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  1. Fuck Stephen a Smith. He's a moron.
  2. Makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.
  3. OK I was thinking more like giving them signing bonuses of 10+ million each this year to save money on cap hits over the next few. Can't recall if the Bengals traditionally structure contracts that way or not.
  4. Isn't he also saying this because he's factoring in a significant portion of the cap for extensions for players they intend to keep like eifert and burfict?
  5. That's a smart move by the browns. They eat his contract and get a second round pick for the trouble. They have more cap space then they can use this year and next year they can cut him and lose nothing.
  6. Ah here it is. Let the meltdown begin.
  7. It seems every year there is one big rumor the Bengals are connected to that ultimately lets us down. While I would love for this to happen I don't want to be charlie brown'd again.
  8. There was a lot of chat on the radio yesterday saying the pats could make a splash. I'd say they accomplished that.
  9. PFT is saying Jackson to the Bucanneers is a done deal http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/03/09/report-desean-jackson-expected-to-sign-with-buccaneers/
  10. Trade mccarron. It's obvious. Hail Satan.
  11. According to the enquirer in 2018 he would be a restricted free agent fwiw.
  12. Yes they are very comparable linebackers in recent productivity and in careers as a whole. You've certainly done your homework and aren't just spouting off bullshit.
  13. If those Iloka numbers are true that's a very reasonable contract. Well paid but certainly not over paid.