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  1. Well, it wasn't just real fast, it was the fastest recorded time ever. It was HISTORICALLY fast. Just saying.
  2. Thanks Rey for being an enjoyable part of my entertainment.
  3. Actually, it was first used by cube when he was in NWA. He just pulled it back in the Movie " Friday".
  4. Come on, Bro, that's the ridiculous Bullshit I was talking about. EVERYBODY that makes a living evaluating NFL talent says he's a first round talent, but you in your infinite Amateur talent evaluating skills, think the professionals are dimwitted, and only you know the truth. Now, they are not infallible, but they would tell you that, whereas, you will simply double down on your opinion. It's like if I was looking for information in the field you're a professional in, I would respect your opinion much more, than someone who has only a peripheral knowledge of the industry.
  5. I'm always amazed at how so many want to pick a player they want us to select, and then denigrate any other player and any other poster that says anyone else is worthy. I believe both Foster and Reddick are 1st rd picks, I think both have shown on the field that they are exceptional players, albeit in different ways, and I think both could either be great or not. Yes, we never know if Alabama players are as reflective of their individual talent or the overall talent of the combined program, not do we know whether the Individual talent by a smaller school guy is reflective of his ability or more the result of playing against players that do not have the same upside. Too many want to make judgements about guys now, and continue it throughout their career. Can't we just root for the guys on our team to continually improve, and not let our "initial decision" cloud our continued views?
  6. Actually, the grownups are somewhere else. And couldn't you and your ilk just go to whodey revolution?
  7. I just heard a teeny, teeny, weeny violin playing.
  8. Looks like that unlike most of you, Whit is betting on Ced.
  9. Must have struck a nerve. Do you starch your sheets? Don't worry, Mods, I'm done with this one.
  10. Come on, Bro. He is articulate. An ass, but articulate.
  11. You haven't been on here long enough to call me racist. Go back to the kids table. And by the way, I'll admit I'm racist, it's you fuckers who continually try to say you're not.
  12. At least we'll get to see a great white hope in his natural environment.
  13. Probably a good guess.