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  1. Yeah. It's weird to me. But whatever
  2. SMH. Since we value picks so much, how can we not get a 2nd or at least a 3rd for McCarron? Sign Kaep for low to be the backup since the rest of the league doesnt want him to play. and keep it movvvving
  3. Yeah. I mean if we're going to lose I'd rather lose while punching someone in the mouth, figuratively. I haven't heard any talk about Foster doing Taze like things on the field. And the way he tackles and really lays into the ball carryer. Man. He doesn't really seem like the type of Lb we draft though. We like rangy, quicker, smaller, shittier LBs for the most part. Shit. I don't even know who our LB coach is these days since Hunley left. That must've been at least 4 or 5 yrs ago
  4. Get me Foster and let him and Taze hurt people. It's really fucking simple st this point. Pick the talented, scary person and let them be talented and scary. Foster isn't going to need much coaching, which is good, because he ain't gonna get it with our flaccid fucking coaching staff
  5. It's as simple as that. I don't have strong enough emotional feelings for this stupid ass team to hate ANY of the players as people. I just hated seeing him start and get fucking murdered on a weekly basis.
  6. I already said I wouldn't hit her personally so spare me 95% of that bullshit. I'm just not going to lynch a guy who did something stupid when he was 17 and provoked by an older, dumber person. Its pretty simple tbh
  7. Because I don't have daughters I shouldn't say mine wouldn't be raised to publically assault people? Would I hit her myself? Probably not. I would have probably mushed the fuck out of her or pushed her away from me. Hopefully. Did you raise a stupid little girl who thinks it's okay to hit men? Is this dumb broad your daughter? You seem ultra triggered by this subject. I don't know why "everyone should keep their hands to themselves" is something beyond your comprehension or why you launched personal attacks at me because of it. We learned that at about the age of 3 motherfucker. Maybe you're fine with letting some stupid chick wail on you because you're bigger. Maybe you're a dumbass.
  8. He was a 17 or 18 yr old freshman and she was a 22 or 23 yr old grown ass woman who put her hands on the wrong one. Everyone has their breaking point. If I have a daughter I can guarantee you she won't be striking an "elite athlete" or anyone at all, because I wouldn't raise my daughter to be a fucking mongoloid. But sure. Make excuses for her because she's a woman.
  9. I wouldn't even say I need to step back from the ledge. After last offseason and the subsequent shitting of the bed last season, I'm only gonna be more indifferent to their success. Probably the smart thing to do when being a fan of any team. I would get too tore up and pissed off if the Bengals won/lost. IDGAF now tbh. I just wanna see young players get put on, get some success, and get paid either here or there. Kinda done rooting for the team. Wanna see individual progress and men improving as players.
  10. I agree to a point. I think he probably overdid it. But yo. Keep your fucking hands to yourself.
  11. Thank God
  12. They were right last year though weren't they
  13. People like you are why I can't come to places like this or read comments on stupid ass sports sites anymore. 3 million more is 3 million more. The Bengals could have EASILY came up with the cash to do that. Could have dropped Rey's shitty ass. Could have disposed of Spitwad Jones. But no. They hang onto them and lowball the guy whose constantly performed and constantly been a rock and constantly put up with their stupid fucking shit. At that point, 3 million more is an easy goddamn call. Fuck the Bengals and fuck anyone who is selfish enough to not understand that these players don't owe this organization or the fans SHIT. This team is a goddamn travesty and the NFL is increasingly hard to watch with its sporadic interpretations of stupid ass rules. I'm glad he got away and can enjoy LA for the remainder of his career. Good luck Whit
  14. Newsflash we went 6-9-1 last season and look to only be making moves to get worse. I'd rather enjoy Los Angelas the rest of my career then stick around this shit hole with schizophrenic weather year round
  15. Good. I was wondering what took so long. Really started to come on towards the end of the season. He's a solid player. The kind we should try to resign more consistently