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  1. What about all the time-travelling assassins?
  2. Sorry, man.
  3. this pleases me. If we lose as many o-linemen as it seems, we need help there waaaaaay more than at hands.
  4. where is the Bear Jew when you need him?
  5. That will make any brown person think twice about crossing trump. Which was probably the intent.
  6. Like a smelly fart, this thread keeps rising to the top.
  7. DGAF what palmer is up to.
  8. I was thinking 2nd rounder? Maybe we should use that one on a punter, though.
  9. Yeah, we should use a high draft pick on a kicker.
  10. Can we get back to whining about Marvin Lewis instead of each other?
  11. AFC Northeast and Atlantic should switch members/names.
  12. Saw Passengers last night. Girlfriend said:
  13. half way there...
  14. Is it too late to abort a fetus in the 283rd trimester?
  15. I'm pretty sure it's back to AFC vs NFC this year. Still a shitshow of course.
  16. Rodgers is so unconcerned about the pass rush he didn't fasten his chin strap, lol.
  17. I thought Seattle were being dickbags during the victory formation.
  18. A replay would have been nice.
  19. Was his back not on the ground when the ball got ripped out?
  20. Not saying right or wrong, but this is what happens when a hometown actually likes their football team.
  21. Please rewrite for clarity.
  22. you have more faith in them than I do.