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  1. Hard not to be really excited over Amir Garrett.
  2. I think you absolutely give him a second contract. I wouldn't go any further than that. He played 15 games his rookie season and 13 in his big year. I think his second year injury was super flukey. The back would give me pause, but if he shows well this year, you can always tag him and try to get him slightly under what the top guys are demanding hoping he jumps on it. If he doesn't, let him play out the tag year and you have the option of tagging him again if needed.
  3. Don't think I've ever had one I didn't like. Would love to check their place out sometime soon.
  4. Got me a bomber of Kentucky Breakfast Stout. Pretty excited to get after it this evening. Although, that's like 12 hours away still.... Going to be a long day.
  5. Disco got placed on 60 day at the start of the season. He probably isn't coming back until the half-way point. I've watched more baseball this year than I have last year. The young guys are fun to watch. I personally just think they are off to a hot start and they will cool down, but I saw some stat that said they are over .500 by a game since an arbitrary date in July.
  6. Any one of those three Bama boys would be fine by me. Really hoping one of those safeties drop, though.
  7. Duvall raking.
  8. If I had to guess, it will be Iglesias since he has the best stuff. Just bugs me that we can't stretch these cuban guys with good stuff out and put them in the rotation. They could make soooooo much more money. Lorenzen probably gets some run out there as well at some point.
  9. Amir is a future stud.
  10. Who was going to take Osweiler on after the Texans had to spend a 2nd rounder just to dump him? It was pretty clear the Browns were taking him since they had the cap space and going to drop him/give him a tryout.
  11. What does 6'6 have to do with anything? There are a lot of tall receivers in the NFL. There are a lot of tall cornerbacks and safeties now. Linebackers are getting faster every year. Just because he is big doesn't mean he can go down the boundaries and catch a football on the sidelines. Is he quick enough in and out of breaks? If he could, I'm guessing that he would have been used that way in college like they used Julio Jones. I won't be mad if they select OJ Howard, I just don't think he is bringing a bunch of matchup issues. If they want to run a two tight end set, they need to have an in-line tight end and a move tight end. Tyler Eifert doesn't block well enough to be an in-line tight end and we want to use a #9 pick on a guy who is going to be running routes similar to what Jermaine Gresham ran when he was here? Probably not. I'd rather find a receiver that will force teams to run a cover two. That will open up mismatches more than watching the Bengals turn OJ Howard into an H-back until they let Eifert walk.
  12. I'm guessing if OJ was fluid enough or as fluid as an oversized receiver, he would have played receiver at Bama. I just don't think that he solves the issue of teams running a single high safety against us. I think they'd be better suited taking a receiver that has experience playing on the boundary and figuring out how to utilize both Uzomah and Eifert at the same time if they want to present some matchup problems.
  13. Wouldn't a two tight end set eliminate the slot receiver from being on the field? Doesn't seem like they want Boyd to be a split end or flanker in the base offense.
  14. I don't think they are going to approach 80 wins. Especially with Disco possibly being shelved. Probably a long year with a bunch of young guys starting to get some experience.