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  2. For an example of the shield doing anything it wants, look no further than our Chargers game where for some odd reason they didn't want Driskell to have a touchdown. Giving himself up? That's what a slide is for. No other QB gets fucked like that. I know this was an irrelevant situation in the grand scope of the season, but it's discouraging to know that your team can get fucked at any given moment.
  3. You bypass the point: the NFL will never allow anything other than human control to influence their plans. Drew Brees, as great as he is, has been forgotten by the majority of the purchasing public. The Saints--other than the post-Katrina feel good year--are as relevant to NY media-driven products/entertainment, as the Detroit Pistons are to the NBA money-machines. The opponent for Brady was not important--but LA probably stirred the moguls maybe a hair more. Again: the NFL would no more touch an artificial/non-biased arbiter for the determination of game-altering (and controllable) calls, such as VAR, than they would go back to having games on Sunday afternoons only. It would expose them completely for the corrupt frauds that they are. And you know it.
  4. The league would have masterbated in public to have a Brees vs Brady Super Bowl. The commercial buy ins would have been staggering. Your analysis sucks.
  5. Who has the hardest NFL schedule in 2019? Strength of schedule for all 32 teams NFL strength of schedule for 2019 season Rank Team Opponents' win % last season 1. Oakland Raiders .539 2. Denver Broncos .537 3. Jacksonville Jaguars .531 4. Houston Texans .527 5. Chicago Bears .520 6. Kansas City Chiefs .520 7. Indianapolis Colts .518 8. Atlanta Falcons .518 9. Tennessee Titans .514 10. Minnesota Vikings .512 11. San Francisco 49ers .510 12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers .508 13. Arizona Cardinals .508 14. Green Bay Packers .504 15. Dallas Cowboys .504 16. Carolina Panthers .502 17. Los Angeles Chargers .502 18. Miami Dolphins .500 19. Pittsburgh Stealers .496 20. Baltimore Ravens .496 21. Detroit Lions .496 22. New Orleans Saints .488 23. Cleveland Browns .484 24. Buffalo Bills .480 25. Seattle Seahawks .479 26. Philadelphia Eagles .477 27. Cincinnati Bengals .473 28. New York Jets .473 29. New York Giants .473 30. Los Angeles Rams .473 31. New England Patriots .473 32. Washington Redskins .469 https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/toughest-nfl-schedule-2019-strength-of-schedule/uul8u61c5vx715vm8xynhn7ci
  6. Other than their first 5 years in existence, they haven't gone that long without a playoff appearance since they were founded. 5 Championships and more to the point, have 2 losing seasons in the past 10 years. They've "only" won 3 playoff games in the last 10 years, but 3 is more than none. Thing is, I agree that they've had average teams recently. That kind of destroys the notion that they aren't getting help from somewhere. Regardless, I wasn't talking about prime time appearances or the Dallas Cowboys. The point was that we start the season playing 4 out of 6 on the road & I can't think of any good reason for that.
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  8. The last time they were saying we would go 0-16, we went to the playoffs 5 years in a row.
  9. The bills have a Thursday night game. That's prime time.
  10. Dude has us favored to win 2 games
  11. Feinstein worked for the Washington Post and one year was in the Ravens war room during the draft. The Bengals did something dumb and he reported the Ravens team officials high fiving what the Bengals had done.
  12. The Bengals and Dolphins are the only 2 teams without a Thursday game. At least we get 1 game in primetime, which is more than the Bills can say.
  13. Sort of like Rams/Saints this past playoff year Hey, speaking of championship victory snatched by officiating (the AI version), yesterday's CL 2nd leg between City and Spurs was a doozy. There, different from the Ram/Saints infamy, the non-call on the pitch allowing Sterling to score what appeared to be the eliminating goal, was reversed by VAR and ruled offside. Spurs advance, and City out. The machine made the right call (albeit it was more akin to your average NFL holding non-call), but the 30-second difference between absolute joy and absolute devastation, was stark. Think the Saints would have been more than pleased to have VAR? The NFL wouldn't touch it with a 1,000 mile pole.
  14. The NFL has favored teams as far as scheduling. The Cowboys are the quintessential “favored” team. However, they haven’t done much in 20 years so it kind of destroys the notion that the league can somehow influence outcomes on the field effectively.
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