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  1. Thought it was just me.. hrm. Just taking longer to post, everything else seems about normal
  2. ^ that worked perfectly! think he gave up 3 hits today
  3. Woohoo! Arroyo and his 8.4 ERA on the mound, ready to serve up his BP "fastball" Taking a page from the Bengals with that joke of a FA signing. Literally the worst pitcher on the roster right now.
  4. That was my problem with the show from the beginning, FWIW. That & the amount of time dedicated to split-screened cellphone conversations.
  5. but they can't. 5-5 tie game. Lorenzen was clearly struggs but they left him in
  6. I'm no psychiatician but that'd fit with the whole messiah complex thing, wouldn't it? The more isolated his decisions make him the more he gets to feel like a martyr.
  7. Getting back on track if the bullpen can hold it together
  8. It's what they call a "functional alcoholic" - there's a level of addiction where what would get the average person shitfaced is just maintenance level for them, what they need to avoid withdrawal symptoms. I've worked around a couple of ppl like that & while there are signs, obvious drunkenness isn't one of them.
  9. IIRC dude was a bit of a pariah when he signed here. No question he came with considerable baggage.
  10. Zero interest in drafting more injured players.
  11. I assume they think they're getting more "athletic" types that can more quickly reach the 2nd level &tc. The problem IMO is that Alexander thinks technique=ability.
  12. *didn't identify as a man So Hernandez is technically innocent? #teamslikethePatriots
  13. Should that make me more or less confident in the move? They can list him as a WR if they want but I think it's clear he's an insurance policy at RT. They brought him back to cover for the guy they hand-picked to replace him - that doesn't help their credibility much.
  14. Doubt they screw us again with the 7/10 or whatever it was on the road to open the season, so that's.. something parity league, protect the blah blah