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  1. The more I think about it, the more I think we'll trade down to try and "sure up" some lines in regards to losses. If it's me I take Foster and build through the LB core.
  2. She's totally hot for Pacman. "What is he wearing?"
  3. Guess we're drafting another 1st round CB!
  4. I Wonder if that's changed at all. I guess it depends on what QB needy teams have what picks. I'd figure Cleveland, Chicago, San Fransisco and Buffalo. Maybe the Jets or Texans? Anyone else? There's also Romo and Garoppolo who'll probably be dealt. Might not be that much of a market.
  5. I'd only trade him for a 2nd. Someone will pay the kid well enough that compensation alone would get us a 3rd.
  6. Knucklehead.
  7. That would be outstanding for us. I'd be shocked if Charlton makes it through round 1 though. Currently I'd love to see us take Foster at 9. As much as Cook/Fournette would be a luxury I think there's just too much need to add defensive help and I love what Foster brings to the table. As mentioned, if we see Dre leave I wouldn't be surprised if it's Tabor or Humphrey if they're there. Can't see us taking a WR that high. Not sold on Williams and am hoping LaFell returns and Boyd and Core continue to improve. Haven't seen enough of Robinson. Is he worth taking that high?
  8. I know we all have a opinion of Marvin one way or the other, but does it irk you guys that he's jovial and humorous during a press conference which leads into a division rival when we're 2-4? Obviously a few of us think his methods are outdated, but this kind of stamps it home for me. Never like to say I'm upset, but this hurts me as a fan. Obviously in terms of the franchise he's done exceptionally well, but does he even care anymore? Quite concerned at this point.
  9. Hope I'm wrong but it sounds as though we won't see him before week 5.
  10. I can't wait until Tez gets back. The way the secondary looks and the addition of Dansby is going to make an elite defense. Eifert's return will certainly help the offense. He's always been a very solid go to option when Dalton's under duress. Probably won't see either against the Broncos but damn I'm getting excited for week 4 onwards.
  11. Of course they magically find three penalties on the Bengals in one play.
  12. Was just out at my local bar in Sydney for a couple of quiet afternoon beers when this jerk walks in wearing a Rapistberger jersey. I'm pretty timid so I just ignore him, but then gets all up in my face as I'm wearing my Atkins jersey. Starts badmouthing the Bengals and acting like a total asshole so my mate who is the bar manager there cut him off and sent him home. Was pretty awesome.