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  1. As long as it is a remarked change from how our LB corps w/execution to burdock has been an embarrassing joke, I'm willing to see how that Milner guy turns out Sent from my iPod touch using Go-Bengals.com
  2. So what is the lowdown on minter? How is he such a good signing, despite the age? I'm just curious. Sent from my iPod touch using Go-Bengals.com
  3. Holy shit Amish...im just amazed that you actually did the math and scenarios that could give the bengals a sixth consecutive playoff berth Props to you sir[emoji41] Sent from my iPod touch using Go-Bengals.com
  4. About damn time. Sent from my iPod touch using Go-Bengals.com
  5. The only way that will really happen if if either Mike Brown dies, or someone else buys the Bengals and then move them to San Antonio...
  6. We are damned if we do, damned if we don't--knowing us, if--and that is a HUGE IF--Marvin actually gets canned, or 'resigns a la Cowher', you know the team's gonna be gutted. New head wants his own player, his own coaches, his own philosophy and that Takes time from both Dalton, Geno, Dunlap and A.J Green in their prime years before things go south. The only way it works if the change is gradual, sure, get a new coach, but understand that the cupboard is not bare. There is enough talent there, that if you can get the players do what they do best, the improvement would be immense. I have to use Stafford as an example and how he's played ever since that Jim Bob Cooter fella became the Lions OC, never mind that MegaTron decided to retire (probably got tired of playing and not really having any shot at the second round of the playoffs, much less a championship game nor a Superbowl). You may have driven a stick shift car for years and years, and for the most part it's just okay. But then you actually take some advice and become more advance in handling that stick. The car runs better as a result. It may not be immense, but it's noticable. Second thing, why are we play so much cover all the time??? If I looked last, it seems like a lot of our secondary guys are good with press and man to man, I don't understand why a bunch of cover guys that specialize in physical coverage now have to play all this soft zones, and it doesn't help that the LBs are garbage in coverage. Our season's shot anyway, I just hope that it's not a complete clusterfuck--though I really feel that there is gonna be a dead cat bounce this year...
  7. The way it's now saying, Ben's injury is more of a tear than just a trim, hence the 4-6 weeks. Seems like it was worse than anticipated. Get well and recover Big Ben, just don't try to be Superman (though as a Bengals fan I would like to see that happen) Bengals, here's your mulligan: even though team's been playing below average, so has the other teams, so we are still in the thick of things. We need to take advantage of what we have now and pounce on it.
  8. I hardly watch the Reds, since I see the Nationals more, but at least there's a silver lining for this season, well two: The Cardinals are sitting at home just like us (same as the Yanks, but's that a different hate), and that stupidly high draft pick. And that it's over.... I still think the Giants are gonna make a run and that starts with that NL Wild Card Game. Sucks that Cueto left for the money, but can't blame him: a $125 million (roughly if I remember correctly) to play for the Giants after winning a ring with the Royals, and it seems that he's as good as he was in Cincinnati. Plus, it's an even year, if you actually believe in that...
  9. Yeah, that. Jamie, I think you gotta explain your last post. That went a bit over my head as well--unless that has something related to that Marshall Faulk Bengals bias thing...And it seems like I'm not the only one that is a bit confused with it.
  10. The only thing that I'm seen as a good thing is that Pisspuke got destroyed by the Eagles, so every day does have its silver lining...everything else is shit. Appreciated that they decided to stay with the running game, but seriously once again we let a new wet-behind-the-ears starter look like the second coming of any elite Hall-of-Fame QB that you choose to use. Our secondary got scorched, not just burned--SCORCHED....and apparently thanks to what's supposed to be our #1 corner loooking like he shouldn't even be on the practice squad let alone a starter. And once again it seemed that the general idea is 'control AJ, and everything else is cake'. I know it's hindsight, especially after seeing Marvin Jones go to town on the Packers (I'm starting to wish the Bengals put up the scratch to keep him instead of letting him walk), but it's getting ridiculous. If having Eifert out is that much of a detriment to our passing game, we have more fucked up problems than we thought. and they better need to be fixed quick.
  11. What in the hell are y'all talking about with bitches and trash???? I don't get the joke at all... Sent from my iPod touch using Go-Bengals.com
  12. Those look hella good. Even got the block numerals instead of the ones we usually have. I like our orange alternatives but after seeing these, I wouldn't mind having those as an alternate. Surprised that apparently we're wearing white, and apparently we're at home. What are we, the Cowboys??
  13. No offense, but is isn't you actually posting to this thread, even one that says that you are pretty much on a fast for anything Bengals until Week 2 is over, kinda contradictory to what you're vowing? Just an observation...please don't take it the wrong way...
  14. Off topic, but somewhat relevent to the topic since it's about Week 1, but according to Bengals.com, it looks like Pacman got one of those "Captain" badges on jersey via his teammates, first time in his career he was voted a captain. Pac, Big Whit, the Red Rifle, Peko, and Vinny Rey have them this year. Surprisingly Michael Johnson (former #93, currently #90) also got the Captain badge as well, though honestly I fail to see why he got it and someone like Geno, Carlos, or AJ Green don't have them... Just an opinion. Here's the link :http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Hits-Lewis-nearly-all-hands-on-deck-Teammates-give-nod-to-Jones-Dawson-unclaimed/77d022e1-398a-4cac-9d20-5556036e24d4
  15. OK, but I just want to clarify my post: yes, I want for the team to be enthusiastic, but when it's there. And with your response to passing the ball, with teams like NE and Pittsburgh, where getting into a shootout could be a good possibility at times, sure lean on the pass if that is the best way, but I've always wanted for a team to be balanced, and when it comes to running, I want the team to really stick to it. It just seemed too many times to me that the Bengals abandon the running game because there hasn't been a couple of breakout runs (10+ yards or more) which puts more pressure on Dalton. And even though Dalton has shown that he's able to withstand it, I just feel better that there is a running game behind it as well. I don't care how good a defense can be, if both parts of the offense are on, a defense doesn't stand a good chance. Other than that I agree with you.