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  1. Jeremy Hill had seven games in 2016 where he had 3.0 YPC or less. I think he should be concerned about playing at all if the Bengals take a RB early, not if he's starting or not.
  2. Only NFL Coach To Lose His First 7 Playoff Games: CHECK Only NFL Coach To Lose 7 Straight Playoff Games With The Same Team: CHECK Only NFL Coach To Lose 7 Straight Playoff Games Period: CHECK Only NFL Coach To Coach For 14 Straight Years With The Same Team And Not Win A Playoff Game: CHECK In 21 games he will also (potentially, but probably) become the NFL coach who has coached the most regular season games without a playoff win. Marvin Lewis, Jim E. Mora thanks you for your continued quest to be the losingest loser and helping him get his name off the top of some very dubious record books.
  3. Interesting prospect. I'm a fan of adding to your lines as much as possible. He'd be a nice rotational end. Not much I don't like. 2nd may be early but if he was there in the third...all day long!
  4. I love to see production in college. Guys who have average production but are physical freaks with potential scare me. Having said that, Barnett worries me in the opposite way. He was highly productive in college but relied on timing the snap and overpowering his opponent which aren't likely to work in the NFL. I don't hate Barnett at #9 but I have some pretty strong concerns with him. I worry he's going to be that guy that peaked in college.
  5. Reuben Foster is my answer in both scenarios. Burfict, Foster, Atkins and Dunlap on the field at the same time?!? Yes, please. Clearly the offensive line has gone to the shits so let's load up the defense. My current favourite players in and around the Bengals draft slot are Foster, Fournette, Hooker and Howard.
  6. Rey Maualuga dropped like a stone in the draft because NFL teams realized his skill set was limited and despite his crushing hits his production was actually pretty poor. He had a couple of decent seasons but was effectively a bust and had more terrible moments than good. If the Bengals were actually going to do something with the cap space they gained and/or cut that bag of dicks Adam Jones this would have been a great move. Now, it seems like a day late and a dollar short.
  7. Ross would be such a Bengals pick. Fast skill player that will sell jerseys and Hobson can write endless puff pieces about. Terrible, terrible decision. WR should not be a priority and an undersized injury prone player at a position that is not a need would be a ridiculous move. John Ross is who Al Davis would pick if he wasn't dead or Mike Brown would pick if he wasn't tied up in the back of the Lumina on draft day.
  8. He had a couple of decent seasons and otherwise has been subpar. This was the right move and long overdue. I guess the addition of Minter was enough insurance to make the move. I also hope it means they are eyeing Rueben Foster in the first round. Next step...cut that bag of dicks Adam Jones.
  9. Lapham has been pretty in tune with what the Bengals are going to do in the draft and even called the Dennard and Ogbuehi selections and was correct on the position the years they drafted Eifert, WJIII and Zeitler. He says pass rusher then WR. I have to figure he's got a pretty good idea.
  10. Yes, I saw that stat too. I would be very interested to know what that rankings is based on. Everything I've watched of Minter and anyone I've talked to from the Cardinals fanbase says this is simply not true. Solid run stopper, average at best in coverage.
  11. Uhhh...I don't have anything against Vigil. He's got 21 career tackles. He's still pretty wet behind the ears and I'm not certain the Bengals are going to tie their can to him as a starter just yet. This might be the reason for the one year deal for Minter. Transition to Vigil over the next season. Yes, Guenther said he will take first team snaps to start training camp. Not sure he's in there in ink as the starter. Minter was a 3-4 ILB in ARI. I think he projects to a 4-3 SAM LB. We will see but I think this is where he's going to play here. I'd take Foster and you have a group consisting of Burfict, Foster, Minter, Rey and Vigil.
  12. No he hasn't. Stop saying silly things. No such thing has happened. Minter will actually likely be used as a SAM here. Foster needs to be drafted to replace Maualuga. Burfict, Foster, Minter. Vigil as the back up.