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  1. Awesome. Sounds great. Thanks for watching the games and letting us know. Where are you getting the replays? On the NFL field pass subscription?
  2. Sounds like a winner to me. Just hope him going against the status quo regarding NFL contracts and proving himself isn't a sign of him being a poor decision maker or him being over confident in his abilities.
  3. What did he tweet? I posted before I read your post but I absolutely agree with Geno being one. Burfict I'm good with Dre gets on my nerves sometimes though with celebrating a tackle 7 yards downfield bs but still would be ok. Could surely be worse picks for captain on defense. Wouldn't mind Michael Johnson either. Burfict as vocal leader along with Geno and Johnson being the lead by example guys would be legit in my opinion if what Dunlap tweeted was enough to take him out of consideration.
  4. I know Geno is a quiet guy but I would like to see him as one. Seems like most if not all the players on team respect him a good bit being a lead by example guy. He doesn't do stupid things getting put in bad situations from his mouth or actions. At least I've never witnessed or read about him doing anything like that.
  5. Yea good point. You can make stats fit your narrative a good bit of the time. Nothing can compare to the eye test seeing the players on your team play week in and out to really know how good or bad someone is. Wonder what majority of Cards fans have to say about it. I know you'll no doubt get some that say good riddance he sucks and others that didn't want to see him go so would be nice to know the opinions of the majority that watched him week in and week out. Either way he can't be any worse in coverage than Dansby was last year, he just can't be. If Cards are rebuilding like I saw someone say why the hell would they bring Dansby back. Dansby signing to replace him before Minter signed elsewhere could indicate they see Dansby as an upgrade. If that's the case it's a little troubling going by his performance here last year along with it being strange a young player like Minter not seeming to have more interest and not getting bigger money with more years on contract. Seems like it could be a nice upgrade for us but I'm still cautiously optomistic about it though.
  6. Actually I believe I just read somewhere he was in the top 5 rankings in coverage at his position last year. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure I did though.
  7. This is what I'm wondering as well. I don't know much about him other than what I've just read up on and what I've read is nothing but good stuff like him being the captain and play caller of their defense and being a guy that's durable doesn't miss games and stays healthy. But somethings gotta be up right? I mean he's a young kid (turns 27 late in season I think I read) coming off a rookie 2nd round contract from a pretty good defense he was captain of and in free agency he couldn't come up with bigger money or longer than a 1 year deal? Idk I like the signing from all the stuff I've read so far but I'm definitely wary of it because something there just doesn't seem right. Anyone have any ideas why this is the case with him?
  8. I hope for our sake and Andy's health that you're right, Ced can't get any worse right? Cleveland just traded for Brock Osweiler and a 2nd rd pick from Houston. Hue isn't messing around spending all types of dough.
  9. I would of liked to keep him but 12 mil does seem like way to much. It makes our team worse right now but also doesn't tie us up either in regards to doing other things, if we even do anything else. History shows It's doubtful we do but at least the options there. I think this was the plan all along but Ced sucking and Fisher not playing up to his expected potential has made it blow up in their faces. RIP Andy.
  10. Ugh, being a Bengals fan on opening day of free agency sucks. Had to go to a team in our division damnit. Cleveland spent over 100 million today on their guards, meanwhile we just lost our 2 best o-lineman. Hope Andy has best health insurance you can buy because he's gonna need it this year it seems.
  11. That would be perfect then in my opinion. Granted I've only seen a bit of him but from what I've seen he looks good. If he was there in the 3rd for us I would be more than happy with that pick.
  12. I would fix it to above all else after a fumble no Bengals fan will forget til the day they die. That being said there's no substitute for horribie vision of said running lanes either or style of runner to match style of your linemen and blocking scheme. I can't be the only one that saw hiw much better the oline looked when Rex started against Baltimore. How many carries for losses did Hill have this year? At least a couple per game. I saw Rex hit behind line once and even then he still may of fell forward to the los and not been given a loss. Not only did he look quicker and faster than Hill with better vision hitting through small creases before dlineman even knew he was by them but being smaller getting his momentum mkving forward hecwas still pushing piles forward and getting better yards after contact then Hill generally did all year. If Hill doesn't shape up he has to go. He hasn't been the same since his last 8 games of rookie year and that fumble in tge playoffs did him no favors. He seems to run scared of fumbling now instead of punishing would be tacklers with his momentum and speed like a back his size should. Possibly could be due to injury. If that's the case Ibwould argue he should of sat out he wasn't doing team any favors playing in that condition. Only good games I remember were against Cleveland.
  13. That's a good point. The 3 he has going are. 4. Jacksonville Jamal Adams, LSU 5. Tennessee Jabrill Peppers, Michigan Only one I could see used in that hybrid LB role 7. San Diego Malik Hooker, Ohio State I guess technically they're all capable of playing that nickel robber spot. Idk how much they did it in college they may excel at it. Your point definitely does show a rational thought of 3 safeties going in the top 10 this year. When I saw it my 1st thought was 3 safeties in top 10, what? Didn't even think about how much nickel defenses have been played these days with safeties. It also makes me think differently of my bulking up comment on Foster. Maybe he is better served staying lighter for those purposes. I know they had good things to say about the long haired kid from Floridas coverage skills at lb. Didn't play alot because of injurues but maybe serve well to take a look at him later and pick elsewhere at 9 instead of Foster.
  14. Yes I'll be getting one. No authentic ones though? It would look great next to my Authentic one I've had in a case in my game room since around 03.
  15. I agree with you that he gets his best seperation in the air ala T.O. that's a big reason why 40s are overrated. As anyone that's played the game knows it's impossible to replicate those moments the balls in the air your eyes get big everything else disappears nothing matters anymore but getting to that ball if you want it bad enough. That said though I can't see him running with Green in that situation. Green is amazing at it. Looks like a damn Gazelle with those beautiful smooth long strides. Idk if I've ever seen him outrun for a ball in the air he so often has to slow up for long balls and often still makes defenders look foolish even though he had to wait up. The Thu week 4 Miami game was classic how badly he beat some of their dbs that night in yards of seperation. Take a look at the next gen stats graphs from that game it's pretty amazing how bad he beat them. I see Williams doing nothing like that at the next level but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like him on Cincy, his red zone help with a healthy AJ and Eifert would no doubt be a welcome addition.