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  1. Of course you don't take the 3rd best safety at 9. That's exactly why we won't be taking Peppers or anyone not named Adams or Hooker.
  2. Yep and he may have been dog shit in coverage and started missing some tackles the past couple of years, but he was a solid 1st/2nd down MLB for a while. Sure he wasn't a hall of famer, but he wasn't horrible. If the coaching staff realized to stop playing him on passing downs earlier in his career I promise more people wouldn't be hating on the dude. That said, good riddance, he was expendable at this point on our roster. Lb does look a little weak as Le Tigre said but I thought the same before we cut Maualuga.
  3. I'm probably biased because I'm from Malik's hometown, but I don't see how anyone else could even be an option if Hooker is there at 9. Dude was the real deal in high school and even more so in his last year at OSU. He ain't one of those safeties getting lucky out there with a high INT total. He's a center fielder ala Reggie Nelson, he just doesn't quite lay the wood like Nelson.
  4. I've said it in other threads, but Ross running real fast is cool in spandex but not so much when he's getting jammed the fuck up at the line by a physical DB. If the CB plays off and Ross takes a quick slant, he's not taking it to the house, he's getting hurt quick by whoever is in his general area because he doesn't break tackles. I don't hate Ross, I just don't think he's a top 10 pick, or a first round pick at that. It's not like he magically runs faster now than he did in games a couple of months ago. The tape is out there, watch it. He's a good WR I'm not saying he sucks or anything, but let me grab a guy like that in the 2nd or 3rd round. You take guys like Williams in the top 10. I don't even want a WR but Mike Williams is going to take over games at times in the NFL, especially opposite a top 3 WR in AJ Green.
  5. My goodness I do hope NFL teams that aren't the Bengals have McCaffrey over Cook, Davis over Williams, and Peppers as the top safety.
  6. Wish we could make some moves as far as trades go and end up with some combination of at least 2 of the 3 Ramczyk, Elflein, and Feeney.
  7. He signed an extension in the summer of 2014 which is essentially 5 decades ago in NFL contract time, if you get what I'm saying. What certain positions are "worth" on the open market gets blown up year after year. The best CB in the league could sign for $15M per this year and in 2 years the going rate could shoot up close to $20M per for the top guy. Who knows where the Burfict style of LB even is right now in terms of average/year salary. I think a lot of teams throw his attitude out the window when dealing with an athlete of his caliber, but I could be wrong about that. I think he knows he's looking at $10M+ on the open market, but I could be way off base with that too, I'm just guessing by what I've been seeing around the league. It's hard to make many apples to apples comparisons when dealing with any of this shit with how the market is constantly changing and you're rarely dealing with guys who are almost identical in terms of on and off the field performance.
  8. "screw the excuses" because there are legitimate REASONS, not excuses, of why most of our early round picks haven't played much. Of course you want a black and white answer because it fits your narrative. However, this isn't a black and white situation, there's more to it from an objective standpoint. When talking about 1st and 2nd rounders, some have been bad draft picks (Hunt is a glaring example), a lot have had injury problems early (too many to name here), 3 of our 1st rounders are at a position where you almost never start immediately (CB), and some were taken to be groomed to start years down the road whether that's 1 or 3 years depending on the position. It's really just not a black and white answer even if you really want it to be. In 2014 we had OBJ, Mike Evans, and Kelvin Benjamin eclipse 1,000 yards as rookies in the same season. 2014 also had Jarvis Landry, Allen Robinson, Devante Adams, Jordan Matthews, and Brandin Cooks play significant roles on their respective offensive gameplans. 66 targets is the least amount of the guys I just named. Those are all 1st-2nd round guys, not even getting into the later round guys that made an impact too. In 2015 we had Amari Cooper, Devin Funchess and Devante Parker (to a lesser extent), Kevin White was injured, Perriman was injured, a lot of the 2nd rounders did nothing, and less WRs were taken in thise draft early overall. In 2016 Corey Coleman didn't do a ton, Will Fuller was the only of the 3 that were taken directly ahead of our pick to do anything, but the 2nd round guys that year were great with Michael Thomas, Sterling Shepard, and Tyler Boyd all doing work for their teams. I wouldn't say that WRs come into the league and constantly do what A.J. Green did, that wouldn't be true at all. However, teams usually don't take WRs early to let them rot on the bench. Barring injury, Williams would see his share of play time. To both of you guys, I'm not saying Mike Williams is doing to come in here and dominate and challenge A.J. Green for his bajillion targets, BUT we aren't drafting Williams @9 to be our WR4 when our WR4 in the Bengals scheme sees very few looks behind even Eifert and Gio. At WORST, he's going to compete with Boyd for our WR3 worth of snaps, and at best he's our WR2 by week 17. That's my thoughts on it.
