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  1. You have no idea what Whit is thinking regards to his teammates. That is conjecture. Does anyone know what the Bengals offered? Sent from my iPhone using
  2. Never thought Whit was a team player and thought he just focused on the money. Early in his career he refused to play guard and is the reason I say this. I don't think the Rams are any closer playing in the Super Bowl in the next three years than the Bengals . Whit is full of hot air and he wants the money. F him Sent from my iPhone using
  3. Rooting for Lady Gaga and one of her dancers to have a malfunction of their wardrobe Sent from my iPhone using
  4. As long as he has proper coaching which based on the track record of Alexander is not encouraging Sent from my iPhone using
  5. People who bitch about Dalton need to watch the Packers / Cowboy game to understand what a good offensive can do for the QB. I have never seen our over rated o line give any where the time that Rodgers or Prescott is getting. Our line is a joke and will be as long as Alexander is the coach. Sent from my iPhone using
  6. Will someone please interview the Maestro the great O line coach Paul Alexander. Someone please take this loser of a coach out of Bengals organization. Please take him Sent from my iPhone using
  7. Marvin isn't going anywhere. I like everyone else would love to see him go but it ain't happening Sent from my iPhone using
  8. Guaranteed if the Bengals don't resign him. He is a Bellichek type player and shows you why this team will never get beyond the first round with Marvin at the helm Sent from my iPhone using
  9. But the team has lived up to their second half futility unbelievable horrible Sent from my iPhone using
  10. Burkhead is a Billichek type guy Sent from my iPhone using
  11. Impressed with Burkhead Sent from my iPhone using
  12. Hey it's possibly Steve Smith Jr last game Sent from my iPhone using
  13. Ced will be given next year to prove himself. Teams and this one especially are more patient with first round busts. How long did we keep Kajana Carter around after he blew his knee out. Same thing with Akili Smith Sent from my iPhone using
  14. Age has caught up with Pacman. I am really tired of his penalties. With regards to Hill, I will give him next year. He was playing hurt last night. Sent from my iPhone using
  15. Whitworh is not hall of fame material....maybe Bengal Hall of Fame / ring of honor if the Brown family pull their heads out of their asses and realize a ring of honor would be the right thing to do for great former players. Sent from my iPhone using