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  1. He did.
  2. With as much Knob Slobbin' that you give #allthingspatriots, why aren't you a fan of them? You'd be Happier, and I'm sure a lot of us would be, too!
  3. You should.
  4. You know it's harder to fire folks when you are losing them to promotions to higher positions. In the last five years, we've had two guys leave to be D-Cords, and three to be head coaches, plus we've turned almost every coaching position on the D side, as well as WRs, RBs, and QB in the last 5 or 6 years. I wonder how many of you would like to work somewhere with the pressure of being fired over your head, the way you want it hanging over someone else's?
  5. They fired their DC midway through the season, they just waited until the end to announce it. Quinn took over calling all of the defensive plays after the 7th or 8th game of the season. But, hey, Bengals suck, right?
  6. Regardless, He'll make more next year than most of you will in your life. Quit hatin'.
  7. Bro, when that car right in front of you gets T-boned, we both cry out. I say "Oh, Jesus" and you say "Oh, Shit". We're both calling for divine providence, yours just stinks a little more.
  8. And anyone that thinks they only deflated balls in one game has no synapses firing.
  9. Good idea, although I would do it against teams outside of the Division. Almost every high school does it.
  10. A lot of "authority figures" don't deserve respect.
  11. I don't have a bunch of people that don't know my Job or what my actual objectives of expectations trying to bitch about them, so it really doesn't matter, now does it?
  12. If you were his boss, then you could set his objectives, but since you're not, explain to me why your bitching about "objectives and expectations" have any validity?
  13. That is ignorance personified. You show me a man that does not believe, regardless of his history, that he is unqualified to do the job he has, and I will show you an absolute loser. A true man may get fired, but he never quits! If you don't understand that, then you must be a quitter, too!