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  1. I have said repeatedly I don't want Mixon under any circumstances. The guy is a complete POS. I am just saying that on the field, I think he is better than Fournette.
  2. Many, if not most, draft evaluators have said that if you take the off field away then Mixon would likely be ranked higher. i just heard Bucky Brooks, Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis all agree in their latest podcast that he would likely be ranked higher if he was clean off the field.
  3. If we take a WR in the first it needs to be Coery Davis.
  4. John Ross would be a horrible pick.
  5. I think Joe Mixon is better, but I don't want that POS on the Bengals.
  6. ^ I would bet that if he doesn't make the 53 then no draft pick goes to Jax.
  7. Looked good against LSU (and Jeremy Hill) back in 2012
  8. He sounds like a bigger, more athletic Haasan Reddick.
  9. One more thing about RBs. They have very short primes. Look at the top RBs from 2 years ago and it is a completely different group of guys than the the top RBs from this year. Go back 4 years it is a another different set of guys. You don't see that at any other position. I want a long-time great player with our top pick. You rarely get that with an RB.
  10. Of the top 40 RBs in rushing yards last season 4 were first round picks. We don't need to draft a RB at 9.
  11. Link to quote where Saban says he needs a babysitter? Because every quote I have ever read from Saban has been glowing. "We never had issues with him," Saban said. "He's always been a great leader. He's a signal caller on defense. He's bright, and he's always been a great team guy and really well-liked by his teammates. If you're looking for a good teammate to be on your team, Reuben's going to be very, very good. If you're looking for someone to be a candy striper and to be nice to everyone at the hospital, then maybe not."
  12. You are looking at this in the wrong way. Only so many RBs will get a chance to get extended carries because there are only 32 teams and most of those teams already have established RBs. Many of those 20 RBs if given Zeke's or Howard's opportunity would probably have done great. DeAndre Washington only got 83 attempts, but he averaged 5.3 YPC and was a good receiver. Kenneth Dixon, Rob Kelly (UDFA), CJ Prosise (5.7 YPC) and a whole bunch of others looked good/great in limited action. Pretty much everyone that got a chance to carry the ball did pretty good.
  13. The one position I don't want with our top pick is a RB. What a waste of a pick that would be. Everyone seems to be back on board of taking RBs in the first round again after Zeke (a top-10 pick) led the NFL in rushing yards in his rookie year. But the player that was second in rushing yards, and had a higher YPC than Zeke, was also a rookie that the Bears drafted in the 5th round! And lets not forget that Zeke was running behind the best OL in the NFL. Remember what DeMarco Murray (a 3rd round pick) did behind the Dallas OL a few years ago?
  14. I think there is a pretty good chance that Allen will be there. I just don't see him as a great fit for the Bengals, but if he is the BPA then it may be the best pick. However, my thoughts continue to evolve on this draft and now if we stay at #9 I want Reuben Foster. I would also love a scenario in which the Bengals traded back into the 20s in order to target Taco.