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  1. It really seems like you're reading what you WANT to see between the lines so it can be looked at in a negative light. Whit even refers to himself in the Bengals' future a few times in the interview by saying stuff like " We’re close and I hope we can make some moves to solidify ourselves.” If you take the doom and gloom out that you WANT to be there, Whit makes a lot of statements that would show that he looks at Cincinnati as a potential contender. He's obviously going to consider any large offers from top teams around the league and he's obviously going to be looking at what the Bengals do in free agency if it gets to that point where he's still a UFA somehow, but nowhere does he even imply that the Bengals aren't a contender.
  2. Because dude acts like the NFL offseason is the latest version of Madden. There's a 0% chance we sign Bouye. 0, zip, zilch, nada, none. Whether Dre Kirkpatrick is re-signed or not, we aren't signing Bouye. It's not happening, he's going to get a $12+ mil annual deal with a lot of guaranteed $$$. The Cincinnati Bengals don't operate that way with players from outside of the organization. We are NOT signing any big names that require loads of guaranteed money in the contract. Anyway. Re-sign Dre, cut Jones, sign a free agent in the $3-6 mil annual tier for a year or 2 to let our young guys develop more without having to become full time starters. I think what we do in free agency will say a lot about our CB situation in 2017-2018. If we happen to sign a $5-6 million kind of guy, expect him to start opposite Dre Kirk with WJIII, Shaw, and Dennard manning the backup and slot spots. If we sign a typical shit-tier free agent or don't sign one at all of note, that will probably indicate the team is moving forward throwing WJIII into a starter spot immediately. I'm hoping we sign a decent FA to replace Jones, draft another mid-late CB, and give the young guys an extra year of development.
  3. The good news is that most top contenders have a LT locked up already. The bad news is that despite him being insistent on being the LT here over the past few years, he mentioned that he'd be open to playing LG or RT elsewhere. That opens up a lot more teams that are close to a championship that could be interested in taking him on a 1-2 year rental. I'm not sure those teams would pay $10+ mil for a 35+ year old guard or RT though.
  4. I gotcha now. Yeah I just figured that any team that will might need a QB next year probably needs a QB right now. If Chicago, Cleveland, or any other team thinks they might, possibly, maybe want McCarron next year, they should just pony up the 1st right now and grab him before he's a RFA. Not sure he's worth a 1st at the moment since no one has offered us anything for him though. His stock could absolutely go up or down by that point though, we'll see what happens. I think McCarron is a good backup and it would be nice to retain him for a backup's salary, but I wouldn't be thrilled with him starting and every QB with a marketable name or a few good games as a backup will always chase starter money. 1 reasonably sized NFL contract can set your family up for life so I don't blame them.
  5. Yes but I'm speaking from the perspective of the other teams. Why would they wait for him to become a RFA and lose their 1st + have to sign him to a contract for the Bengals to not match when that hypothetical team could just offer up a 1st or 2nd round pick right now and get McCarron from the Bengals? I just don't understand saying that you think a team would "take that bet" when nobody has even offered them a 1st rounder as of yet, and there's no way Mikey passes up a 1st round pick for the backup QB right now. I don't think any team is going to wait for him to become a RFA to lose a pick, lose out on a year of a super cheap contract, AND have to sign him to a new deal. Any team that might want him will take that shot in the very near future.
  6. You think a team would give up their 1st while also signing him to a contract big enough for the Bengals not to match (which obviously wouldn't be huge, but still)? Why would they do that when he could likely be had for a 1st alone this year and that same team could have him for a very cheap season or two?
  7. Good thing we already have the actual A.J. Green instead of worrying about finding the future one. If fans like this were to decide our offseason plans every year, we'd have a roster full of 90 high round QBs, WR1s, and pass rush specialists.
  8. Andy is a good QB but he has to have talent around him to really succeed. No QB does it by himself. Some more than others, but Andy definitely needs some help and it's not bashing him to point that out. There aren't many Aaron Rodgers out there, just a handful in the history of the league. It's really rare to see almost any QB have a great year without also seeing some combination of great WR/TE/RB/line play around him.
