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  1. The Pack is Back! I don't think any charges were filed.
  2. So very very sorry. I can relate completely.
  3. <----- this guy -----😎
  4. I don't know. But neither does he. That's the point.
  5. Glad you're still around even if cloaked in the stealth mode. Rick was the guy who sold golf carts at The Villages.
  6. I think they will trade down a couple slots and hope Foster slides but be happy to take Reddick instead. He will be there if Foster ain't. But I see a trade for sure. Its The Bengal Way. Try to get Mixon as high as second round (package extra picks from lower rounds) or hope he slides to them in the third for sure.
  7. Agree and could say the same for any number of others. Mully comes to mind immediately and I miss his input. Harry Hater™ extraordinaire, Lucid (the trolling mod), is also conspicuous by his absence. Young Elijah dropped out when he went to kollege. Arkansas and Montana are infrequent fliers and active on the other board as are others. And RhodeIsland😎 was here for awhile and gone. The guy who sold golf carts to The Village People whose name I can't think of at the moment. And I hope all are OK. Good topic, btw.
  8. James "Free Ride" Francis?, Alfred Williams?, Kirby Criswell?
  9. If they don't trade McWebb, both.😎
  10. Bringing Andre back is admitting we fudged up when we cut him the first time and are going back to the same-old same-old Sent from my Tandy 2000™ with SpeelChex
  11. Line him up over Oingoboingo and send Margus to the pro bowl. Poopie!
  12. NOOOOooooooooo!!!