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  1. Barnett has a very good 3 cone drill. Watt and Thomas really check the boxes.
  2. Big titty smitty back to man the right side.
  3. Some Peter Boulware versatility to his game. Not sure how I'd feel passing up Foster for him, but his versatility is very intriguing. Curious how Foster moves during his pro-day.
  4. Once they do, and I am assuming they will having 10 picks in the top 100 over the next two drafts, paired with that offensive line, and a defense with Myles Garrett/Jamie Collins. Hard to believe they will be in the cellar that much longer. Would be fairly depressing if Hue gets a playoff win before Marvin.
  5. Dansby to Arizona.
  6. Thank goodness. If we lost all three, it would have been a nightmare. Might just be time to build the defense into a powerhouse.
  7. The Browns are going to turn it around here soon.
  8. Even the Ravens are saying fuck the compensatory system and going for it. This is kind of depressing. I expected it, but I didn't expect to see the Ravens add Woodhead/Jefferson and the Stealers being in on some of the bigger corners while we sit in the corner with our thumb in our ass.
  9. Browns just gave 10 million AAV to Bitino and 12 AAV to Zeitler. Bengals should probably realize they are going to have to start paying their guards.
  10. I'd have a very, very hard time seeing them use a first rounder after giving LaFell 5 million a year even they're the top on the board. Much more likely to see if Core and a mid-round guy pan out over the next few years.
  11. Have to imagine this takes 1st round receiver off the board. Was semi-hoping for Davis, but I'd bet there is some speed taken somewhere between round 2-4.
  12. Two year deal. Jim Owczarski‏Verified account @JimOwczarski 5m5 minutes ago More #Bengals will re-sign WR Brandon LaFell to a two-year deal, The Enquirer had learned.
  13. Torrey Smith is intriguing. Not sure what his market will be like, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Ravens get involved.
  14. Damn. John Ross probably puts himself up there with that run.