  9. You can't penalize a dude for consistently getting under the secondary and gaining separation on DBs. You just can't. I couldn't give a fuck less if he doesn't have a bunch of contested catches since he's finding ways to get open. You have to realize getting that half step or more on a CB/S in huge in the NFL where every single second counts. There are some very nice catches in that video, but again, you should really watch the All 22 and check out what he's doing on a lot of his routes if you think he's "garbage". Stop saying he had 32 yards in 4 combined games. He didn't. What planet are you living on where you repeat the same incorrect statistic over and over on multiple boards? Stop it. Why did you ignore my comment about Julio Jones? He had 1 reception on 7 targets for 16 yards in a game last year. He had 2 rec, 29 yards in a game. 3 rec, 29 yards. 4 rec, 35 yards. If it's "bullshit" and "garbage" for Brandon LaFell to have low yardage games, then what the fuck is it when the guy considered to be the best WR in the entire NFL has low yardage games? Shouldn't we be holding Julio to a higher standard or nah because that wouldn't fit the narrative? Yes. The QB's performance and other WR/TE/RB performance can absolutely, unequivocally have a HUGE impact on a WR2's statistics. If you say otherwise, then you clearly don't belong in this conversation.
  10. Don't wait too long....
  11. Especially when you consider our TE1 and RB2 (could be argued as RB1) are actually our 2nd and 3rd receiving options, 4th at worst, when the offense is healthy. We're talking about guys that are going to see >20% of the offensive snaps if they're lucky AND if there are injuries.
  12. Re-sign/sign a veteran ala LaFell for a 2-3 year deal instead of just a single year contract and we should be good for a little while to take mid - later round draft picks and hope one develops in a couple years or else we'll have to grab a WR in the 1st or 2nd in 2018-2010 sometime. I don't think it's a smart strategy to base a big part of your offseason assuming that your players are going to get injured for the upcoming year, so you have to build around who your penciled in starters are. When Eifert and Gio are healthy, our next WR past A.J., vet #2, and Boyd ends up being the 6th receiving option for Andy. See targets in 2015 as an example. Core and Erickson types are fine when they're your 5th, 6th, or 7th receiving option. We don't have the Patriots QB or coaching staff, so we can't really go their route. Every team in the NFL would do that if it were that simple.
  13. WalterFootball - #2 Barnett, #9 Walker Mike Mayock - #3 Barnett, Walker not listed in top 5 - #3 Barnett, #7 Walker Kiper - #5 Barnett, #10 Walker - #4 Barnett, #7 Walker PFF - #2 Barnett (#3 overall prospect in the entire draft), Walker not listed in the top 7 - #3 Barnett, Walker not listed in top 5 - #3 Barnett, #10 Walker
  14. Sporting Charts has LaFell at 64 receptions, 107 targets, and 1 drop. FBO has him with 3 drops. That's as good or better than the top WRs in the league. He's very sure handed. LaFell didn't fumble in 2016. The dude runs solid routes and doesn't need to be burning DBs to catch passes. He ranked 22nd in both of FBO's DVOA and DYAR statistics, and that's out of 93 qualified WRs from 2016. So he ranked higher in those advanced metrics than some team's WR1 to put that into perspective. You run around every Bengals message board bashing LaFell with that stupid stat about 4 games with a combined 32 yards. First of all, that's not even accurate. Do you mean to say he's had 4 games EACH having 32 yards or less? That's accurate, so you should start saying that instead. Anyway, would you like some context to those numbers or does context not matter? In 1 of those games, Eifert and Green both completely went off and combined for almost 20 receptions, multiple TDs, and accounted for almost all of the team's receiving yards by themselves. In 2 of those games, Andy barely threw for 200 yards TOTAL in each game and barely completed half of his passes. Should we just ignore the context of a QB having a rough game or two when looking at basic receiving statistics? #1 WRs "disappear" sometimes. #2 WRs "disappear" even more often because they're usually not as centralized to a team's game plan. It's the NFL, it happens. Sometimes guys aren't getting the targets because yes, they aren't open. Other times it's the gameplan. Go watch the All 22 tape from 2016 on LaFell and then tell me how much "garbage" he was. Julio Jones had 4 games with 35 yards or less in 2016. He's garbage, sad!
  15. I'm thinking he tests the market to see what other teams will offer. I could be wrong but I don't think he'll sign a 3+ year deal here on the cheap-ish until he sees what else is out there. It's all about the guaranteed money nowadays so if a team throws a few bucks to him that the Bengals aren't offering, I could see him leaving over a small difference in annual average salary.