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  1. Is this the Andy Dalton thread to carry us through the offseason? Time will tell!
  2. This is good news considering we could use both, Father O'Brown's continued attempts at Redemption of Pacman aside.
  3. Poor, poor Nick. We hardly knew ye or whatever [insert rehash of our OL being closer to mediocre than terrible here]
  4. I don't believe there are any concrete plans to impeach but I think he's going to force the issue. Moby tho
  5. Everyone but the Browns, apparently, and they've got Huegenius so who knows
  6. No, that's you trying to reduce the argument to absurdity. Dalton had equal or better (much better in the case of turnovers) numbers than Newton or, in fact, most other QB's. You're trying to prop up your BS with team stats. Then you focus on a single category - completion percentage - and make a strawman argument claiming it means best % = best QB like that's not one of several stats in which Newton was lacking. So again, nobody has made that claim but you. This would be just as dumb as me saying that since you keep coming back to a SB win, that must make Big Jen's 22.6 QBR in the SB an amazing performance because his team ended up winning. Which, I mean, who really gives a shit what you think about it because at the end of the day, you're obviously just here to troll. You think the team sucks, you continually argue the point of how much they suck, yet are a regular on what is (ostensibly at least) a Bengals fan forum. To what purpose? Most people don't make a habit of seeking out fans of trivial things they don't enjoy and trying to argue the point ad nauseum. That's nothing but trolling. So congratulation I guess, you've baited me into trying to debate something that's patently fucking ridiculous by doubling down on a statement that was laughable to begin with. I'd suggest you run along to a forum for the Panthers or Broncos or Pats or whatever team it is that you actually like, but once again we both know that's not what you're after. I've entertained this idiocy long enough.
  7. Won the same number of games One more passing & rushing TD than Dalton 14 interceptions (!), 5 fumbles and 36 sacks (!!). Those numbers don't support your BS though so I suppose they are meaningless like completion percentage. Uh, he didn't say that, you did. Strawman harder, Mr. Credibility.
  8. What concerns me is that they seem to have bought into the BS about having a great pass-blocking group rather than a great short-to-intermediate passing offense that's covered for a struggling OL. Their rushing numbers have been shit for a long time and then they started lining up Hill without a lead blocker despite carrying a talented pure FB on the roster. I know I keep coming back to this but it's at least as much the coaching as the players & the depth chart is a much easier fix.
  9. Any idea why this was announced early? I suspect one of the cash cows has a trade in the works and wanted to know if they have a draft pick to spare.
  10. Or keep Zeitler and add Mangold. Or continue to treat the guard position as an afterthought like our interior OL wasn't getting destroyed through most of the season & costing us games. That's also an option.
  11. Rather objective, except for when it's not. "The QB situation" is that theirs had a completion percentage just over 50%, almost as many turnovers as TD's, threw for about 800 less yards than AD and had an overall QB rating about 15 points lower. But Cam Newton is a better QB in your mind because, well.. jersey sales I guess? I'm really not trying to change your opinion here but objectively you seem to think the team you're a fan of sucks. That's kind of weird.