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  1. I'm with you for the most part, but I'd put OJ Howard at the front because of his run blocking skills.
  2. LT and RT are not interchangeable. CO is more suited to play the left side. He needs to get stronger and bigger and that's what I'd expect this year.
  3. ......or...... They want that AJ "Way Better Than Dalton" McCarron! Edit ----> M c C o o t er
  4. Jason La Canforaā€¸Verified account @JasonLaCanfora 2m2 minutes ago More Bengals, who lost a lot of talent a year ago and fear another purge, focused on trying to keep CB Dre Kirkpatrick. Strong $$ on the table
  5. If you were Marvin and on the "hot seat" would you make the choice of who to bring back based on next year?
  6. Once again, Carson Palmer can go fuck himself. He ruined fandom for Bengals fans. It wasn't because he is the best ever. It wasn't because he won multiple Superbowls and MVP's. It's because while he was a Bengal, Bengal's fans could say they had a "top 5 QB". It wasn't because of stats or performance, it was because the national media agreed he was. That's all that matters to some fans. Dalton will always be a failure even if he puts up numbers Palmer wishes he did, because the talking dickheads at ESPN say so. Arguments involving stats or film are quickly dismissed as defending because no matter how right you are, until some piss towel waiving douche can hear ESPN say Dalton is elite, clearly he's not. It's like an entire fan base of uncle Rico's longing for the old days even though those old days weren't as good as they remember. So fuck you Carson Palmer you quitter fuck.
  7. The dive at the knees was because of a pump fake. They had been having success with their bigger TE's and 55 was trying to hit him before he could run. It looked awkward but it was just poor execution. The stomp was probably on purpose but was the culmination of the Pats taunting and the Bengals having hurt feelings. They didn't have to score that last TD. They could have just ran clock, but they tried to score and no doubt were telling the Bengals they were going to do it. It was a stupid retaliation for a retaliation for a retaliation.
  8. I'm with ya.
  9. I will not be boycotting NFL games because someone kneels during the anthem. There are a plethora of reasons, but the most important is the fact that freedom doesn't need me to stand up for it. This country and the freedoms it represents are not going to dissolve because someone took a knee.
  10. Isn't that what protesting does? The only way a protest doesn't work is if people ignore it.
  11. Bill Cowher is a douche. It's science. Sam Wyche is my favorite. He told the turds off in the most epic way possible.
  12. Burdock poked his "i" out and jammed a hoe up in there. He learned that move from Oscar Robinson back in the 70's.
  13. I hear Niger Bulkhead was Burdock's roomate in college. Those two got into some serious tomfoolery.
  14. I will say Slash was amazing
  15. I went and it was pretty awesome. My memory is a little fuzzy but I don't remember them saying anything about it being in the Jungle. I think they played the same set as other cities too. The music and the reunion with the drummer were really cool, but the sound at times was horrible and axel was pretty quiet and winded. It was awkward. I've been to a ton of concerts in my life and rarely have I ever hear less conversation between songs or narration of a show. The songs were good, but my first thought was like you that seeing them in the jungle was gonna kick ass but it just wasn't that big of a deal. also I sat in the club section and it was pretty freakin nice. Got to go inside to pee and get beer. Padded seats. Victory.