  9. I think Andy is really good, so I'm not trying to take anything away from him when I say this, but he's obviously a guy that needs everything around him to click to really succeed. Hell, most NFL QBs qualify for that statement so I guess I'm kind of stating the obvious here. With that said, I agree that we should give him all the weapons we possibly can. I'd say that there's no way we could take anyone BUT to address the o-line @9 if there were any good options there. It would be such a reach to take any lineman this year which really sucks for us. The fact that this year is weak at QB and o-line on the top end is horrrrrible now that we're finally picking in the top 10 again. If there were even 1 amazing LT and 1 amazing QB prospect this year, we'd be landing an elite prospect @9. Lack of these positions at the top end has fucked us.
  10. You can't use WJIII as an example here, we have no idea where he would have been on the depth chart and snap% by the end of the season if he played all year without injury. It's disingenuous at best to say we drafted him to be our 5th CB. Dre and Dennard were both taken to eventually become the #1 and #2 once Jones and Newman got older and would eventually be replaced by the youth movement. Just because the FO took BPA and was trying to ease the young guys in at CB doesn't mean that's what they're going to do with every single position every single year. Not to mention CB is far more often a sit and learn position when compared to WR. You're comparing rosters that were considered among the "most complete in the NFL" at the time (2014 - 2015) to a team that just won 6 games. I don't think this is the most fair of comparisons. I personally don't see Mike Williams being taken at 9 overall to sit behind 3 guys, and Tyler Boyd will almost 100% lose snaps and targets if we take any of the WRs at 9. It is what it is, but I highly doubt they're eyeing up whichever WR of choice to ride the pine.
  11. Yeah I believe it was you that asked me this before, but it's all good because I'm going to give you a different answer than before. It's mostly Ross, and now also the position. My mind changes about this a lot BTW so you may get a different answer yet again if you ask me this in 3 days LOL Ross has some injury history that is scary to see, but he's looked good since so I won't hold it against him too much. He's played some reasonable to good competition, so I can't knock him for that. It's not like he's the worst prospect of all time in my eyes, I just think he's going to get jammed the fuck up by physical CBs and isn't going to be flying past everyone at the NFL level just because he ran fast on spandex day. He has good football speed but it's not the elite 40 yd dash time fast when he's actually on the field. I don't think he's a threat to take short passes to the house, he'll just get killed by any physical DB that's in the area if that's what an offense tries to do with him. I think he's a good but not great prospect, so that's not someone I take at #9 overall. I hope his fast 40 time gives the incentive for another team to fuck up and take him with a premium draft pick. I'd snap pick Williams or Davis over him any day. I prefer Williams because I think he fits what we need, and that's a big target that can help out a lot in the short to medium areas of the field and has produced against good competition and the guy just looks like a pro out there. Howeeevvverrrrr, if we're taking someone to catch the football, gimme OJ Howard. People on this board have talked me into him. I didn't really do my homework on the guy before because I never thought I'd even consider being okay with a TE at 9. After seeing a lot on here about him I've read up and watched him closely and I'm on the Howard train now IF we take a player on offense with our first rounder. I still prefer defense though if a pass rusher, safety, or LB is there that the team wants.
  12. I'll be upset if we take Reddick or Ross because I feel they don't fit our scheme (Reddick) or fit our needs (Ross). Both have question marks with either competition or injuries as well. If we would take either at 9 I'm not going to lose my mind and try to blow up PBS and call everyone on here that likes those guys idiot assfaces or anything, but I'll be bummed that we didn't take someone that I personally felt was a better fit for us. I think it's all going to come down to who the FO wants as a pass rusher where this board is VERY split on who is good and who isn't at 9 overall. Lapham has said we're going receiver if the pass rusher we want isn't there, and Lap is the guy that has predicted almost every first rounder (at least by position) in recent memory. The question is....who is the pass rusher(s) the Bengals are eyeing? Are they crossing their fingers that Allen drops? Do they like Barnett? Do they view Taco as a legit #9 overall pick? I wouldn't cry myself to sleep if Barnett is taken and I certainly wouldn't mind Allen falling, but I'm really unsure about Taco Charlton if that's one of the guys the team happens to like. It will be funny if they take a pass rusher and it's not even a guy we've all been talking about whatsoever.
