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  1. nothing whatsoever wrong with this
  2. man I forgot all about Curtis Samual too....this is becoming overwhelming lol
  3. there's just too many choices lol....i'm like a kid in a candy store
  4. lol I changed one of my second rd picks to Lamp....I just forgot about him.
  5. Round 1 1 Hooker 2 Howard 3 Riddick Round 2 1 RMcMillan 2 Lamp 3 ZJones
  6. I don't remember DUI issues. I only remember questions about work ethic and taking plays off.
  7. yup and Dunlap was a 2nd round pick, which is exactly where Charlton should end up as well.
  8. I hear ya.....his injury history scares the hell out of me but if he checks out I wouldn't be all that upset with it.
  9. oh I completely agree with that. that's fine as long as the WR is really a TE and his name is OJ Howard. still like Zay Jones at 41 though if we don't get one in the first.
  10. if only we knew which pass rusher and yeah, no one outside of the organization is more in the know than Dave Lapham. I'd be willing to bet that the WR they're eyeballing at 41 is Zay Jones......Chad Johnson 2.0 without the mouth.
  11. me too, I'm just not sold on Burnett being so much better than the rest of the DE's in this draft that we would need to take him at 9......I just can't see it happening.
  12. I think Howard is kind of straddling the line from tier-A to tier-B, not from a talent standpoint though but mostly just from a position standpoint.....it's just rare to see a TE go in the top 10. that said, in this draft #9 looks like a pretty damn good spot for him IMO, which is just fine by me.
  13. I'm just looking at his latest body of work (19tfl, 10sacks) and his ability to bend around the edge like very few guys in this draft. and the scary thing is, he's just getting started....he's literally a manchild.
  14. here's the thing about Barnett, he is physically maxed out whereas some of these other guys (Tak included) are still developing and growing into their bodies....that would be fine if he were going up against college OT's every week, but in the NFL it's only going to get him so far. none of that means he can't be a good player, it just usually means that he'll likely end up getting drafted much closer to the back end of R1 than the front.