snaps than Maualuga has shown in 8 pro seasons. Peko should go in the offseason so we finally see what we have in the younger interior guys. Let Dennard and Jackson III openly battle our current starters for the CB spots. Let TJ Johnson battle Bodine for starting C spot. Make AJ McCarron starter over Andy Dalton (THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN BUT I CAN ONLY DREAM).
  10. You are one brave man. Just make sure you move to Baltimore first!
  11. I guess OL, LB and DE are positions I would be looking at the most.
  12. Funny I was abit suspicious why he had been playing at RT coz he's only 307 lbs. So I always thought he should be tried at LT. Go figure, I read today that they're finally trying him at LT. Bit late in the day coaches.
  13. The Bengals fan base is like one big family. Through good times and bad, families pull together. Right now is the time for all of us to pull together and stop "glory hunting".
  14. So is Zampese the problem in addition to Alexander? I'm willing to cut Zampese a tiny bit of slack as it is his first year, but Mr Alexander you're just a relic from the 90's Bengals who needs to go now sorry! Anyone who loves Cedric Ogbeshit coming out of the draft, come on man! He should've have listened to Mayock's comments saying that "he has a back problem so he's a little bit under powered" - even I picked up in this and was a little bit concerned, and I'm just an armchair fan with a tv remote wtf. He is under powered like a pancake. Mr Alexander is not just a shit coach but a piss poor talent evaluator. Also, I can only dream the McCarron replaces Dalton, coz after 6 years I'm getting bit tired now of his cock teasing (one great game blemished by a costly interception or fumble). We need a real leader here who doesn't crack in critical game changing moments. Three national college championships anyone! Just one more point, why didn't James Urban get the OC job over Zampese? His resume makes him more qualified and he was almost the Eagles OC under Andy Reid before coming to Cincy. I think he's done as good a job with limited receiving talent plus AJ Green than Zampese has done with Dalton over the same period, and has been criminally overlooked by this organisation.