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  1. This '17 QB class is suspect, I'm a little surprised he hasn't been dealt by now.
  2. Maybe they're waiting for another vet CB to get cut elsewhere? I hope they see him as replaceable at least.
  3. Getting carted off during the WC game for a shoulder injury then coming back out to finish the game 5 minutes later.. The best is when he rubs his arm or whatever's supposed to be innnjured after he makes a bad read.
  4. No, they seem determined to carry this fool through what is likely to be a lengthy suspension, being this is like his 9th strike.
  5. Not like he's a shit QB for it but I do wonder what his numbers would look like if refs enforced the "in the grasp" rule for QB's. He makes a lot of plays off defenders trying to avoid a flag. In a different era he'd be getting de-cleated. In a different era he would've been strung up for being a rapist though so there's that.
  6. More money/more attention. Ugliest diva ever. I bet he has a snapchat full of workout selfies & inspirational quotes.
  7. This team could use more of his work ethic, that's for sure.
  8. Far be it from me to tell a man what to do in the privacy of his own home but I'd keep those well away from any sensitive areas.
  9. Say what you want but he never played soft. He might hit the wrong hole but he was hitting. Didn't miss many starts either.
  10. That'd be interesting. Huh? You can get all "those guys" later. Particularly if that's Where do you think Foster goes? All I'm saying is the difference between 9 and more like 14 is pretty hazy. I'd bet it even varies from club to club right up until they're on the clock.
  11. Wouldn't hurt my feelings any
  12. Not sold on Ross either but I get a sort of Vernon Davis vibe from Howard. World-class talent and inconsistent production. For as little as he was targeted I think he's going to take some time to adjust to the pro game and that's not worth a top-10 pick IMO.
  13. Nobody injured, nobody that hasn't played many years of football, and nobody with a rap sheet. And yes I fully expect us to check at least 2 out of 3 of those boxes before the draft is over.