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  1. They actually put David Verser on the ballot! Haha! Take a look at his stats. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/V/VersDa00.htm He was actually that bad. The 10th overall pick of the '81 draft.
  2. Big difference in signing a guy as a FA and making him the #9 pick of the draft. Still, I agree he will be picked and maybe late in the first. He should be a no-go at #9 as far as I'm concerned.
  3. In and of itself I wouldn't be too worried about the diluted sample. Throw it in with everything else and there is no way I spend the #9 pick on this clown no matter how talented he is. Trade down? Maybe. Second round? Definitely.
  4. Agreed. Most folks don't know the difference. Just clarifying.
  5. Those are corticosteroids. Not the same as anabolic steroids used for building muscle, growing foreheads, and creating 360lb offensive linemen. A simple explanation: http://www.takerx.com/steroids.html
  6. Are you talking about the reporter or Jones?
  7. #2: The decision makers in this organization have come to peace with looking like morons for decades. The enormous amount of money in their bank accounts tend to be a good pillow on which they can cry themselves to sleep. #3: At what point has this team shown any serious interest in discipline?
  8. Take your homer glasses off. No way that kind of hit goes without a penalty. Ever. Granted Shazier's hit brought us a redefining of a rule, but that's par for the course. Aren't all dirty hit rules named after Stealers?
  9. He would fit right in with Burfict and Jones. Talented performers that disappoint you at crunch time.
  10. Eifert's years/days are numbered. The likelihood of back surgery increases significantly after an initial back surgery and that's for non athletes, much less a football player. The Bengals would be foolish to not be looking for his replacement.
  11. Courts or no courts his behavior in the videos make him an A+ ass clown in my book. He seems to have an anger issue that has also manifested itself on the field of play from time to time with significant negative results. Throw in the high salary and deteriorating play and I say hit the road.
  12. Nah, you got it all wrong. I'm as negative as the next guy. Heck, if you read the thread you would see how the original personal attack was related to my negativity. Sure, the attack was carefully worded examining my supposed flawed thought process. A process so flawed it effected his enjoyment of Bengal fandom. I'm not much for personal attacks unless it is in response to one. I am old school in this way though. I say what I think and sometimes use naughty words.
  13. I'm a fan of Cincinnati teams. I grew up with them and I will root for them. If they move, they aren't a Cincinnati team anymore. Yes, the Bengals have been more than frustrating through my nearly 50 years of fandom. So, since I used the word "cursed" in a cynical way I get treated to a heap of armchair psychology. In no way was I looking for your validation or advice. I was just answering a question. Since we are spewing out armchair psychology I'll give you my less than professional read on you....you're being an passive-aggressive asshole.
  14. Great post, except for the Sayers and Clark part. Sayers is 73. Dementia is not all that uncommon for folks that age. I've dealt with a loved one who went through it. It is extremely tough. Maybe football contributed, maybe not. CTE is a different story. Clark has ALS. There is some foggy connection of ALS to head injury, but it's not a strong one. Being 60 Clark is getting ALS at the average time for folks to get ALS.
  15. Hell, no. I grew up going to the games in Cincinnati. If they left it would free me from the curse of loving this team.