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  1. Wow time flies. Hard to believe that stadium is coming up on 17 years old.
  2. I remember the name due to the local connection, but I really don't remember his Bengals career at all. Did he play any snaps in a real game? Practice squad and preseason only? I forget, but I also have CRS so who knows. Anyway, I saw the story on the local news last night...really weird set of events...I hope the guy gets the help he needs.
  3. I am happy for Shayne and for him to retire a Bengal. I hope he has a great life outside of football. Also nice to see/hear from BengalSIS again.
  4. I chuckled everytime Collinsworth was ***AMAZED!!!*** by Bell's "patient" running style. "He's the only one I've ever seen do that!!!!". Well IMHO that's largely because the Stealers are the only team that gets away with the holds that allow those types of "patient" runs. Its laughable how defenders can't get to Bell even though they are on the runner's side of their blocks. Secret Formula: Wait for the bear hugs and overt holding to take full effect, then pick the biggest hole to run thru...not exactly rocket science. GO NFC!!!
  5. Along the lines of Boyd, I'd also add more touches for Burkhead as candidate for inclusion in this topic. Admittedly that was discussed at some length in another thread recently with mixed reviews.
  6. Obviously it would depend on which team "Johnny Lasso" actually played for, right? Is this a trick question?
  7. Fixed it for you.
  8. I just spit milk out my nose...thanks! +1.
  9. Where's Rick when you need him???
  10. The Good: A win is a win, and I'll take it. This disappointing season is over. The Bad: This season is over. The Ugly: Not seeing enough different to hang your hat on for next year.
  11. Burkhead plays like he loves the game, plays with passion and heart, and busts his ass to get every single inch of yardage. Cannot say that about Hill. I'll take a team full of players like that. Sure it may be a Cinderella story of sorts, but the guy produces, and not just this one meaningless game either. He makes the most of his opportunities if/when he gets them. Not saying he should be the #1 RB, but he certainly needs more opportunities IMHO.
  12. I don't know how much time you have outside of the game, but other places to visit include the Museum Center with their Holiday Train display, the Zoo with their Festival of Lights, since you're on the east side you may want to hit up the Christmas Light Show at Coney Island, Newport Aquarium (KY, across the bridge from downtown Cincy), Fountain Square (downtown several blocks north of the stadium) with holiday displays, ice skating, etc. Not sure about the recommendation for Cincy style Chili...I LOVE IT, but I'm from can be an acquired taste and not universally enjoyed. BTW my choice is Skyline!!! Or Price Hill Chili, Camp Washington Chili, or Blue Ash Chili. For less risky Cincy cuisine, maybe hit up a LaRosas Pizza location (family/casual), a MontgomeryInn location (higher end featuring ribs), one of the plentiful Microbrew restaurants many of which are family friendly. Game parking is kinda like it is anywhere with any big event. Definitely overpriced with a sliding scale with costs that are based on convenience, so its really a personal choice regarding how much you're willing to spend for that convenience. As you head into town you can see the parking lot prices increase with every block you get closer to the stadium. Maybe get there really early, park cheap north of Fountain Square and enjoy the walk and spend a little time at the Square? I'm not an Uber guy, but that might be a decent alternative as mentioned above. Amish's suggestion about parking in KY seems like a good alternative too, but I've never tried it. Enjoy the game, sounds like a great experience for you and your son. Good stuff...and they grow up so fast!
  13. I'm curious about the answer to this question too, so don't be in a hurry to delete the thread. Connect your computer to your big screen??? HDMI if available, but VGA for video and 1/8" plug for audio worst case. I guess if all you have is a desktop system and it's not conveniently located near the TV that wouldn't be a good option, but some call be Captain Obvious.
  14. I love it when a plan comes together. We got them just where we want them! Anyway, will root for them regardless.