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  1. I watched a lot of tape on this kid and he is great. Mike Mayock voice
  2. I agree. Dude loves the team and the city. Not sure why he's hated on. He's one of my favorite Bengals players.
  3. We are going to be as bad so it could be 2 picks in the top 5
  4. They kept us happy. They signed 2 free agents.
  5. I bet all the money in the world they won't trade McCaron and let him walk for free need season.
  6. Zeitler is getting offers from Browns and Saints.
  7. This piece of shit is the biggest waste of a roster spot tweeting.
  8. I don't give a fuck if Whit comes back. Ib rather focus our energy on bringing back Zeitler and Dre.
  9. Brandon Marshall only cost one more million than Lafell
  10. YESSS, but I think it might be time to switch from Ford. He's too old for the roll.
  11. I have an inside source that told me some big news. Wish I could tell you guys but you're gonna have to wait till TOMORROW!
  12. Who would you compare him to?
  13. If these are true, I want Corey Davis WR and S Jamal Adams