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  1. "Hernandez was still in the process of appealing his 2014 conviction of murdering Odin Lloyd, which means a legal principle dating back to English common law called “abatement ab initio” applies to his case. “Ab initio” translates to “from the beginning” and chief legal counsel to the Massachusetts Bar Association Michael Healy told the Boston Globe that the principle reverts a case to its start if the convicted party dies before the appeals process has concluded." So he was appealing the case, died, and since that appeal was still in process he basically gets 'off'.
  3. You sure It is gone? Maybe it isn't as apparent with the gb theme (It isn't misssing for me)
  4. Paul Dehner Jr.‏Verified account @pauldehnerjr 22s23 seconds ago Last time #Bengals traded with Jacksonville they fleeced the Jags for Reggie Nelson. They could only dream this works out half as well.
  6. Katherine Terrell‏Verified account @Kat_Terrell 8m8 minutes ago Smith, 25, played in six games for the Jags last year and had one sack
  7. Jim Owczarski‏ @JimOwczarski 3m3 minutes ago #Bengals have acquired DE Chris Smith in a trade with Jacksonville for a conditional 2018 draft choice.
  8. Russians at the base that was attacked...
  10. Finally on from work.
  11. Lame - Still can't get in from work.
  12. Checking in from Bozeman