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  2. He looks like he could have a monster year if our DBs manage to cover a little bit & our LB's give them a reason to pass.
  3. She should definitely have a bust in the Hall of Fame
  4. Good to see the Whining is in mid season Form! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. Just atypical of the National Mysogny League.
  6. Did I miss the bagging groceries/selling insurance qualifiers yet?
  7. Not a bad game. Gonna be some tough choices at WR and RB. OL still blows, should do an over/under as to when Andy gets injured. D was meh, but Lawson looks like he hasnt lost a step.
  8. Malone not too shabby either.
  9. HavePityPlease

    Giants at Bengals Preseason game

    Really liking this Doleazal kid
  10. Yeah. At least Ced made it onto the field.
  11. It would simply be a locker room move. Guy can’t contribute so why have him around. LOL Lawson calling old defense vanilla.
  12. Good point. Day old trash usually stinks less than 2 day old trash.
  13. Aren't 3 of our starters guys that they cut at the end of last season? We could upgrade their old trash with their newer trash.
  14. Cutting Ross would leave over $10 mil in dead cap money. No other team is going to want to eat his salary. Doubt he's going anywhere.
  15. The guys the Giants are going to cut are better than the guys we are going to cut.
  16. Welcome to the Bengals Damion.
  17. Wr's have looked fantastic tonight...nice to see
  18. Yup. Well maybe not. He could take Ross' WR spot.
  19. and he missed two games..
  20. HavePityPlease

    Giants at Bengals Preseason game

    Nice ball! Definite practice squad guy.
  21. For those who wanted to see Dolegala, here you go.
  22. Jesus that was a great throw.
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