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  1. Rex Burkhead....oops. Hope its Ceddy, most likely will be Billings or WJIII
  2. Its his thing. He cant help himself. Its best to just ignore any and all comments he makes on this board. Its like a crying baby in the crib, eventually they figure out its not working and stop.
  3. One of the more amazing things about the Patriots is how they operate despite all of their success. Even with their five Super Bowl titles, the Pats behave as if they have yet to win one. There's an air of desperation in their moves, and I mean that in the most positive way possible. The Patriots are never satisfied. No team should be, but think about how many franchises get complacent. They don't spend their salary-cap allotments. They don't pursue free agents. They do little to improve. Not the Patriots. They just engineered the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time, have won more Super Bowls than most teams ever will, and yet they are still dealing. They replaced Martellus Bennett with Dwayne Allen, a good move that builds depth. They signed Stephon Gilmore, a top cornerback. They kept some of their key players. And they traded for a top receiving target in Brandin Cooks. Many teams would have made one of those moves. The Patriots made all of them. More are likely to come. This is what a dynasty looks like. This is how a great organization remains great. This is why the Patriots may be the best franchise we've seen in any sport at any time. ~Mike Freeman
  4. Would love to see Malik on the Bengals, he's from my hometown. New Castle High School has been churning out some talent lately. My little cousin through marriage, Geno Stone, is headed to Iowa to play safety as well. Probably will redshirt this year, but he is someone who i think will make some noise in a couple of years, at the college level anyway.
  5. Very good, sensible, measured response. You understand. Thank you. In other news.... The Cincinnati Enquirer's Paul Dehner "continue(s) to feel confident" the Bengals will not retain free agent RG Kevin Zeitler. Based on what he's heard, Dehner expects the Bengals to prioritize re-signing free agent LT/LG Andrew Whitworth and let Zeitler walk. It's a curious approach -- to be kind -- considering Whitworth is in steep decline at age 35 while 27-year-old (in March) Zeitler is one of the best young guards in football. Dehner believes there's only a "30 percent chance" Zeitler returns to Cincinnati. Zeitler is Rotoworld's No. 1-rated free agent interior offensive lineman. HMMMMM..............
  6. Atlanta fired their DC and DL coach. That's what organizations with high expectations do. Not saying that Atlanta is some perennial powerhouse. Just saying that's the standard you are dealing with when it comes to many teams around the league not named the Cincinnati Bengals.
  7. This is a grown man statement. Who is more revered than the Raiders? They havent gone to the playoffs in 15 years. You know why? Because they fucking sucked for the past 15 years. I would think "the league" would want them and their fan base vying for the playoffs every year. The bengals went to the playoffs 5 straight years. You know why? They played well in the regular season. They lost all 5 playoff games. You know why? Because they fucking sucked, made crucial mistakes, and simply got outclassed in those games.
  8. This team doesnt want competition. They will trot out the usually band of misfits and will do nothing beyond the status quo over the last the two games. They will continue to roll into next year with that same mentality. Sad really.
  9. This loss....will have nothing to do with Dan Fouts or bad calls.
  10. Team goes into a shell when. That's who they are.
  11. Prediction: The Bengals beat the Stealers this week. However, Pittsburgh still wins the division and advances to the playoffs. In my opinion, its a lose lose situation. Cincinnati will basically win out to close the season saving Marv's job and Pittsburgh goes on to "be a dangerous team" in the playoffs. What a shitty season.
  12. So, you're asking for accountability? Why there will be no such thing sir.