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  1. Ugh...When I think of the turds this guy has polished it makes me shiver. Bodine.....he's working hard to not be the worst center in the league. When was the last time the Bengals had an average or better center? A decade ago? Over the past two years the talent drain on this team has been significant. Depending on this guy to make chicken salad out of chicken shit is not encouraging given his track record.
  2. This. When the best organization in the league comes calling, you listen.
  3. Lost does a great analysis of the situation, as usual. It all comes down to one truth about the Browns. They would like to win, but they will always make money. We shouldn't expect anything else.
  4. They cleared some cap space earlier today.
  5. Call in the extras at the suicide hotline. http://www.thescore.com/nfl/news/1250310-report-browns-to-sign-zeitler-make-him-highest-paid-guard-in-nfl-history
  6. Stealers would probably like Dre, but if they can drive up his price for the Bengals, that would be good as well.
  7. The NFL is a copy-cat league. For several years the theme was RBs aren't worth top picks. Now, after the Cowboys hit a home run with Elliot, you can bet someone will step up and pick Fournette early. Might be the Bengals.
  8. No way the Bengals go into the season without a new RB. Hill just doesn't seem to be getting it. Bernard is questionable for the entire season. You can't count on the guy being ready after that injury in November. Fournette makes sense. He's the Bengals kind of back. Big. I don't think they would cut Hill. He would get his carries early in the year. If he does well he'll keep getting them. If he looks like he has over the past couple seasons he would be phased out when Bernard was back.
  9. I'm just stating an opinion different than yours. Who is taking this too seriously?
  10. Did you read my post? Snaps with Dalton. And, yes, those two could take damn near every snap with Dalton.
  11. You have answered your own question. Those guys need all the snaps they can get with Dalton, not the scout team. Hawkins will come to camp and push for a job. I don't think watching Hawkins is going to do squat to make others better. If there aren't hard workers on the Bengals then their problems are much deeper than I thought. Learning in practice is essential for young players and to bring in a vet who has little to no chance of playing a significant role makes no sense to me. You guys realize we are talking about a player who isn't good enough to even challenge for a job with the Browns?
  12. The downside is he takes snaps from young guys that need them. Unless you think Hawkins can be a contributor there is no point in taking snaps from the young guys.
  13. Most concerning to me were his comments about Ogbuehi. Needs more strength and power. That certainly matches what you see from him on the field. Oogie-Boogie is going into his third year in the league and still hasn't bought into becoming a pro. Combine that with the stuff Ogbuehi was spewing about being comfortable on the left and not the right and he seems like even more of a bust. Hope he turns it around, but I have less confidence in that than ever.
  14. I can't remember the Bengals ever paying top dollar for a guard. If Zeitler is going to get big bucks it doesn't surprise me they will let him walk. They have to sign Whitworth. You can't go into the season knowing your QB is going to get killed by plugging in Oogie Boogie.
  15. Manning could average 500 yards a game. He still blew goats in big games. The game is about more than stats. Manning is king of big numbers, but did less with more when it counted. Overrated.