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  1. Anybody remember Kieft...our lineman we drafted... Dude was a monster 6'7" hurt and never really played.. No relevance, but someone mentioned Ghiachiuc and it got me thinking of lineman.
  2. #webelieve #faithinBrownandLewis #thisistheyear
  3. Bengals will do nothing out of the norm. They will just pick BPA according to their board at 9. Always exciting to be a Bengals fan this time of year.
  4. This site has really gone down's like a safe place.
  5. We need to get rid of him and his attitude. Thoughts on possibly signing Daryl Gardener and moving him to end????
  6. And they signed Burkhead...which they will understand how to utilize him...unlike we do. Their offense is going to be insane with...Edelman, Amendola, Hogan. Cooks, Gronk, Allen, and now Burkhead. The only one with a big contract is Gronk. They understand how to get guys who fit into their plans...we do not.
  7. I mean they could be like the prestigious Bengals organization....They let their players spit on cops and tell them they hope they die.
  8. "He proved today, man, he can run the football. I'd take him as a No. 1 any day of the week," Bengals tackle Andrew Whitworth said after Burkhead's breakout 119-yard performance versus the Ravens, via "I don't think there's too many teams where he wouldn't fit. He runs the ball well. He's got great agility. He's got eyes, he's got it all. The whole team has wanted him to get his opportunity and see what he does. Especially the defensive players because they know what Rex used to do to them. He's a talented kid." He did not exhibit Dion Lewis-like wiggle or change-of-direction, but his style was unquestionably effective when given carries. Burkhead flashed some agility as a receiver in the open field. In Week 13 versus the Eagles, he lined up out wide on a 3rd-and-4 and sidestepped two Philly defenders --safety Malcolm Jenkins and linebacker Mychal Kendricks -- en route to a 17-yard gain (he did fumble at the end of the play, though). Other than this play, Burkhead's pass-catching exploits out of the backfield were of the screen and checkdown variety. Traditional stuff. **How will Burkhead fit with the current Patriots backfield? Tough to say at this point. He is not exactly like Dion Lewis, who has superior lateral quickness and the ability to make defenders miss in tight spaces. James White, meanwhile, is an accomplished receiver with the ability to dodge defenders in the open field. Burkhead might be an adept receiver, too. He seems to have the athleticism to become an effective pass-catcher in the Patriots' system. He just needs to learn how to run routes from different spots on the field. Asked last year about then-Patriots tailback Donald Brown lining up out wide, New England running backs coach Ivan Fears said, "Hey, we don't know. We haven't seen it. That doesn't mean he can't do it. I'll put it to you this way: I didn't think James White could do it out there like that, but I'm telling you what, once you get out there, those guys, they've got some sh-- about them." The same could be said about Burkhead entering this 2017 season. **Based on his small sample size as the Bengals' starter, Burkhead looks like he is equipped to handle an expanded role. As someone who waited four years for his chance in Cincinnati, it would make little sense for him to sign in New England if the Patriots only planned on using him for special teams (like Brandon Bolden). Burkhead should have some type of role in the backfield. The exact nature of that role depends on the Patriots' other acquisitions. Will the team bring back LeGarrette Blount? Will the Pats draft a bigger back in the middle rounds? We'll have a better feel for the Pats backfield by the end of April.
  9. Hewitt is the second highest paid fullback in the league...behind that big (but smart) contract SF just gave to like 5 million a year.
  10. Patriots bring in guys who understand their roles and understand what it means to be a team guy....Bengals let them walk and keep guys like PacMan....and will try to go after Mixon. There is a reason that the Pats are who they are...they get smart guys who buy into the program. The ones who don't (Chad) they let walk and cut their minimal losses. Good for Rex......Marv and company wouldn't utilize him if he were here anyways...only reason he got snaps was because Hill and Gio were hurt. The guy makes plays, churns out 100+ yard game, and leaves it all on the field.....and he would have been 3rd of the depth chart.
  11. Post free agency power rankings.....
  12. The day Marvin leaves...will be a glorious day. His time was up a long time ago..... I was curious so I looked at his record against the division.... W L Pitt 8 20 Balt 17 11 Cle 20 8 He has a .535 winning percentage in our division. It could be always be worse...but then again, that is how I felt his career as a coach has been...just average, nothing great...nothing terrible. Enough to keep the fans chasing that carrot from season to season, thinking this could be our year.