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  1. Lapham has been pretty in tune with what the Bengals are going to do in the draft and even called the Dennard and Ogbuehi selections and was correct on the position the years they drafted Eifert, WJIII and Zeitler. He says pass rusher then WR. I have to figure he's got a pretty good idea.
  2. Yes, I saw that stat too. I would be very interested to know what that rankings is based on. Everything I've watched of Minter and anyone I've talked to from the Cardinals fanbase says this is simply not true. Solid run stopper, average at best in coverage.
  3. Uhhh...I don't have anything against Vigil. He's got 21 career tackles. He's still pretty wet behind the ears and I'm not certain the Bengals are going to tie their can to him as a starter just yet. This might be the reason for the one year deal for Minter. Transition to Vigil over the next season. Yes, Guenther said he will take first team snaps to start training camp. Not sure he's in there in ink as the starter. Minter was a 3-4 ILB in ARI. I think he projects to a 4-3 SAM LB. We will see but I think this is where he's going to play here. I'd take Foster and you have a group consisting of Burfict, Foster, Minter, Rey and Vigil.
  4. No he hasn't. Stop saying silly things. No such thing has happened. Minter will actually likely be used as a SAM here. Foster needs to be drafted to replace Maualuga. Burfict, Foster, Minter. Vigil as the back up.
  5. Minter was on my list of free agents I thought the Bengals should look at. Overall he is a young, solid but unspectacular player. A good addition who is a better run defender than he is against the pass. He's going to get you 80+ tackles, 2 or 3 sacks and a half dozen tackles for a loss a year. He's really not a player that's going to blow your socks off but, he's a good addition. I pretty much guarantee he's been brought in to play SAM. It's a one year deal and, again I believe he will play SAM here, so I am still taking Rueben Foster at #9 if I am the Bengals. No way should this signing change that.
  6. Yup. Patriots win the Super Bowl and proceed to sign Stephon Gilmore, re-sign Dont'a Hightower, trade for Brandin Cooks, Dwayne Allen and Kony Ealy. I don't recall them getting any discounts on these moves because they were the Patriots. We sure as heck aren't the Patriots in any way, shape or form but for this argument...that excuse doesn't hold water.
  7. White, versatile, hybrid offensive player visits the Patriots?!? Say goodbye to Rex Burkhead folks. How many picks do we have in the draft?
  8. Some guys that I would be taking a look at right now if I were the Bengals: LB Kevin Minter LB Gerald Hodges LB Zach Brown DT Johnathan Hankins DT Bennie Logan C Joe Hawley OG TJ Lang
  9. Pump the boys didn't tell me Geoff Hobson had an account here. Listen Geoff, we can go to and read your articles littered with nonsensical points and fairy tale math. You don't need to post them here.
  10. WE GOT WINSTON!!!!!!
  11. And some people thought the Andy Dalton deal was a bad one:
  12. I'm not surprised, I'm confused by the logic and the plan moving forward. They have two offensive tackles on their entire roster. They have 16 combined starts between them. Clint Boling is our best lineman and the guy currently slated to play OG on the other side is TJ Johnson. The Bengals gave up 41 sacks last season (7th highest in the NFL), had a totally ineffective running game and just let their best two linemen leave. How do you fix that? Throw in the fact that a few simple cuts of Jones and Maualuga could recoup $10 million against the cap and you gotta say...What The Actual Fuck. The Bengals now have significant needs at OT, OG and LB coupled with a huge level of unknown and holes at S, C, CB, DE, WR, RB and DT. Is that supposed to all be remedied in the draft? To top it off you have to read about how the Bengals should be applauded for sticking to their plan and pointing to 2018 compensatory picks as the light at the end of the tunnel.