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  1. Just wondering about a pricing question. I have a 2008 Ford Escape V6. I think it has a rear seal leak and a. Timing cover gasket leak. The labor seems to be seperatly quoted in these (I was told they are in two totally different areas). Just wonder if that sounds correct or not.
  2. Deleted some embedded tweets
  3. Sorry dude, that is very tough. We are still looking for our cat a month and a half after she passed.
  4. What is that supposed to be?
  5. I wonder if GB merch might be worth revisiting? Is it is possible to use more of an 'on demand' model? Didn't the previous run require a specific number of shirts? Maybe options have changed in ~10 years.
  6. Funny...I seem to be only here and drop in almost every day. Not posting much. Hate the offseason bitching. edit- I think Mulley has been focusing on other outlets that aren't necessarily football related.
  7. Lavar...
  11. Alright you guys - Knock off the crap.
  12. Reply Retweet Like Dre Kirkpatrickā€¸Verified account @DreKirkSWAG 40s40 seconds ago More Cincy I'm coming home 5 more years