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  1. Yeah, there's a reason that instead of being drafted in the top half of the first round we got him as a supplemental pick. The NFL didn't paint the target on him, but they have sought to intensify it.
  2. Yeah, man. Plead the fifth.
  3. Will he want one? He's got to know patience is wearing thin with him and the post season ineptitude...his very own patience might be nearing an end, who knows?
  4. Totally with you. I just think that we have our part time number two and/or nickel back guy on the roster already. Quality secondary depth can be iffy. He knows the system. He was fairly measured and in check last season, even though his play took a bit of a hit. Unless you have a sure fire upgrade or guy where there will be no drop off, you don't cut him.
  5. Who knows enough about this guy to give a scouting report?
  6. Subjectivity aside, do we have his replacement on the roster? If not, are we going to?
  7. Whatever, on a good day he's still pretty darn good. On a not so good day he's serviceable as a third CB.
  8. I think, at some point, we all have to admit that it's time to wait and see what determination the court makes. He hasn't been found guilty of anything and if the court shows leniency, what does it hurt if we have another experienced, formerly outstanding defensive back?
  9. Didn't see it linked anywhere yet. Nothing earth-shattering here and I am sure we have all discussed it plenty and it may be the one thing we are closest to consensus on, but still, it's nice to hear that Marvin may be coming to terms with his Cincinnati coaching mortality. A little bit.
  10. When I just read the topic I thought certainly I would enter the thread and see a man teetering on the edge, foaming at the mouth because of the inaction of his favorite, inept franchise. Glad to know you're alright.
  11. Under what circumstance should one human being be reasonably expected to strike another with their fist? Seriously, all things equal, when is it actually permissible?
  12. I want to posit something here, and not that I give much of a shit about Dansby or Porter, per se, but is anyone seeing the exodus of players (and coaches, until this offseason) as something indicative of a larger problem? It seems we can't interest guys to hang around here. For a time, Cincinnati had turned around from a laughing stock of a destination to a place where guys wanted to be. I am wondering if the culture in the locker room and around Marvin Lewis has gotten so shitty that these guys leaving is more than just "about business."
  13. Totally. This was a Zamp move, no?
  14. This. How this club addresses the offensive line, in particular, this offseason, will likely be a decent barometer of how much overall success we can hope to have in 2017. They need to be aggresssive to keep the parts that work, fix the parts that don't. If they struggle to do this, we're likely in for a long, miserable season again.