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  1. Attacking is such a subjective term.... am I cornered... is she threatening me or hitting me with something... From the video Mixon could have and should have just walked away... all of this being considered... Mixon was 18 years old... that doesn't make it right but he has not been a habitual woman beating piece of shit... he made a mistake. If he has learned from it and is truly sorry about it, I have no problem with the Bengals drafting him... Should he be written off for life because of a mistake he made when he was 18?
  2. Maybe we can get a Melvin Tuten type in round 7 to not develop and he can play LT!
  3. I have seen this show before... keeping Bodine at C when he ends pushed behind the QB on a lot of running plays is a terrible idea... Losing a top rated LG and LT and moving a swinging gate from RT to LT will lead to disaster....
  4. I am seriously pissed..... after sneaking in a ticket hike making my season tickets cost the same as usual for one less game last year... then cancelling my "special" training camp practice for being a club seat season ticket holder right when we get there because of a little rain after driving for 2 hours to get there.. then letting top talent walk last year and now this year...and flat out lying about how much cap space there is... the bengals are within inches of losing my business for season tickets... I have seriously just about had it. i am not paying 3400 a year for two seats to watch a shit team.... message to the Bengals: get your head out of your fucking ass or lose my business
  5. Bull fucking horse shit! Try more like 35 million.....
  6. Thank god...but we are still way worse of then when we started the day...
  7. .....and here we sit on the sidelines while the team is picked apart in free agency for the second year.
  8. I can't believe I just paid to renew my season tickets.... in all truthfulness, if this team takes another step back this year I am done with my season tickets... it has gotten too expensive to watch a garbage team. Marv.... Mike.... Katie... Duke.... who the fuck ever... start making some fucking moves or lose my money in season tickets. I will be content watching this garbage from my couch.
  9. Makes too much sense.... won't happen....
  10. Was outplayed in almost every category by Ohio States safety.... only real reason he got huge headlines was his return ability... has Devin Hester written all over him.....
  11. Now Mangold will never be Lavar Arrington
  12. I will be nearing the end of my life by then and won't give a fuck... so I am not going to give a fuck about it now... i am way more worried about who the offensive line is going to be in 2017....
  13. Has it been confirmed that we AJ for 2 more years?
  14. Personally... I am leaning towards Dalvin Cook... he could be our game changing running back we have needed for a while now...
  15. When I first made the statement that the 2016 Bengals are in the same position that 2015 Falcons were it wasn't a broad statement that the Bengals and Falcons do business the same... It was a statement that the cupboard is not bare... there is a ton of talent and if the Bengals fill a couple of key holes (C,RT,LB) we could very easily be sitting where they are this time next year...