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  1. When I just read the topic I thought certainly I would enter the thread and see a man teetering on the edge, foaming at the mouth because of the inaction of his favorite, inept franchise. Glad to know you're alright.
  2. Under what circumstance should one human being be reasonably expected to strike another with their fist? Seriously, all things equal, when is it actually permissible?
  3. I want to posit something here, and not that I give much of a shit about Dansby or Porter, per se, but is anyone seeing the exodus of players (and coaches, until this offseason) as something indicative of a larger problem? It seems we can't interest guys to hang around here. For a time, Cincinnati had turned around from a laughing stock of a destination to a place where guys wanted to be. I am wondering if the culture in the locker room and around Marvin Lewis has gotten so shitty that these guys leaving is more than just "about business."
  4. Totally. This was a Zamp move, no?
  5. This. How this club addresses the offensive line, in particular, this offseason, will likely be a decent barometer of how much overall success we can hope to have in 2017. They need to be aggresssive to keep the parts that work, fix the parts that don't. If they struggle to do this, we're likely in for a long, miserable season again.
  6. Indeed. All of it. Which makes it imperative that Marvin's successor either be handed the bull's balls or be ready to grab them. We need someone who has a fire in their belly and some sense of justice.
  7. Well, you can't keep them all. But, what you do is build a bona fide winning culture, guys are more inclined to stick around when the locker room is stable and they all feel like they will win in the post season. I think for a short while, Marvin's approach to letting the inmates run things was appealing to some guys. Some of the dudes we have lost, we didn't necessarily get grossly outbid, or even outbid at all...some of these dudes left because there was something not right or lacking with the culture of this franchise, as far as it's come. This isn't quantifiable or provable, save direct commentary from the players who have left, but I think it's a huge part of our lack of getting over the hump.
  8. Guys in the WWE make conscious decisions to play the role of bad guy all the time. I don't think Goodell cares that people, fans of the game, dislike him. On the contrary, his primary job is to ensure the success and profitability of the league. I think he's still doing that. I know earlier in the season it was discussed that perhaps ratings were down, but the league is still making a lot of money. The deflategate soap opera, the very premise, was utterly stupid. But, it "sold tickets," people ate it up.
  9. None of it matters if we don't spend money on the offensive line. Burkhead can hit holes with a head of steam. So can Ced and Hill. We need to pay an offensive line like it's the most important thing on the field...and then commit to crafting an identity there. Are we gonna be between-the-hashes, downhill, or are we gonna run more gimmicky and to the flats more? Commit to doing one of those styles well. If you can, expand what you're doing. But, don't stretch too thin too soon.
  10. The problem with holding, as a penalty in today's game, isn't so much that it can be a bit subjective based on angle, it's simply that it seems impossible to call consistently. I don't know if it is that the game is faster and the guys are bigger or perhaps there aren't enough eyes on the field, or a combination, but something needs to be done to make it easier to get holding called correctly and when it needs to be called.
  11. I mean, I am all for weapons at positions, but this team needs to address it's offensive and defensive lines. THOSE are the priorities. They have to be. We had nothing resembling a consistent pass rush and consistently allowed Dalton to be pressured and consistently failed at running the ball (what'd we have, like three games where we went above 100 yards?). Guys are getting long in the tooth and competition for playing time matters. I know these guys aren't typically the sexy guys...they aren't the highlight guys...but our line play, both sides of the ball, is why we sucked this year.
  12. I thought he got a one-year extension last season, was that on top of an existing year contract? Edit: my bad, yes, just did a little research. So, fuck, just move him to the front office absorb his salary on that level.
  13. He may not retire, but that doesn't mean he will be coaching in Cincinnati. And, as someone above alluded to, he won't even have to be fired to not be on Cincinnati's sideline...he is coaching the remaining game on his one-year contract, right? After that he is free to go as is the front office to name his successor.
  14. Explain what is consistent between Marvin Lewis and Mike Zimmer where it pertains to mindset and style. Please tell us what you have seen that suggests *any* similarities.