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  1. Jason asked what the current income tax rate is in New York state, so I looked it up, it's that simple. Who knows what the increase is going to be, or if there will be an increase.
  2. Someone asked what the current income tax rates were in New York State: 6.45%. If you happen to live in NYC, there is an additional 3+% income tax, making your income tax rate over 10%. I was using Ohio as a comparison.
  3. See if I can do this right: https://www.tax.ny.gov/pdf/current_forms/it/it201i_tax_rate_schedule.pdf http://www.tax.ohio.gov/ohio_individual/individual/annual_tax_rates.aspx
  4. you're doing a great job HSH
  5. 6.45%, over 10% if you live in NYC: $42,750 to $160,500 the (roughly same) income tax bracket in ohio is 3.96% ($84,200 to $105,300)
  6. The new King Arthur movie coming out in May is probably the next movie we'll pay to go see...
  7. I was trying to 'pin' myself the other day, I can't find the 'pin' button...
  8. i was locked out on sunday, took a little effort to get in today...
  9. This is pretty close to how I feel as well. The first Pittsburgh game with all the non-holding calls opened my eyes to how tilted the league really is. I'm not the fan today that I was before that game...
  10. Anyone think Reddick could slide to the top of the second round? Just curious...
  11. Mine just recently went into the 'let the bunnies rip them up inside the hutch' pile...
  12. Can't answer your question but the wife and I want to see it too. Pretty sure it's some kind of race of monsters, not zombies...
  13. what you're describing is a glorified flag football league, which is the direction the league is probably going towards anyway. why not test market it?
  14. Wasn't Nugent also a second round pick?
  15. Just finished Dragon Age: Inquisition for the second time. Going to start Witcher III after a little RPG break. Saw Warcraft III on the Blizzard site for $10 so I downloaded it...