  13. LBs were in a really strange spot this offseason. Free agency started on March 9th... Minter and Keenan Robinson just signed deals within the past few days or so. The best LB on the market (Hightower) didn't even have a visit until the 13th-14th. Most of the top players at each position were signed with a new team within a couple hours of free agency officially opening. Zach Brown is still a free agent. A lot of old vets are still out there on the market. I don't know about Minter, but as T-Dub said, Burfict is going to get $$$$$$$$. The good news is he isn't an edge rushing OLB that gets $16M per year or anything, but look for him to be somewhere less than that but absolutely over $10M per. Hopefully it's the Bengals that decide to give it to him, he's the 1 player on our entire roster that I'd hate to see leave.
  14. ^^ agree with all of the above, I think Howard would make more sense than any of the receivers at this point. Green/LaFell/Boyd/4th round pick/Erickson/Core sounds fine to me. What do the Bengals do about Kroft and Uzomah though? Can we really carry 4 TEs? Maybe shave down to 1 less WR than usual and let Core go? We're just not going to agree on Ross so I won't bother haha but why Davis over Williams?
  15. I feel like a lot of people are going to be overwhelmingly happy with our 2nd round pick because this draft seems so deep for talent between the end of the 1st round and middle of the 3rd. I also feel like #9 is going to cause some huge arguments across all Bengals message boards. Guys like Reddick, Ross, Williams, Charlton, Barnett, and even Foster to an extent seem to be either love or hate picks in the top 10. Very strong feelings on both sides for a lot of those guys and not too much in between.
  16. Aye, I think we'll have to agree to disagree with the main bullet point here. I definitely think our line over the years has been proof that you can have above average pass blocking with below average run blocking. I will agree that schemes could have made our pass blocking look better than it really is, but probably not as much as you do. I think you're underrating our pass protection and maybe being a bit overly critical of them because you watch every snap and pay close attention to them where you may not laser focus on the line when you have the Lions vs the Seahawks on in the background. That's one reason I've started to rely a lot on advanced statistics (and the basic ones too) because I've found myself more harsh on Bengals players or even sometimes too lenient if it's one of my favorites. I've been trying harder to be a more objective fan, but I still have strong opinions about most things as you can probably tell. So, in spirit of the thread, how do you feel about Mike Williams right now? I think if we go WR I want him all day over Ross because I don't think lack of a little speedster is the problem on offense and Williams could help out on short routes when the line is inevitably worse this year.
  17. You actually took out the one guy I was considering for my list haha I think McDowell could be a monster if coached up.
  18. So far everyone has Howard in their top 3. So far there is only 1 name mentioned more than once in all of the round 2 preferences lol
  19. Round 1 1. Malik Hooker, S 2. OJ Howard, TE 3. Derek Barnett, DE Round 2 1. Dan Feeney, G 2. Ryan Ramczyk, OT 3. Dion Dawkins, T/G
  20. Football Outsiders compiled the stats. They take the amount of pressures and the amount of snaps taken on offense and put them into percentages. Of course a "pressure" is definitely subjective, I'll give you that, but I doubt FO has some pro-Bengals bias where they'd rank us highly without it being at least somewhat legitimate. It's not just Andre. Ogbuehi was one of the worst tackles in the entire league so Andre didn't have to be amazing for the drop off to be so large, Boling was better in 2015 than 2016, and Bodine was on and off struggling at times as well. Going by sacks alone doesn't tell nearly enough of the story. TeamA could give up 100 more overall pressures and 5 less sacks than TeamB and I'll take TeamA all day long. However... We can go round and round all day. We've had great pass blocking lines in Andy's career and I refuse to give him all the credit for throwing a few hundredths of a second faster than other QBs. You can gladly disagree, but I'd just like to see more reasoning from you than "because I said so" and "41 sacks".
  21. Yeah. Someone that just mocks an entire thought out post definitely would know more than the guys that put out the advanced analytics. Would it kill you to actually debate the points like an adult?
  22. Do you honestly think Mike Williams would be taken at #9 to be our 4th receiver? That's....probably not likely.
  23. Did Dunlap have more than 1? "DUI issues" sounds more severe than a guy having a single DUI in his life, and I just remember the one before their big championship game. Something I'm missing here?
  24. Still trying to convince everyone how great of an idea John Ross is, eh?