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  1. Well guarantee hes not leaving... Hell take what he feels he deserves, but i dont think hell try to gut us. Free agency was non existent on lbs in general this year so maybe possible to get mitner at 7. Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  2. Round 1. 1. Mike williams 2. Corey davis 3. Marshawn lattimore Round 2. 1. Demarcus walker 2. Was gonna be mcmillan but with mitner signing ill go with pat elflien 3. Joe mixon Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  3. Love it. Means that we will have good kickoff returns again. Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  4. I love how in his intervies he gave off the impressionnthat he would like a long term deal here. If we can sign burfict and mitner for 15 million per year combined.... That would be amazing. Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  5. Well he had a 25 passer rating against him this year.... I just see him he was thrown at once in psu game against a reciever thats a second round pick now in godwin and it was incomplete. Shut down dede westbrook. I see revis/bailey in him at least. My basis of this is hes a one year player. How much better could he get with more playing time?? Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  6. The point is this. Would i want a cb even though i think hes the next bailey/revis? No. But i wouldnt be up in arms about it. Now if they drafted a dt or olineman...... Another story altogether. But yeah we basically have one proven starter thats great and that was one year in dre k. Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  7. How many first year players are top 5 picks?? His potential is what i was saying... And how would it not be her fault if she slaps someone she should expect to get slapped back guy or girl. And i would take reddick, mcmillan and cunningham over foster on our team. And lafell is the worst number 2. I say all that and stand by it. Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  8. His potential is that. Thats all i was saying. His potential is top 5 all time. Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  9. If we draft a wr at 9, he would be the number 2 by mid season. Makes me think more and more that wr is where were going since lafell isnt guarenteed any money his second year. Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  10. Well we have a lot of rollover this year... Im assuming were gonna extend efifert this offseason. So really all we have next year is burfict who should sign for 7-8 million. Mitner actually expreased a desire to be here long term so we get him around 7 they could do that. Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  11. How is cb a position of strength?we have 1 old cb that probably wont be on the team then we have wjii who we have no clue what hes gonna be we have dennard whose always hurt u have russell with his whole 1 nfl snap benkeweere and shaw who are below average. Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  12. Who are these 7 players? And u wouldnt take darell revis at 9? Or champ bailey? Etc. His potential is top 5 cb of all time. I would do that in a heartbeat, but he probably wont be there hell be a top 5 pick. Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  13. Don't know how many but bosa just did. Sent from my iPhone using
  14. We wanted a muli year deal but he wanted to prove himself bc we probably offered somewhere in the range of 4-5 per, he wants more. Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app
  15. Well they remember the young dansby.... They also remember how mitner was garbage when he did play his first 2 years. But they lost campbell, jefferson, mitner,cooper, swearinger, and okafor all on the defense. So they are really rebuilding that team. From what ive read at worst hes average in coverage, at best hes top 7-8 in coverage. So essentially we got a above average pass coveage lb whose an elite run stuffer. But a HUGE upgrade over malaluga. I think it speaks volumes that we offered a outside free agent a multi year deal Sent from my 2PYB2 using mobile app