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  1. Who cares. He is more productive than most other #2 WRs in the league. That is all that matters. Why do you work so hard to find something to whimper about? You seem to really love being a whiny bitch.
  2. Garrett is a physical freak so he will go higher in the draft than Burnette, but Burnette is a natural football player who just makes plays.
  3. I think Shawn and George are locked in this year. Williams only makes 3.8 million and we would have 1.6 dead money if we released him. He doesn't make over 4 million a year until the last year of his deal (2020).
  4. Vigil was just a rookie last year, so I have hope that he will develop into a solid starter, but the rest of those guys have been around a year or two. They are not suddenly going to make big leaps in development.
  5. Of course you can always look at it this way. But if you do I hope a rat bites you on the dick also.
  6. It works both ways. Some free agents will see their leverage increase after the draft if the team does not select a player at their position while some other players will see their leverage drop because a player is drafted to fill their position.
  7. This illustrates a problem many Bengal fans have with free agency. The fact is that lots of free agents are busts. They are far from a sure thing. There was a study done on the top free agency signings from '05 through '10. Of the top 50 available free agents each of those 6 years (300 total) 140 signed with a new team. Just over half of those players received contracts for at least 5 years. Only 6 of those 72 players played out their entire contract. In fact players on 5 year deals lasted an average of less than 3 years (2.9) with their new team. Players on 6 year deals averaged 3.1 years. And not nearly all of those busts were due to injury. The big difference between signing a free agent that busts and drafting a guy that busts is that the free agent will cost 5 to 10 times more than the rookie deals. To me it goes back to the flexibility. A team has much more flexibility to fill a specific hole at a position in free agency than they do in the draft. So they should go into the draft with all their possibilities open instead of signing free agents and then being forced to make a "reach" in the draft and pass over better players to address a specific need.
  8. Mo Sanu abandoned the Bengals. Fuck him. I hope that a rat bites him on the dick.
  9. Excellent post. It is funny how free agency works. A player's value is often determined by who else is a free agent the same year. Dre is a very good CB but this years free agent market is loaded with good young CBs. I just did a quick un-scientific google poll of 5 different sites that rated free agent CBs. Here is the general consensus. A.j. Bouye (26) is the clear #1 target. After that there is a group that includes Trumain Johnson (27), Malcolm Butler (27), Stephon Gilmore (26), Logan Ryan (26) and Mo Claiborne (27). Kirkpatrick (27) seems to be in a third tier that also includes Prince Amukamura (28), Deshawn Shead (29), and Captain Munnerlyn (29). I think when it is all done Dre will be paid more like the guys in the second tier than the third. But I seriously doubt he comes close to the top 5 contracts for CBs this year. Teams looking to sign CBs are in good shape this year because there are a lot of good young guys that could hit the market, but it also drives down the contracts for all of the CBs. I am guessing Dre gets a deal that averages $10+million a year. And I think the Bengals need to pay him. But if just 2 or 3 of those other rop guys had re-signed and were not on the market Dre could be looking at close to $15 million a year. Teams overpay when talent is thin. We can afford to pay Dre, Whit, and Zeitler all $10 million a year.
  10. Belichick also has two Super Bowl rings as a DC. Bill Parcells never won shit without Belichick as his DC.
  11. Bengals will look at guys like Akeem Ayers. Nothing to get anyone excited about, but at least I think they will stay away from the old guys.
  12. It is a lot easier for a team to target a specific need in free agency while trying to target a specific position in the draft will cause teams to pass over better players available when they pick. So It makes more sense to me to have the draft before free agency. That way teams would know what they are going to get out of the draft before they start targeting specific holes in free agency. Right now there are a lot of of threads about the draft, but what we do in free agency will have a big impact on what we do in the draft. For example one of our biggest needs is LB, and 4-3 LBs are one of the cheaper positions to fill in free agency. If we sign a decent LB, then that effects the projections in the draft. We also need to know if we re-sign Whit, Zeitler, and Dre before we know who we will target in the draft.
  13. I agree 100%. Need is bigger at OLB. The only reason I see DE as a high possibility at #9 is because good 4-3 DEs are more rare than good 4-3 LBs. That is why 4-3 DEs are more expensive in free agency then 4-3 LBs. All of this talk about the draft is really meaningless until after free agency is over. Free agency start at the beginning of March and the draft is not until the end of April. I honestly think we will address LB in free agency just because that is a lower cost position. We did a good job rebuilding our LB corps in 2011 with Manny lawson and Thomas Howard, but they were young and athletic. Recently all we have signed are older guys like Harrison, Hawk, and Dansby. But I have to admit that when we signed Dansby i thought we were doing a great job filling one of our biggest holes, a LB who could cover. If we don't re-sign both Zeitler and Whitworth I think we may also sign a lower cost veteran O-lineman to start at OG.
  14. It was a joke, and did not insult Jesus in any way. You know what other kind of Christians I make fun of? The ones who think a massive stick up their ass is a good symbol of the cross.
  15. This is classic "confirmation bias". Since you didn't like him before you even saw him play as a Bengal your judgement is impaired. You see what you want to see when you watch him play.