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  1. Kaepernick didnt suck last year. First year with Chip Kelly, 16 TDS, 4 ints, 90 rating. Shitty receivers, Carlos Hyde hurt, defense a joke. He could be a good backup but not worth the headache.
  2. So some here think Antonio Brown flopped after the Burfict hit? To believe this you also have to believe he faked a concussion which kept him out of the next playoff game with Denver. I think not.
  3. The Patriots released Hernandez before he was even arrested. We would have waited until the trial was over.
  4. You must have bought a shotty fun.. dam spell checker.
  5. LOL, I was reading this and thought, Damn these guys played for some shitty teams.
  6. But, but, Tom Brady was a sixth rounder!!110011
  7. For me it is just the realization that the talent laden team of 2013 a mixture of vetetans and youth accomplished nothing and that window is now shut. That group of players should have played for an AFC Championship. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/cin/2013_roster.htm
  8. I am pretty sure if I broke a girl's face in 4 places not only would I be arrested, but I would lose my job and be banned from the securities industry for awhile due to mandatory disclosures. I would have to change careers. I don't even have the "Privilege" of smoking weed since I am subject to drug testing.
  9. Yeah, pretty much sums it up. Most players will go where they get paid the most guaranteed. Most of the better FAs are overpaid by the new team, Michael Johnson being a good example. A lot of players move around in FA. Only a handful have the ability and stockpile of money already earned to take less at a "Winner". For every Peyton Manning there are 50 Mike Glennons.
  10. The average black kid would have paid a horrible price for hitting a white girl, the Super Star running back in a football crazed state did not. Same reason Jonny Football got away with everything at Texas A&M to include selling autographs for money.
  11. No, its the perfect example of how fans look completely away from behavior that would get the average student put in jail but protects athletes at any age just as long as the perp is good at football or basketball. It's the same mindset that allowed Baylor athletes to sexually assault numerous coeds until it all came crashing down. Unless there is a dog involved (Vick) or your skills have deteriorated (Rice) a high end athlete still in his prime can do just about anything (Adrian Peterson, Ray Lewis, Pacman) short of murder (Hernandez) and still be welcomed back by adoring fans.
  12. Well your FATHER raised you to think punching a girl in the face was alright if she pushed you hard. Nope, your the guy that makes the police report Saturday Nights after their wife yells at them and they DEFEND themselves. If you think that little girl was hurting poor little ole Joe Mixon then you have never been in a scrap or put the gloves on and gone a few rounds. Sorry, large powerful MEN don't punch little girls in the face and those who do have no Honor.
  13. 125 lb grown ass woman. Give me a fucking break. Since you don't have daughters, quit embarrassing yourself by acting like you know anything about them. Sorry, grown ass 200 lb plus men don't punch little girls in the face. Don't breed, you don't understand what being a man and father is all about.
  14. She was a tiny little girl who weighed 125 lbs. He is an elite athlete weighing over 200. He didn't overdue anything, he broke her face in 4 places. You fucking idiots should never have daughters.
  15. Talk about moving on up! Denver is great organization.