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  1. The POTUS apparently thinks he's being watched by his microwave. What a country!
  2. Take it you're not in the Cincinnati area? Thought about getting it but the blackout rules make it kind of pointless.
  3. Technically, all travelers are time-travelers. Just not in the direction that interests science fiction.
  4. Somebody got that loud
  5. No, not Pacman. The Bengals aren't one of those teams that gets to harbor fuck-ups while the ESPNFL makes excuses for them. It's not fair to the other 50-some guys on the roster that aren't out finding new and creative ways to get arrested. Points to the lack of accountability that's come to define the franchise as of late. Taking KMW's trolling of you seriously. Comparing the 2 is a little overdramatic.
  6. Yeah I think you're right about that, but I can't shake the feeling that there will be a defensive player there that's just as good. Full disclosure, however; for one I think the draft is beyond overhyped and that 1-2 spots in draft position, hell 1-2 rounds in most cases, don't have much to do with whether Player A is any better than Player B. I also suspect the Bengals over-value offensive skill guys because we want to throw the ball 40 times a game. I used to blame the OC's but I think it's coming from above them. Point being, I've watched a UDFA become arguably the best player on our defense & I've seen a bunch of top draft picks struggle to be average. There's a good chance that some no-name WR taken in the 4th round ends up having a better career than either Williams or Ross, so I guess I'm kind of like.. whatever? At the end of the day. I think MB's influence on the draft board definitely, er, clouds the picture to put it nicely. IDK if we're drafting someone because they're hands down the best player or if maybe they volunteer at a soup kitchen. Sorry to sound so apathetic but when I have no faith in the coaches it's hard to get excited about the roster. I only hope they avoid projects, injured players, and guys MB wants to "redeem" for Good Boy Points and get some prospective solid football players. Until they show up on the field they're just a bunch of names to me. Nobody knows if Ross or Williams or Leon Sandcastle from East Omaha Tech is a better player until they start lining up on Sundays, regardless of how much Mel Kiper or whoever might huff and puff.
  7. What do I think? I think you're taking this bs a bit too seriously, since you asked.
  8. Sheeeeit... Against the future Assistant VP of Marketing at Alumni Boosters Inc, maybe.
  9. Well, sacks are a lot less ambiguous than pressures as far as that goes. I don't think it's simply throwing the ball faster - it's having an offense built around it. You'll notice most of our deep shots come off PA or some other kind of bootleg/moving-pociket play? They don't trust the OL to protect long enough for deep routes to develop otherwise. At least, that's my interpretation. Also, and I've said this before, when an offense is consistently rated in the low 20's or worse in YPC rushing, you simply don't have a good offensive line. I don't believe in a great pass-blocking OL that sucks at run blocking. They should be at least average.
  10. I sometimes have difficulty telling the difference between "advanced analytics" and pulling stats out of one's ass. Forgive me. How would you explain it then? I don't think losing Andre Smith made "a great pass-blocking OL" suddenly give up 41 sacks. Either Andre is one of the greatest RT's to ever play the game, or the OL was grossly overrated.
  11. I'd call it miraculous with lesser LB's making around $10MM/y themselves. IDK about Minter but I would expect Burfict will want a raise.
  12. Eh, that's if you're under the belief that "pressure rating" is a legitimately quantifiable stat worth building a lengthy argument around. If anyone wants to believe we have or had a great pass-blocking OL in a scheme that didn't ask them to do much more than slow the pass rush for a fraction of a second, that's on them. I won't be the one making that argument as it doesn't seem very realistic.
  13. I've got ABP off for now but would still rather have an annual pledge drive.. maybe with fabulous prizes why not (\/) (°,,,°) (\/) In fact why isn't there a line of non-NFL-copyright-infringing GB.com merch? PMing you a link to order custom-printed tiger stripe beer koozies
  14. I see him taking a year to develop, just seems raw
  15. Not sold on Howard, I don't think he's capable of starting week 1 and that's the expectation of a top 10 draft pick IMO. Hopefully they don't have to, but they should have it in them.
  16. I think some of these offensive skill guys are overrated right now. Bunch of dudes that jumped up from workout numbers & I'm also not convinced of an early run on defense by the time draft day rolls around. Someone may want a QB bad enough to trade up.
  17. I am fine with Uzomah/Kroft if that's how it shakes out.. Eifert (& Gio) are both ???, look at them about the same as draft picks right now. Maybe they can play, maybe not. If they take a RB/TE other than Howard/Fournette in the top rounds I'd suspect one of our guys is struggling in rehab or worse. I still think there will be a defensive player at 9 that grades. The game is being called for the offense, though, so maybe the smart investment is WR/TE. Most teams aren't allowed to have a hard-hitting defense. I guess 13-7 sucks to watch if you're a filthy casual, IDK.
  18. See, I thought being a Bengals fan required an unwavering expectation of failure & disappointment with a side of self-pity. For real the team does play like they're waiting for the other shoe to drop. No matter how well they're doing they still seem nervous. I do think a lot of that is coming from the stands, but not only. Another area where the HC needs to be a wall around the players, like vs the refs. Clap-clap-clap ain't it. That negative realistic enough for ya?
  19. Late road game on the wc against a team basically playing at home.. Knew it was over when a phantom foul ended up giving UCLA the lead.
  20. I took it as heavy sarcasm. Whole team needs an attitude adjustment, far as that goes.
  21. Maybe? Maybe it's not "anyone being critical", but the same people criticizing everything? Maybe regulars like us often have a history with other posters that makes it difficult to objectively judge their posts on their own merits, myself included.
  22. Except for when they don't. Besides which, Brown lowered his head. Is Burfict expected to defy the laws of physics somehow? Besides which, I thought it was obvious from the announcer's commentary before the game even started that they knew Burfict was under a microscope. I still think Goodell had pinned a target on him. And fuck yes it was a flop. You don't throw your arms up like that if you're knocked out. They called a crossing route at the edge of FG range knowing there'd be contact and knowing he could flail and draw a flag. I blame the NFL's vague ruleset as much as Shitsburgh, who I suspect don't know how not to cheat at this point. The 2nd foul was for dumbass Pacman making contact with a ref, but those same refs are the ones who let the game get out of hand in the first place. Then we get those same refs next season against the same team in a game conveniently scheduled during Burfict's suspension? Embarrassing.