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  1. He also sustained a minor injury running that crazy 40 at the combine. Serious concerns about Ross being able to consistently play all 16 games.
  2. I don't think Minter's 1-year deal is going to prevent the Bengals from drafting anyone.
  3. Wait, why is Barnett "physically maxed out" but Tak is "still growing into his body"? Tak is older than Barnett. I don't think either of them are maxed out.
  4. You could make a legitimate case for a whole bunch of guys being the 2nd best edge rusher. You could make legitimate case that Garrett isn't the best edge rusher in the draft. It is all so objective.
  5. Yeah, I think I agree. McKinley looks like a 3-4 OLB to me. His value is probably a lot higher to a 3-4 team than to a 4-3 team so he will probably be selected by a 3-4 team.
  6. Would not surprise me a bit if Tak was drafted ahead of Taco. I think that is about 50-50. I think that Barnett will be drafted pretty high though. Top-15 player who has a chance of going in the top-10, maybe even to the Bengals. A lot will depend on Barnett's pro day next week. He worked out the combine despite stomach flu. I am hoping that he can improve on his poor combine times. If he does I think he will be a pretty high pick, if he doesnt he might fall a little.
  7. I don't think that will happen, but I guess it is possible.
  8. Bengals' first round pick. Jeez
  9. I really like Tak. He is going to be solid and a team leader wherever he plays. First is too high though. Especially since he isnt a great fit for the Bengals' system.
  10. He copped an attitude toward me. Read again.
  11. So you read some scouting report parroting the line that McDowell has a poor motor? Good job. And your premise isn't even true. It's the type of thing people say without even knowing if it is true because it sounds true. But history doesn't bear it out. College teams will frequently play their best DLs too much because good DLs are so hard to come by at the college level. This leads to many great DLs not getting enough plays off during games and taking a breather on the field. When these same players get into a rotation in the pros the problem goes away. I remember Zimmer make this exact point a couple of years ago. Geno Atkins and Carlos were both knocked for inconsistent motors in college.
  12. McDowell is such a beast. Reminds me a little of Carlos Dunlop.
  13. Ha. I forgot that they moved to the SEC right after Miller left.
  14. Yes the stats. He had the highest percentage of QB hits/hurries/sacks per rushing opportunity of any player in college football last year. profootballfocus: "On a snap-for-snap basis, Williams has been the most effective pass-rusher in the nation over the past three seasons. The issue is that even over those three seasons, he’s only accumulated 685 snaps (485 as a pass-rusher). While he’s notched a ridiculous 22 sacks, 19 hits, and 83 hurries on those plays, it’s still concerning that he couldn’t see the field more. While Williams looks like one of the most athletic edge rushers in the class on tape, his combine performance was lackluster." Here is a good article on how amazing Williams is as a pass rusher. "Our pass rushing productivity signature stat measures pressure on a per snap basis, with weighting towards sacks and hits. (Ryan) Anderson was eighth among 4-3 defensive ends with a PRP rating of 13.0, which is impressive enough. Williams was the best in the nation, with a PRP rating of 23.4. That number itself is ridiculous, but when you really dig into it, you see that Williams got pressure of some form once every 3.2 pass-rushing attempts. Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett has a phenomenal game against UCLA, but even he trailed Williams, averaging a pressure once every four pass-rushing snaps." Williams does one thing at an elite level, rush the passer. But he is a one trick pony and reportedly he is a huge shithead, so he will not be drafted high.