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  1. ^ That's pretty good man, but Weston has still yet to prove any of the "logical" points he's making. The NFL draft isn't black and white, you can't just say that it's illogical to take a TE with a top 10 pick and use cherry picked injuries from arbitrary years chosen by a fantasy football article about who the "good" TEs are and use that as your proof. It's flat out silly to anyone that understands what "logic" actually means. The thread started out with "All the top TEs have had serious injuries. An early investment at TE (and RB for the same reason) doesn't make a ton of sense." and now in MW's latest post it's turned into "Or maybe it just doesn't make sense to draft one early because the guys who see the most time get hurt more often than any other position" So it went from all of the "top" TEs have had serious injuries to guys who see the most time get hurt more often. That's a pretty big difference, no? Let's be honest though, neither really make sense as again, the draft isn't in a vacuum and you can't write off any position on offense or defense without understanding the context to each team composition and draft class. It's just a matter of which stats Weston will allow and which ones he won't. He's clearly only wanting to use very specific data to "prove" his nonsensical "logic". If you look at 2017, there are a lot of "top" TEs that were available for more games than "top" WRs around the league and vice versa. There are a lot of positions where injuries occur and I don't think there's some monopoly by TEs for sustaining severe injuries. For some reason the only data that's been OK'd by the Logic Master Weston has been some obscure fantasy football website that took data from a 2 year span and that's obviously enough proof when confirmation bias is involved. LIDJ posted a long term chart showing all positions over a 14 year span but that wasn't good enough since it showed how being a TE hasn't been a fast track to the injury report. I guess the best point to make would be the fact that even if TEs got injured at a slightly higher rate than other positions, it's STILL not "illogical" to take a TE with early draft picks because yet a-fucking-gain, the NFL draft isn't in a vacuum where you can make that kind of blanket statement logically. It's really frustrating to get a point across when someone is screaming from a mountaintop about how logical they are when they're being anything but. Go ahead and say you don't want Howard at 9 and I'm fine with that opinion. Just don't try to twist it into something that it doesn't need to be, which is what this thread has devolved into.
  2. I mean I do believe it could be possible, I just don't know if it's really happening all that frequently in modern sports. Hey, maybe I'm naive, but I don't really see much evidence either way so I guess it's just a matter of what we each believe until a decade or two down the road when shit starts really coming out about what happened in the mid 2000's. I also think a lot of people are mixing up drinking the night before a game and being actual, still drinking DRUNK during an NFL football game. There's a huge difference between being dehydrated and a bit out of it from a hangover to drinking in the middle of a pro sporting event.
  3. I don't know gents, it makes sense in a way but I'm still not sold. If I don't have a drink and my wife has a single sip of wine, I can smell it on her breath across the room and my sinuses being dogshit mean that I don't have the greatest sense of smell in the world. You'd assume a guy being drunk would be detected by one of the many officials on the field, right? I just can't see how they wouldn't know, unless the argument is that they wouldn't care I guess. Even if they can't eject a guy for being drunk on the field (any source for that BTW?), I'm sure it could be a big enough deal to alert or notify someone that could do something about it. Again, maybe I'm just a big naive asshole that's severely overestimating how big of a deal it would be for professional athletes to be intoxicated on the field. I really, really don't think it's one of the "no big deal" issues in the sports world in 2017 and I'd love to see some modern sources that back up anything saying otherwise.
  4. If he's there with our 2nd round pick this could end up being one of our best drafts in the past decade. I'm not sure just how much this hurts him though. Doubt he falls to the 2nd.
  5. Kind of like a guy not using sound logic while proclaiming he's the Billy Badass of logical arguments? "I never said that"
  6. Maybe OJ Howard will suck enough for the sound logic "ALL good TEs have serious injuries!1!!!!!" to not affect him.
  7. You think that stuff still goes on in today's NFL though? I don't know. I'm just saying, you'd assume if the refs got one whiff of booze from a dude with a huge target on his back like Smackman Jones that he'd be ejected, fined, and suspended for life within 5 minutes of the first whistle. I honestly can't see it being possible for Adam Jones to have played NFL football drunk at any point in his Bengals' career.
  8. Uh oh. Facts and not overexaggerated hyperbole without any cherry picked statistics. We're heading into uncharted territory ladies and gents.
  9. You have made the very strong statement that "ALL the top TEs have had serious injury" on more than 1 occasion. I don't think you want to "logic fight" someone with that bullshit. Fuck outta here with that nonsense.
  10. Playing with a hangover at some point in his career? I'd bet on it. Getting actual drunk/drinking before/during a game? Not 100% I can get behind that one. I'm sure everyone here has been sober around a person that has been drinking. You can smell it from a pretty reasonable distance, especially if they're to the point where they're actually drunk. I'd bet there's almost a 0% chance Pacman has ever been drunk during an NFL football game. There is a slight chance I could be grossly underestimating the shitty things that get let go in the big leagues, though I doubt that.
  11. Look, no one is forcing anybody to want Howard @9 overall. I just don't see the point in cherry picking stats and flat out making things up and calling people "illogical" because they think Howard would be an OK top 10 pick. If a team in the top 10 feels that they want the #1 TE in the draft or that Howard is the clear BPA with their pick, then he'll go in the top 10 regardless of Rob Gronkowski's injury history. There are about a billion non-TEs you can point out and stats you can cherry pick as a reason to not draft other positions as well. Typically, TEs aren't top 10 picks, that's 100% accurate. However, they can be, as there aren't clear black and white rules of what to do in the NFL draft as there are tons of variables each year.
  12. Is it at least slightly amusing that none of Gronk, Reed, and Graham were 1st rounders? Does this mean we should avoid 2nd and 3rd round TEs?
  13. Okay Mister "I didn't say EXACTLY that, word for word", but you did say exactly what is in the bold. How is that so far off of what I said? You literally said all the top TEs have had serious injury as the reason to not draft a TE with a 1st round pick. Those are your words. How is that any different than what I said, which is ""Sometimes good TEs get injured so it's illogical to take a TE with a high draft pick" when making a general quote of your thoughts in this thread? The theme of your posts in this thread is absolutely "good TEs get hurt so we shouldn't use a 1st rounder on one". If that's NOT your argument, why the fuck are all of your arguments "good TEs get hurt so we shouldn't use a 1st rounder on one" ?????????
  14. Maybe we could take OJ Howard and hope he's just a decent to good TE and not a great one so he won't be injured.