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  1. Now Mangold will never be Lavar Arrington
  2. I will be nearing the end of my life by then and won't give a fuck... so I am not going to give a fuck about it now... i am way more worried about who the offensive line is going to be in 2017....
  3. Has it been confirmed that we AJ for 2 more years?
  4. Personally... I am leaning towards Dalvin Cook... he could be our game changing running back we have needed for a while now...
  5. When I first made the statement that the 2016 Bengals are in the same position that 2015 Falcons were it wasn't a broad statement that the Bengals and Falcons do business the same... It was a statement that the cupboard is not bare... there is a ton of talent and if the Bengals fill a couple of key holes (C,RT,LB) we could very easily be sitting where they are this time next year...
  6. I truly believe the 2016 Bengals mirror the 2015 Falcons... A talented team that was hamstrung by some injuries and poor offensive line play. The Falcons signed Alex Mack... got healthy... had a good draft and look at them now.. The Bengals have a talented team... this offseason is crucial The cupboard is by no means bare... add Jackson and Billings to the D... further development of Boyd, Core and Erickson... add an offensive lineman or 2 and we are in business....
  7. I saw a mock draft I really liked Round 1: Cam Robinson OT Alabama Round 2: Jarrad Davis LB Florida Fills 2 immediate needs
  8. I mean like even the media is involved....
  9. Is it possible they are not investigating this like they should because it would take down too many people?
  10. The important point to note.... Is now that the election is over all the Facebook memes and all the abortion rhetoric is gone.... so if you voted for someone based on abortion alone you wasted your vote.... neither side wants to really change the law... they just want you to think they do to get your vote.
  11. Sounds like he was looking for someone.... possibly his woman or something?
  12. Basically said Cedric can be fixed.... not much else... Marvin works way harder than people realize.... that's about it
  13. I will be the first to rip the Bengals for being cheap but they have in years past paid performance bonuses that were almost met but not quite... Kitna specifically comes to mind.
  14. Not all... they all are a pain in the ass but having NFL on Thursday...Sunday....Sunday Night, Monday night... college football on Thursday night and Saturday... sometimes Friday... they have diluted the market.... it use to be special if a football game was on no matter who was playing. Now it's just another game.. Thursday would be the easiest solution to get rid of..... the short week.... quality of matchups usually sucks... quality of play is substandard from the short week.