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  1. and a likely top 5 pick
  2. I worry about his ability to stay healthy at the next level but I absolutely LOVE Malik Hooker, his range, ball skills and game changing abilities are second to none to any Safety I've seen going back to Sean Taylor....he literally has the ability to single-handedly shut down a deep passing game. that being said, if the Bengals are making the decision it's obviously going to be Fournette.....and that's not necessarily a bad thing, IMO. I'd be pretty happy either way really. neither will be there however, so...
  3. 9 Jon Allen DL Alabama- just too good to pass up, plain and simple. 41 Jarrad Davis ILB Florida- another beast of a LB to put next to #55 73 Sean Harlow G Oregon State- flat out nasty disposition 116 ArDarius Stewart WR Alabama- really nice talent here if we can get him....has a lot of Marvin Jones in him but is more advanced coming out 138 Brian Hill RB Wyoming- small school, big ability I might not have gotten the speed I wanted but I sure did make them a whole lot more physical.....not a bad trade off IMO.
  4. Let me preface this by saying 'no I do not want him at 9' ......but has anyone paid much attention to Charles Harris? Kid is a monster....just sayin. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
  5. Yeah and that's fine.....it's just gonna depend on how much stock they put into his game tape compared to everything else.....his film is pretty outstanding as a whole....still wouldn't take him ahead if McCaffrey however.
  6. what about Allen??
  7. there was a time when I thought for sure that the Bengals would be taking OJ Howard just based purely on BPA.....now however I think the target is speed, speed and more speed. IMO, this pick is going to come down to 3 guys for us.....Christian McCaffrey, John Ross or Dalvin Cook.....all pure playmakers that can impact from multiple spots on the field.
  8. I'm sorry but that's a little far fetched.....I really like the dude and would have NO problem whatsoever with drafting him at 9, but in no way, shape or form is he even close to being the same kind of complete RB that Zeke Elliott was coming in.....I'll give ya pure running ability but Zeke was light years ahead of him as far as his ability to catch the ball and run routes out of the backfield...he was also absolutely incredible without the ball in his hands when it comes to picking up the blitz or even lead blocking in the running game on occasion.....I REALLY like Fournette and would love to have him, but he's not on Zeke's overall level as a prospect....IMO
  9. maybe they scouted Barnett with the idea of him still being around in R2? seems far-fetched I know, but stranger things have certainly happened before. personally I don't even have him in my top 30 so to me 41 seems about right.....not saying that's gonna happen, but he'd be an awfully big reach in my eyes if he were taken anywhere in the top 20.
  10. I don't even have him in my top 30.....if I were picking the the 15-25 range, I'd take Harris or McKinley all day long over Barnett
  11. 1 MGarrett DE 2 SThomas DL 3 MLattimore CB 4 LFournette RB 5 MHooker S 6 JAllen DL 7 JAdams S 8 OJHoward TE 9 MHumphrey CB 10 RFoster LB 11 CMcCaffrey RB 12 DCook RB 13 JRoss WR 14 HREddick LB 15 PMahomes QB 16 CDavis WR 17 CHarris Edge 18 TMcKinley Edge 19 MWilliams WR 20 FLamp OL 21 MTrubisky QB
  12. sorry guys but I just can't see LB at #9 in this draft.....IMO they want speed to burn of offense to go along with AJ/Eifert.
  13. the rest of the kids went through the exact same thing but for some strange reason Foster was the only one that felt the need to act like a belligerent punk..